1GHz ARM Mobile CPU on the Horizon -- but is it iPhone Bound?


Apple Insider reports that Samsung has a 45 nanometer, 1GHz ARM processor, code-named "Hummingbird" on the horizon.

It uses the same Cortex A8 architecture as the current iPhone 3GS (which runs at a clocked-down 600MHz) but due to the smaller size, is said to not consumer any more power or generate any more heat than the current 833MHz generation.

Apple has made huge investments and agreed to large scale licenses of the ARM chip, even as they're moving ahead with their own, in-Apple chipset initiatives.

So, even if Samsung ships this baby in time there's still no telling if Apple will use it for a forth generation iPhone, likely to cycle around June 2010.

Still... Zoom. Zoom.

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Rene Ritchie

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1GHz ARM Mobile CPU on the Horizon -- but is it iPhone Bound?


I remember my first computer was a 25mhz 386 and we thought it was awesome because it would play leisure suit Larry (best game ever lol)

Then your Mom and other moms realized you were playing Leisure Suit Larry and the ESRB was born.

I feel out of date. I still have a 800MHz PowerBook G4. I still have my 40gb hard drive and 512 ram beat that future iPhone. Man I need an intel mac..,

@ Chris
man I feel bad for you son, I just got a Alienware laptop for a college present last fall it has a 2.8 GHz duo core intel processor and 200 gig HDD plus 4gigs of RAM and I just saw this fall is a new version twice the Ram and harddrive space and I'm depressed how do u not kill ursellf while waiting for ur comp. 2 work at 800Mhz hahaha.
Get a new comp their cheap!