20% off iSuper Helicopter - control the skies with your iPhone [Daily Deal]

For today only, the iMore Store has the small iSuper Helicopter for iPhone on sale for only $54.95! Get them before they're gone!

Get the small iSuper Helicopter for iPhone now!

The iSuper Helicopter utilizes the latest wireless technology to communicate with your Apple iPhone. By downloading the free iSuper Heli app from the App Store, you'll have complete control over your iSuper Helicopter, even while your listening to your favorite tunes on your Apple iPhone.

Controlled by your Apple iPhone, the iSuper Helicopter features touch or tilt control, safe-landing and emergency buttons, flight record and playback, and the ability to fly alongside other iSuper Helicopters without interference.

This remote Helicopter features a durable metal frame and a built-in gyroscope providing an all-directional precise flight that's easy to control with its intelligent control system.


  • Works with Apple iPhone
  • Built-in gyroscope for stable control
  • User-friendly interface
  • Durable metal frame
  • Record and playback functionality of flights and patterns
  • Safe landing function
  • Emergency landing function
  • Play music while flying

Brent Zaniewski

Accessory Editor

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