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Every week a few of us from team TiPb will bring you our current favorite, most fun and useful App Store apps, WebApps, jailbreak apps, even the occasional accessory, web site, or desktop app if the mood strikes us. As long as they’re iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch related, they’re fair game.

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Alli's Pick: Bejeweled Blitz

The very first app I purchased the day I bought my iPhone, is still the one I use every day. Bejeweled has long been a favorite of mine. The Palm and Windows Mobile versions weren't cheap, but in iTunes, it's only 99 cents.

While most of you are probably familiar with the basic concept - match coloured jewels in rows to clear jewels and score points. Bejeweled has improved greatly even since I first purchased it for iPhone. It now includes the Blitz, which you play against your Facebook friends. Nothing better than a little friendly competition, and no better way to compete with your friends than in Bejewled Blitz.

Earn bonus coins either on Facebook or your iPhone, and use them to buy "boosts" to help give you that competitive edge. Bejeweled is simple, yet highly entertaining, and incredibly addictive. If you are one of the few people left who doesn't already own Bejeweled Blitz, now is the time to hit the iTunes link and spend the 99 cents.

[$0.99 - iTunes link]

Ally's Pick - Droplr for iPhone

Droplr for iPhone is a utility that allows you to quickly upload a video or image and create shortened links. You can then view stats and share content you have uploaded in numerous ways. Not only do they have an iPhone version, but a desktop version. I can simply drag an image or video to the icon on my Mac desktop and it'll copy a link to the clipboard automatically. This is much easier opposed to using Twitpic or another service that makes you manually upload pictures.

Droplr for iPhone also shows you how many times one of your links has been viewed. You also have the option to email, tweet, or copy the link to your clipboard. I've been using this service for about 3 months now and I love it. It's by far the easiest way I've found to sync content I've shared between devices and computers. Setup is easy and syncing is seamless. Give it a try!

[$3.99 - iTunes Link]

Brian's pick: PhoneCloser [Jailbreak]

If you are like me and get bothered by the little things the iPhone seems to do wrong then PhoneCloser is the perfect tweak for your jailbroken iPhones. If your phone is locked and you receive a phone call, once the call ends and you unlock your phone it automatically opens to the phone app. I found this to be incredibly annoying. Granted it's not hard to hit the home button and get out of it but I feel like I shouldn't have to do that. PhoneCloser simply will close the phone app at the conclusion of the call. When you unlock your phone you will be greeted by your springboard/home screen rather than the phone app. This tweak installs no icons and has settings you can configure through the settings app. Best of all is this is a free tweak currently available in the Cydia Store.

Chris O’s pick: Google Mobile

I have chosen this app for one main reason. The search function using pictures is absolutely brilliant. I was given lots of company branded calendars to give out to my customers this week; each month had a photograph of a beautiful building, some I knew most I didn’t recognize. I fired up the Google Mobile app and took a picture of each building and the app identified every one of them perfectly.

I was extremely impressed and that is the reason for this pick of the week. Oh and it does a lot more - like easy access to your usual Google apps and voice search.

[Free – iTunes Link]

Chris V's pick: Jenga

My pick of the week is Jenga. Ever since I saw the iPhone 4 demo this past summer (when Steve showed off the gyroscope with a Jenga-like game) I have been waiting for the game to come out in the app store. In the app, you can play Jenga with multiple people taking turns. In my opinion, this is the best way to play, although there is also an "arcade mode" where you can match colored tiles for extra points. The app doesn't take advantage of the gyroscope function like we saw with Steve's demo, but I hope this might be an "super difficult mode" that might appear in future edition (imagine having to keep the iPhone vertical to prevent the tower from falling). I can easily see how this version could be a fun, party-game type of activity.

[$0.99 - iTunes link]

Farbod's pick: Eternal Legacy HD

As more and more console quality games pop up on both the iPhone and the iPad, Gameloft adds a stunning JRPG to the mix with Eternal Legacy HD. Being a turn-based RPG junkie, I am thrilled that finally a quality, classic style, JRPG has been made for iOS even if its not by Square-Enix. With a mixture of fantasy and sci-fi, Eternal Legacy brings great story elements, side quests, and some dungeon crawling to the table. You can level grind, customize weapons and items, and interact with tons of characters and environments. Eternal Legacy even has a tremendous amount of voice acting and story based cut scenes. If you are an RPG fan I definitely think you should give this a try. It is a bit expensive at $9.99, but for me it was well worth it. There is also a separate iPhone App for $6.99.

Leanna's pick: Ten One Design Pogo Sketch

The Ten One Design Pogo Sketch is the perfect pair to last week's pick of Penultimate. If you desire to use your iPad to take handwritten notes or to create paintings and drawings, the Pogo Sketch is a must-have. The stylus works perfectly with the capacitive touch screens of both the iPhone and iPad.

We're getting into the cold months these days, and the Pogo Sketch is also a great tool for using your iPhone with gloves on. Say goodbye to answering your iPhone with the tip of your nose and pick one of these up!

[$14.95 - TiPb Accessory Store]

Rene's pick: Word Lens

I'm a sucker for Star Trek apps, the ones that make me think the future I've dreamed about, that childhood sci-fi so informed, is closer and closer to being reality. That's why I loved the original Google Mobile app where you could just speak search terms (always prefaced by a Scotty-like "Computer!"). That why I liked the early Augmented Reality apps like that layered information over live camera views. And that's why I'm picking Word Lens this week. The idea is as simple as it is awesome. You just hold up your iPhone's camera to a sign, menu, or any printed block text and it automagically translates and replaces the text for you. Yeah. Wow.

It's limited to English/Spanish and Spanish/English at the moment, and while it's local and not server-side it only does word-by-word translation so there's no idiom and lots of hilarity, but again -- the future. Or at least the bleeding edge of it and I admit, that's the fun part.

[Free with in-app purchases - iTunes link]

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