iPhone 2.0 Jailbreak and Unlock Pirate

So you're still debating whether or not to jailbreak your iPhone? Hopefully after reading this you will have made your decision. Back in October we brought to you the first Top 5 Must-Have Jailbreak Apps, well today we bring you round two of the series. Now keep in mind, all the seasoned veterans of Jailbreaking will or should know about all the apps listed here. This article is for the sole purpose of swaying those still on the fence to the darkside...

***All of the following apps can be downloaded via Cydia on your Jailbroken iPhone.

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1. PDAnet

Yes, this one was covered fully by Dieter, but this app seems to definitely be super popular in the Jailbreak community. PDAnet will use your iPhone as a Wi-Fi router that you can connect to with your laptop to browse the internet. Do you want to get stuck paying AT&T $30 for tethering services for some causal browsing? Didn't think so... so head over to check out our full guide on how to set up PDAnet. You'll be surfing in no time!

Be sure to heed Dieter's warning when using this app:


blockquote>There is one major caveat you need to be aware of with PdaNet: the Terms of Service on the standard AT&T iPhone contract (and also on their standard Data Plans) do not allow you to tether. Most people simply ignore this and go ahead and tether anyway — being careful not to overdo it might prevent AT&T from hitting you with extra fees or even a cancellation.

2. Cycorder

So the lack of common features of other phones really aggravates you? Say the lack of video recording on a device that is geared towards multimedia? Yeah, we can see how that one is pretty disappointing. Well thanks to the Jailbreaking community you now to can record video with your iPhone with Cycorder. Recording in .mov format, Cycorder gets anywhere from 7-15 frames per second along with supporting audio! To get Cycorder simply go into Cydia and you will see it on the "Featured Packages" list on the front page.

For more information and details please visit our post on this free video recorder - Cycorder.

3. Status Notifier

In the forums lately a few of you have asked me about a program that notifies you of incoming messages, missed calls, voice mails, calendar alerts, etc... Well there is one simple answer to that, Status Notifier.

4. SBsettings

This next app also addresses a common complaint that we hear a lot regarding the iPhone. I don't know how many times I personally have seen "Is there any way to turn Wi-Fi off/on without going through all those steps?" on the forums. The answer - SBsettings. Now take that one step further, how about screen brightness? Toggle bluetooth on and off with a single button on the home screen anyone? Edge and 3G? You get the idea... Try it out!


h3>5. Qik

Another area that iPhone customers get the short end of the stick on is streaming live media. Until now that is. Let me introduce you to a little app called Qik. Qik offers iPhone users access to internet video streaming over their cellular network. Be sure to check the Qik link above to get yourself up and streaming over the internet!


Hopefully after reading this you are finally off the fence and will either Jailbreak or simply decide it isn't for you. If you do jailbreak, this list of must-have jailbroken apps should keep you busy for some time. For more information about jailbreaking please visit our Jailbreak Apps forum along with Jailbreak Central!

[Special thanks to all the members of the forum who contributed to app ideas in the following thread: Must Have Jailbreak Apps?]