TiPb checks out the best, most must-have Fitness apps to load up on your iPhone.

Top 5 iPhone Fitness apps

Summer is almost upon us and it is always a great time to get outside and do some exercise. With the help of your iPhone, you can make that experience so much better and more rewarding. We look at our top 5 Fitness apps to help you reach your goals! Check them out after the break!


RunKeeper uses your iPhones built in GPS technology to track your fitness adventures. It has a very easy to use interface and you can use it to monitor running, walking, cycling and many other activities too. You can also enter activities manually; if you do your exercise on your treadmill, RunKeeper still has you covered.

RunKeeper syncs up to its own web portal where you can view your history and stats in more detail. Integration with Facebook and Twitter is also included so you can show off your fitness prowess to your friends!

[Free - iTunes link]

Nike+ GPS

Nike+ used to require special hardware to work. Now all you need is an iPhone with GPS and your all set. Nike+ again maps your run, records pace, distance and works inside and outside. The Nike+ app is packed with motivational features, including voice feedback, messages from Nike's top athletes and even mid run messages from friends who comment on your run status.

An additional feature is the Nike+ Tag. This allows you to run against friends in a virtual Tag type game. Outrun your friends to win. The Nike+ website stores all your stats and you can also post to Twitter and Facebook all without leaving the app.

[$1.99 - iTunes link]

Full Fitness

Full Fitness is a personal trainer type app that offers over 300 exercises all explained in detail with pictures, videos and written instructions. The exercises are sorted by body region, muscle target and the equipment needed.

You can easily create your own exercise program or use one of the 20 built in programs to help you reach your goals. Full Fitness can also be used to track your food intake and body weight as well as schedule your workouts.

Full Fitness allows you to log your exercises, view progress graphs, and email or backup the results online.

[$0.99 - iTunes link]

Edomondo Sports Tracker

Endomondo Sports Tracker is another GPS enabled app to track all sorts of sports such as running, cycling, hiking skiing and even kayaking! Again you can get audio feedback during your activity as well as the option of allowing friends to see your live activity. They can then send you comments in real time.

The app allows you to track distance, duration, speed and calories burned as well as monitoring of your heart rate if you have the necessary add on. All the data is again synced online where you can share information to Facebook and Twitter as well as other members of the Endomondo community.

[Free - iTunes link]

Cyclemeter GPS Bike Computer for Road & Mountain Biking

Cyclemeter is not just for cycling however it is aimed squarely at that market. Cyclemeter is an app that tracks your rides, recording time, location, distance, elevation and speed. Your progress is announced to you via 25 configurable announcements including distance travelled, time taken, current speed and elevation.

You can set up your next ride against a previous ride of the same route. This is like a race mode and enables you to try and beat your previous best times. If you have friends that use the app, you can import their routes and times into the app and use this to race against too.

Twitter and Facebook sharing are all catered for and you can also get text to speech; although this is via an in-app purchase.

[$4.99 - iTunes link]

Your top apps?

So there you have them, our top 5 best iPhone Fitness apps to get you going. Be sure to check out our Picks of the Week and iPhone App and Games Forum for more recommendations, and if we missed any of your favorites, leave them in the comments below!

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