HyperMac Nano 1

The HyperMac Nano by HyperShop is an external battery for iPhone and iPod with a built in charging cable. It's highly portable, looks and feels great, and is made of 1800mAh lithium ion which provides up 1.5 times full recharge of the iPhone.

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The design of the HyperMac Nano is very slick and reminds me a cigarette lighter. With dimensions of only 3.4" x 1.5" x 0.55", the battery will fit easily into your jeans or jacket pocket for easy portability. The rounded edges of the aluminum casing also feels nicely in your hands. The HyperMac comes in 9 stylish colors; yes, the same 9 colors available for the iPod nano.

What makes the HyperMac Nano unique to other external batteries is the built in charging cable. Underneath the cap you will find both male and female 30-pin sockets plugged into each other. The cap also conveniently snaps magnetically to the bottom of the battery so you don't lose it when the battery is in use.

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To charge the HyperMac Nano, just plug your iPhone cable into the female socket; and to charge your iPhone, plug the male socket into your iPhone. When the HyperMac Nano is plugged into a power source, a blue light will indicate that it is charging and a green light will mean the charge is complete.

When on the go, I found the HyperMac Nano more convenient than an extended battery because it did not increase the length of my iPhone. I could easily fit them together in my jacket pocket without fear of them falling out because the short cable is long enough to rest the battery behind my iPhone and so nothing sticks out of my pocket.

In conclusion, I found the HyperMac Nano to be a great and stylish way to give my iPhone some extra juice.

Now for the give-away! Just leave a comment below and let us know why HyperMac Nano will be a great addition to you life. We'll pick one of you randomly and send you a silver HyperMac Nano. (The You need a valid email address and a US shipping address to enter. The contest starts now and ends Sunday, March 14, 2010.

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