iPhone 2.0 Jailbreak and Unlock Pirate

Wow, so I'm guessing you are all probably really sick of hearing about the 3.0 software. Ok, I really don't believe that but you never know. So how about some jailbreak conversation? You say you’re still on the fence on whether or not to jailbreak your iPhone even after ourTop 5 Must Have Jailbreak Apps Part 1 and Part 2? After reading this you should have hopefully made your decision one way or another. So buckle up and I will take you for a ride... on the wild jailbreak side.

***All of the following apps can be downloaded via Cydia on your Jailbroken iPhone.

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1. xGPS

For all of you who are looking for that Turn-by-Turn GPS solution, this first jailbreak app, xGPS has your answer. This is the first app available to bring turn-by-turn directions to your iPhone. It has recently been updated to version 1.2 and -- until Apple allows them into the App Store -- is the best application available for the iPhone for Turn-by-Turn. This version also includes voice instructions support.

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2. Snapture

This application is for those who think that Apple didn't give enough features -- or I should say any features -- to the iPhones camera. With Snapture you can take multiple shots at once, take black and white photos, and it even allows you to zoom. Snapture has a sleek user interface, and allows you to take photos by touching anywhere on the screen, or even by using the volume button which happens to be a very welcomed add on. Again, a third party jailbreak developer is picking up Apple's slack.

3. iBluetooth

This next one was covered by TiPb a while back, iBluetooth. Yes, we know that iPhone 3.0 should eliminate the need for this application but until you can get your hands on 3.0, this should hold you over. Also, with iBluetooth you can enjoy a little Apple-unsupported OBEX Bluetooth file transfer, which simply means, for example, you can share images from iPhone to iPhone or iPhone to another mobile phone or computer, etc...

4. QuickReply

Apple should really pay close attention to the following application from iReal. QuickReply is a plugin that allows you to reply to a new SMS right from the onscreen popup screen, so there is no need to have to exit your current application to reply to a SMS message. Pretty nifty indeed. This application also gives you the option to call the contact instead of replying via SMS which is also a nice feature to have at your fingertips. (Maybe Apple should also look at this as part of a notification system overhaul, hint, hint).

5. QuickSMS

This 5th and final app we have for you today is also from iReal. QuickSMS is simply a plugin that allows you to compose a new SMS message to anyone from any application on your iPhone. You can launch QuickSMS anytime by hitting the Volume Up button. This will pop up window and from here you can create a new SMS or call a contact. So gone will be the days when you had to enter your Phone or SMS apps!

Sadly, none of us know what the future of jailbreaking will be with iPhone 3.0 and all of the great new features it brings to the table. This very well may be one of the final Top 5 Must Have Jailbreak Apps articles that get written on TiPb. Until 3.0 is officially released this summer, however, hopefully reading this finally gave you that push off the fence onto jailbreaking the 2.2.1 firmware!

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