Updated: iPhone 2.1 Firmware Causing Battery Drain? Is Push to Blame?

How is your battery life doing after upgrading to firmware 2.1? Hopefully better than mine!

I thought everything was going great after I updated Friday morning. Well I had a full charge late in the afternoon and left for work. A half hour later I noticed my iPhone was a bit warm without even using it. I Looked at my battery life and I was at 50% or so! Safe to say the phone was dead not long after.

So after a full night on the charger last night I thought everything should be good today. Well I was wrong. 2 hours of standby and a 5 minute phone call later, and my iPhone looked like the above picture. Actually that is exactly how it looked! What has really got me stumped is that I checked the usage meter and it said I used 1 hour and 56 minutes! A 5 minute phone call turned into that somehow? The time since last full charge was at 2 hours, which was correct.

I did a full restore without using a back up file after this, charged my phone and while the battery did seem to last longer, the battery meter is way off still. The "force quit" did not work, nor did any soft resets.

There is a thread over at Macrumors and Apple Discussions showing others are having this exact same issue, so that leads me to believe that my iPhone is not the issue but rather a issue with the 2.1 firmware in combination with something else? MobileMe possibly?

Turning off Push... my usage meter goes back to normal. Now I'm turning push on for mail only. We'll see if it messes it up again.

If anyone has had issues like this please chime in.

UPDATE: I am happy to report that ever since I shut off push for contacts and calendars my iPhone is now working like it should. Just woke up and checked the phone, I almost have a full charge and it says I have used 1 hour and 16 minutes and time since last full charge is 10 hours. Which is correct. So it is a issue with mobileme push for sure. Whether it is getting stuck or whatever, if you are having battery issues and use mobileme or exchange try turning off push completely. Then, if it is the issue, slowly turn back on the email push feature and test it out. Then contacts and calendars...

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Updated: iPhone 2.1 Firmware Causing Battery Drain? Is Push to Blame?


I have 2.1 and push enabled for MobileMe along with Google Calendars, and I've seen a HUGE improvement in batter.
Actually, the last time I charged was Fri evening, and I'm now at only about 55% charge. Loving it!

I'm a heavy push email user (my iPhone is also my oncall pager). I've found if I leave anything but 3G on (I disable, Loc Svc, WiFi, etc.) I've always had poor battery life. With only 3G enabled on previous ROM I had 20 hours of battery life. As of today I was able to get 30 that included 4.5 hours of data/voice time! The battery improvement is great!
If your iPhone is getting hot try disabling Loc Svc. Mine starts to get toasty when I have this enabled as well.

My issue does indeed seem to be related to MobileMe. I shut off push and the issue went away. I then tested it by turning on push for mail only and it still seems to be ok. Now I am afraid to turn push for contacts and calendar back on. In the links I provided people are having the same exact issue. So either you guys are lucky or are not using exchange or mobileme push. I will keep this updated for sure. Going to test it more tonight. But I am not crazy...

I am a MobileMe user with push turned on for contacts, calendar,and mail. Additionally, I have all features - such as wifi and loc srvs - enabled. I have obseved dramatically improved battery life since upgrading to 2.1.

I'm using push for Exchange email and it's a bit early to tell but my battery life seems to be a bit improved with 2.1. One relevant data point -- I'm syncing email and calendar, but not address book.

YES - similar problem. I installed 2.1 yesterday, and had near 100% charge at 10pm. This morning at 8am it was just 20% - having left it on overnight, which previously had drained only a small amount. I do not use MobileMe. Immediately recharged, but since then has been hardly any drain at all. What is going on!?

I am experiencing the same problems. Except I havn't gotten a low battery notification at all since the update. And I went straight from a quarter charge to completely dead. So something is up with, not sure if its push or what.

Like you, I experienced sudden loss of battery capability. I have push email, calendar and address book on. I have locations services on and I had WiFi on and phone set to 3G. Within a few hours battery had dropped 25% or more. I now switched off WiFi and 3G and battery has gone 7Hrs 38Min with about a 10% drop. I think it is due to the phone constantly switching between 3G and EDGE when 3G is on. They played with the bars display without really fixing the reception issues and how the phone switches. I have noticed it switches much faster but it does it at 2-3 bars where before it did it on 0-1 bar. A check of test mode shows the signal has not really improved just the perception. A check of the baseband logs show it still drops calls just like it did before and the crash logs still shows many applications crashing when you try and exit them.

I had similar issues once or twice on earlier firmware versions, but not yet on 2.1. I don't think it's an iPhone issue at all; I think the push server occasionally gets stuck pushing. Unfortunately, that means it will be tough for Apple to fix it.

Ever since I upgraded to 2.1 my battery usage has been excellent, excellent, excellent! I was have to charge it one or sometimes twice a day depending on usage. So far I have only done a full charge since Friday and that's it with the occasional plugging it in to sync it.

My battery life has been great since 2.1
I don't have to constantly be worrying about my battery life now.

I have had the same issue with my battery. I will try turning off push. I have also noticed that my phone is no longer retrieving e-mails in any of my accounts... not just mobileme. Other than these two issues, everything else is working a lot better for me, just two really big issues though.

Count me in either. I updated the iPhone to 2.1 friday night (at 100% battery charge) and (saturday) in the morning it was in a lethargic coma! All the battery capacity was drained down. I had to plug it back about 5 min to be able to start it up. I fill up the battery then I made a shut-down / restart.
The battery icon doesn't seem to reflect the real battery charge.

Please do not confuse my issue with normal reports of poor battery life. My issue, which was resolved, was due to mobileme constantly polling for contact and calendar changes. Once I turned push off for that all has been well. It is something Apple should be looking into regardless.

since i have updated to 2.1 my phones powers has decreased and more crashs have happend what is up with that

I'd be interested to hear, from the unhappy users, what push services they use. I remember having this issue twice with 2.0.1. On the home screen, I'd still see the dancing circle up top with no apps running. I went in to calendar and saw the circle stayed there. I was using push with NuevaSync for Google Calendar (love it) and that was a time where nuevasync was having server problems. I turned off push for a week or so and had no issues. I've since turned it back on and still been problem free. I'm currently on 3 hrs since my last charge, with a usage of 55 minutes. Battery indicator is still at 100%.

I have exact same problem. i upgraded to 2.1 and since then the battery life is only for approx 4 hrs od Edge. without making any calls. Before upgrading to 2.1 I had great battery life but on Edge 3G never work where I am at.

40% increase in battery life since 2.1
Push on for all on MobileMe.
Phone usage: browsing 85%, all else 15%.
Have noticed swiching to Edge more readily.
Have noticed fewer crashes SO FAR.
Much better response on 'Contacts'.

Anytime you feel unusual warmth your battery is definately being drained. You cannot generate heat from nothing. Mine has been running cool.

I had the same problem, and with some trial and error, it looks like the reason for this problem is related to when you set your calendar to sync everything. Since I changed it to "Events 3 months back", the battery drain seems to be gone and my iPhone is no longer warm. I have both MobileMe (except email) and Exchange (all) Push activated.

I use nuevasync as well for google calendar and I love it! No problems with battery life. The 2.1 seems to have fixed my wifi! Now when nuevasync gets the email push up and running I will be a happy camper with aol push email! When that happens I will keep an eye on the battery. So far so good!

I started having this exact same problem since i did a restore PREVIOUS to 2.1. I was able to track the problem down though trial and error and discovered it was my push exchange email. It was always doing 1 MB per minute of data. I tried turning Push off and it still continued, I tried updating to 2.1, still having the problem. The only thing that fixes my battery problem is to delete my exchange account. I have just now changed my calendar setting as Gerard suggested and see if that helps. It was set to 3 months, its now set to 2 weeks. Hopefully that fixes the issue.

@ Jeremy Sikora:
I'm sorry but there's no confusion here. Your article was titled: "iPhone 2.1 Firmware Causing Battery Drain? Is Push to Blame?" (with question marks). My comment was pointing that since 2.1 update, I had strange battery behaviors. This wasn't the case before 2.1 and this is surely not a "normal reports of poor battery life" issue. Now, if you were able to correct your iPhone problem, that's great and I understand that even if your solution isn't necessarily ours, aren't we here to share our similar experiences about 2.1 update "causing battery drain"? Something like «I'm not alone»... ;)

I have had excellent battery life since 2.1 - much improved. I have 3G, WiFi, LocSrv and push, all on. I have mobile me mail on manual but contacts and calendar on push. Not sure if it makes a difference but on my mobile me preferences on my mac, I have it set to sync every hours and not automatically. Not sure what the issue some people are having but I have everything turned on and the battery has only gotten better, MUCH better.

I haven't had any battery problems with the new 2.1 firmware. I have everything disabled other than my 3G connection and push. I need to get my email pushed to me at all times. I can't wait until Apple presses that "magic button" and enables push support for all 3rd party programs in the app store. But we all know that this is going to hit the battery hard. Thank God I have a job that allows me to be infront of a computer all day so I can charge my iPhone 3G the whole time I'm at work. But for the two days out of the week that I don't work, oh man I know I'm gonna need to use my car charger and my travel charger all the time. I hope Apple gets a fix for this asap. Battery life is important to many people including myself.

After the update I am very happy with the increased battery, speedy backup and absolutely no crashes which plagued the phone prior to update. I use push for both MobileMe & Exchange and have all other services on, battery life is still increased by about 20%.
I did do a start from scratch installation since I had been having mayor problems, may be something to try for the ppl who see energy draining.

I have suspected that there is a problem with Apple's "push" installation for a while. I don't use MobielMe, but I have set up my 3G to work with my Exchange server. I leave the phone set to "push" mode, then the battery drains very quickly (regardless of which firmware version). If I set it to manual, the battery drain is much slower and I can get maybe 2-3 days without a recharge.
I think their "push" implementation is more of a "poll/pull" implementation rather than a true push. With Exchange, Microsoft's "directpush" implementation sends a special SMS message to the phone when new email/contact/calendar entry/etc comes into the exchange server. This tells the phone to "wake up and sync", which then pulls the email to the phone. I know my old phone could go 3-4 days without a recharge, and it used DirectPush to get email from my exchange server also (and yes, it was a 3G phone too..the HTC Touch Cruise).
Unfortunately, I don't think the 3G is working this way. I can't speak for MobileMe as I don't use it.
I'm thinking of entering a bug report, but I want to see if I can get some a tcpdump of a direct push sessions from the phone first to as evidence.
Dave F.

This is the same problem I had when i upgraded to 2.0. I even more equated it to a problem with one of the App's I installed. Even though the app was closed, i dont think it correctly turned off.
My battery would be almost gone after 3 hours of not using it at all and it would be warm to touch.
Resetting does not work.
Restoring the phone through Itunes fixed it completely. Having to do that sux, but the restore truly gets your phone installation back to where it should be.

I went from definately 1 day to sometimes stretching to almost 2 days. Now I'm charging every 2-3 hours before it's dead.
I have mobileme and an Exchange. Wifi & location services off. I thought I was going mad so google'd it and am pleased I am not alone.
Have turned off all push email/calendars/contacts and will see how it goes once it's finished charging for the 6th time today.

I'm an enterprise user and I shut off push and the phone is now a keeper! Frankly, I don't really need push because the phone (and my reading of email) works fine when I check it 4-5 times per hour. 2.1 has made a huge difference in the qulaity of the phone. No more dropped calls and better reception!

Could anybody please advise me, how to turn off push for contact and calender without deleting them completly from the iPhone? I am using Exchange Push and I am recocnizing poor battery life as well (with 2.0.2 it was much better). If I turn off push completly, the battery life is better. But I do not see a way to sync my contacts/calendar with exchange manually and only leave mail sync as push.

I had the problem of the iPhone getting hot and losing its charge very quickly BEFORE the 2.1 update. I did have the push feature on at the time, and now I don't (I was only testing it) so it's hard to say whhat was definitely to blame, but it looks like Jeremy has it pinned to the push stuff.

Just an update from my post above (# 33). After the charge and turning off push services and using the phone for around 2 hours of calls so far today, my battery is at 75% still :-). Much better, now if only I can get push back again with a similar result. Push is used for work and is the sole reason we're looking at the iPhone, so hope Apple sort this one out soon.

I've occasionally used push for Exchange since 2.0 added that capability. I say "occasionally" because it definitely used the battery faster. Yesterday I turned on push for the first time since updating to 2.1, and two hours later my phone was completely dead! Something has definitely changed with the push behavior from 2.02 to 2.1.

I just tried erasing my Exchange account and starting over. I also changed my Calendar sync setting from "1 month" to "2 weeks". One of these two things seems to have fixed the problem for me. Thanks to Gerard for the suggestion and Johnny for the confirmation of this potential fix. I'll report back if I find the battery life degrade again.

I have a 3G, Black, 16GB, Hong Kong purchased with an unlocked baseband. I am currently using Mobile Me (push), Exchange (push), and Gmail (manual), LocServ on.
My battery barely lasts a day with very light use. If this does not get fixed soon, I will have to switch back to my 1G phone.
I'm a loyal Apple head, but this is my phone - I can only take so much of this
I have to charge 2-3 times a day! That is not acceptable for a mobile phone - especially one designed without a changeable battery - which needs to change if they want corporate America.
Great phone, but I'm getting to the end of my rope

Before the 2.1 update, I was able to comfortably get a full waking day between charges - with Exchange enabled.
I applied the firmware update last night, and had for the first time a complete battery loss a couple hours later.
The phone is generating an unusual amount of heat, and the battery life is significantly worse.
I have had Exchange setup on it since the beginning, and have made no modifications since the update.
My phone was fully charged 3 hours ago, and is now down to about 30%!! This is with very limited use, and nothing other than before.
Is there is a method to rollback firmware?

I upgraded to 2.1 four days ago and my battery is now like a bucket with a hole in it. I'm stunned by how fast it goes down.
I have never had Push on, but I do have Wi-Fi on... still, that's the way it's been since I got it a month ago and everything's been fine.
I noticed the phone gets warm even without use, so on someone else's advice, I turned Loc Svc off a couple of minutes ago and we'll see.

Quick follow-up to my message #43: I shut the iPhone down completely (which I hadn't done since upgrading to 2.1) and in the last couple of hours it is running cool and the battery level is staying up. I'll obviously check it long-term, but if you haven't shut the phone down after updating, you should. Can't hurt. :-)

i used Run keeper and my ipod on 3G want for a 1.30 mins bike ride on a fully charged
battery got home and it was on 10% its terrible

can anyone help me? I was going to update one of my applications on my iPhone 3G with 2.1 software but then, I couldn't install it. It didnt work when i tapped the button "install" unlike before it was easy.

My battery power is being hoovered at a furious rate. Turned everything off, wireless, blue tooth, push, not much better. Very definitely got dramatically worse since 2.1

Yes! I am having the exact same problem. As soon as I updated to 2.1 it drained my battery within a matter of hours. Full charge overnight and by noon the next day, it was drained! And I didn't make a single call! This is just on standby. Is there a way to back out of the update? I need to know how to get this fixed ASAP.

Oh, one more thing... I am using ActiveSync with our companies exchange server. the 2.1 update wiped out all my calendar entries! Great update. I will never do the update until I see that it is working OK for everyone else. This is very frustrating.

2.1 seriously degraded my battery life. I need to charge twice a day now. Today I made one 5 minute phone call and the battery nearly died - 10% warning almost immediately. Significantly better battery life?
Can you say iRonic?

In response to jayrck in message 47, I had the same problem. Two of my applications said updates were available, but when I tapped them, the button that normally says "Free" and "Install" said "Installed" instead, and way grayed out, so tapping did nothing.
This persisted for a day and the next day I wanted to show the problem to another iPhone user and when I went to the two applications everything was fine. Perhaps time heals all installs. Wait awhile and try it again.

Jon from the UK, I have an iphone and with 2.1 it may help if you do what the majority are doing push off, wi-fi off etc etc, but also put the phone on autolock. I have a suspicion that leaving the phone showing the widgets is also a major drain on the battery. I do not use exchange and mobile me etc so I do not know know what effect this has. Try it. I use it as required little net usage and can 3/4 days.

I for sure have had problems on 2.02 with push enabled against a MS Exchange Server syncing cal, contacts and mail. My battery was drained in 4-5 hours. I'm just testing it on 2.1. What really puzzles me is how Apple made a push function that keeps the iPhone from going to sleep. The whole idea about push is that your device will be notified (like SMS) when somethig changes on the server.
I'm a srong beliver in Apple products - but to be honest I've been running HTC devices for years on the last four versions of Windows Mobile - all running push with out any problems.
So Apple - Pull your act together and get this to work. It's essential for us business users.

Hello, I'm in Spain and I have the same problem! Since I installed the new software, my battery last 1 hour!! With the MS Exchange PUSH conected... - Does any one has an official response from Apple concerning this serious issue?!

After upgrading my iphone to 2.1 I have terrible batt performance. I can only use my phone for 3-4 hours without doing anything.... before 2.1 my battery was bringing me up to 9 hours. 2.1 upgrade did NOT bring any good to my battery. If I charge it 100% and leave it without doing anything it's empty within 6 hours.
What is going on?

UPDATE to #54.
Now I've tested this on 2.1. Exactly same issue, when Push is on runnng against an Exchange Server. The usage under settings shows that the phone is practically newer entering standby. Turning off push shows changes to that instantly and makes me able to charge every 2nd day with normal usage.
...And by the way I run 3G, WiFi, LocSer... the works except Push.
I don't know if it's actually the Exchange server causing this. But I do know that running Push on a Windows Mobile towards the exact same account with the same settings doesn't cause any battery drain. So Apple - do some reverse engeneering and fix this.

i see that i'm not the only one having firmware 2.1 battery life going down so fast! after full charge it last 3-4hours then it says battery down to 10% without making a single call; with wifi off; location service off and no push mail! Only the phone part is "on". How Apple will react on this ?

Hello! I spoke this morning with the Spanish Apple Technical Support and they know about the problem. Fortunately, it's easy to resolve - I did it following their instructions, without any problem. Here are the steps:
STEP 1: Press the main button and the shwith on button at the same time during 7 seconds - It will reset the iphone (All the Information on iphone will be kept - you don't loose it).
Then try to check your email with the PUSH option ON. If the phone still checking your email every 5 seconds like mad - you follow step 2. If not, you have resolved the problem.
STEP 2: On the settings menu, choose the "reset adjustments" (I have translated from Spanish, so I don't know if it's exactly this on your phone). Once you select this option, the phone will tell you that a Reset Session will begin and that you will NOT lose the Information saved on your iphone. Confirm that you are sure of doing this. And then wait around 5 minutes while is reseting the setings. You will be able later to re-start your phone, to re-configurate your email and you will see that PUSH will work correctly without using all the batery in few hours. I will last you 1 day as it was before installing the 2.1 firmware. I hope this will help you. If you have any doubt, contact the Apple Technical support by phone, and they will re-explain you this procedure.
Good Luck!

WAKKSUN I have exactly the same problem now after firmware 2.1 upgrade.. with no WiFi, No push mail, No 3G, nothing running at all... the phone goes from a full charge to a 10% warning within 4hrs..
I will try the RESET advice above and let you know what happens..
Fingers crossed

ChOCI UK : I just tested the method of Carlos; it did not worked for me :-( let me know what happens with you; thanks

I have an unlocked 1st gen iphone....I don't have a battery problem....instead when I enable mobile me...... my phone locks up..... can't get to Mail,Contacts or can't get into the settings to change or turn off Mobile me....
Have to re-image..... wonder if it is related to Push.

I gotta say I have a love hate relationship with Apple/iPhone/Jobs
So, I got the iPhone 3G a week before 2.1 and was about to return it for the malfunctioning turd of pioneering hardware that is it. Then 2.1 happened. I felt joy. I got 3G where I got no 3G. The battery life was awesome compared to prior.
Then, about a week ago, my battery has become the suck. I will charge it, use it for a few hours and it;s nearly dead. WTF...
I will reboot the damn thing and reset network setting. All is well. Then like magic, the next day, it's draining battery life. My wife and I even watched the battery meter sliver down without using any app.
I have gmail set to Fetch once an hour, Push turned on for my work's exchange server, Location services on and Wifi and Bluetooth are usually off unless I am at work or home, then Wifi is connected.
I don't know what is causing this issue. Something is definitely hanging in the background. I know one thing, this thing is more of a pain in the ass than it is a life savor. Then again, if I returned it, I would miss it.
I will patiently wait for Apple to conjure up a fix but until then, it really gives me a case of the red-ass when I am told to disable the very functions i purchased the damn thing for.

hi. i'm using iphone 3g here in the philippines and my battery last for about3-4 days because i use it only for text messaging only. 3g, wifi, and others are turned off and i am currently using version 2.0. just want to ask if i will upgrade to 2.1, will my battery improved despite of using it for text messaging? thanks

Interesting article.
I have just upgraded from a 2g phone to 3g (running 2.1 firmware) and I have to say that the battery life on the 3g phone is at least 25% worse with 3g and Push turned on - I don't use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi on the phone.
Frankly telling people to turn off 3g and Push is ridiculous - the whole reason we bought the 3g iPhone was because it offered 3g speeds. Come on Apple - fix these issues.
Possibly I have a faulty phone?

Think I've figured out a fix for those using ActiveSync and experiencing short battery life. Delete the Exchange mail account and add it back. I've had mine running for a day with good battery life and without the overheating issue.

@Chris B
I agree, I deleted my Gmail account and my Exchange account. I reset network settings and then let the battery die. I charged it and setup the email accounts. This time I turned off synching Contacts (though I don't think this has much to do with the better battery life).
I also turned off the Wifi search function.
So far since I charged it Sunday morning, I haven't had to charge it yet and it's Monday morning! :)
Of course it's close to red now but still, that's obviously better than the few hours I was getting.
Hope this helps anyone.

i found a fix.
charge up your iphone
switch push,wifi infact everything, OFF
put it in your pocket and dont use it...ever.
mine now lasts a whole day :-)

I'm also having a similar problem. I will turn of mobile me push and check if it works. Thanks for the suggestion.

I am having the same battery draining thing happening on and off to me. I charge up every night. This morning by 10 am with minimal usage, it dies all of a sudden. Sometimes just plugging in the cord for a few seconds will result in a nearly 30% battery capacity when it "drains" like this. No low battery message (when it dies all of a sudden like this, no battery low message, but on other occassions it does give me the message). I have push set on I think, but it doesn't ever update unless I tell it to update, even if I turn push off and have it fetch every 15 minutes (two hours could go by with no check when it's supposed to fetch every 15 minutes, until I tell it to check manually). I'm stumped.

I use my phone as my alarm, and by now I’d LOVE to go back to 1.1.4. Is there a proven method for downgrading from 2.1? I can only find methods for 2.0.2 ...

I received an iPhone this week with 2.1 installed. I use Exchange for my mail, calendar, and contacts as well. The first time around there was no problem, but then it started doing the battery drain thing. I charged it and it would be at 20% in about 3 hours.
I tried turning off Push after letting the battery completely drain and recharge, but that didn't work. It was still racking up "usage" time even when the phone was in Standbye. I turned off 3G, let it connect to Edge for about 10 minutes and it was still sending data and my standbye time was zero. Turned 3G back on and it started working properly. Since yesterday it's no longer getting hot and my usage time is 2 hours 40 minutes with 20 hours and 15 minutes with about 3/4 of my battery still left.
Hope this helps someone.

Hello everybody,
I am experiencing almost the same problem with the battery draining. I have a 1st generation iphone and i upgraded to 2.1 firmware and it worked fine for 1 week. The battery life was better, i was so happy with it, when suddenly one morning i found my iphone completly off (no battery). I recharge it but since that time the battery lasts only fot 10-12 hours and this sucks. And this is not all, i was using regulary wifi but now i cannot find any network with my iphone. I reinstalled 2.1 firmware but nothing changed. I dont know if it is any connection between these 2 problems but it's driving me crazy.
Anyone has any suggestion? pls help

Jordy, Any luck with your issue? I too have a 1st generation phone that just started experiencing short battery life two days ago. I upgraded to 2.1 when it first came out (not sure how many weeks ago now), and had not had a problem 'til the day before yesterday. I've changed nothing in my phone settings.

hello ther iphone3G users!!!!!!da 1s wit da battery issues..
count me in!!!
same issues..hd 2.0 firmware..battery lasted 3hrs on standby..now on da 2.1 version..improved 2 6hrs..standby..wit all functions like 3G,,wifi switched off..believe me..ive switched everythin off..so its jus a plain ****** normal phone wit no battery capacity(id get a better chinese copy of da iphone wit better capacity and functions..no offence 2 any nationalities!!!)..sorry 4 da foul lang..but im really cheezed off!!!
i wanna try da calender sync method..can someone help me wit tht cos i dont seem 2 find tht option in da settings!!how do i change my calender sync setting???
my iphone also kinda heats up like some of u guys!!and my usage counter exaggerates my actual usage,,like say if i used da phone 4 a 5min call..it shows more thn 1 hour of usage..wierd phone!!!
somebody..plz help me out..tnx in advance
cheers frm dubai,uae

hi again
another Q..iuf i reset network settings..will my iphone get bricked??i hv unlocked using turbosim!!!

I have the same experience with my 3G. My phone would get hot and die within 2 - 3 hours of a full charge. Restoring it didn't help. I have 3G activated, use an hourly push for my exchange email/calendar, no wifi. I went to the apple store and told them what was happening, they replaced my iPhone within 10 min, no questions asked, and I thought I was in the clear. Two days later it started happening again. Even when it's plugged into the wall it wont reach 60% charge. What's the point of a phone that you can only use for a couple of hours...

I started to hate my iphone because i cannot use it normally. I will shitch to a regular mobile phone!

hi guys!!!
mine has improved quite a bit in da last few days..follow da instructions
mine has gone 3hrs standby to 16hrs standby wit minimal usage..and 14hrs after moderate usage..its been increasing every other day..its spooky..its got a mind of its own..A.I kinda!!!
pleasr respond if my tips helped u out..cheers!!
frm abu dhabi(uae)

I'm having the same problem since last Saturday and I joined mobile me that day for the 60 day trial... The iphone doesn't last 10 hours and it used to go for 2 or 3 days before... I just changed push to manual to see how it goes.

Turned PUSH completely off yesterday and now the battery is back to normal. I noticed that when the push is set on, the phone indicates it has been used for 30% of the time even if I have not used the device. In 8hrs it drains the battery completely. I'm using a 3G network with Mobile and firmware 2.1 (5F136). Will leave PUSH off untill I find an alternative but the problem seems to be related with mobile me.

Just had to toss this out here, I think its great we try to find workarounds for the iphone. Esp with all its feature rich applications etc, but heres a concept how about making a battery than can handle all of it? Meanwhile were left scrambling turning off EVERY possible feature to make this phone last for barely 8 hrs? Cmon, I adore the phone overall but I think apple needs to really look into this & hard. The blackberry storm is coming out shortly & if there is little reported issues at that time this cats switching. I refuse to babysit/nurse this phone for years till apple figures something out & at/t gets theres 3G network full covered. Which is another issue in itself, guy told me that it will take 3 yrs for At/t to fully upgrade all there towers-thx at/t till then what ???

So I have found people with similar problem. I turned on push a some mont ago, mail, and it worked with no problem. A few weeks ago I also turnedon push-calendar, still everything ok. Then, a week ago, I finally turned on push-contacts and then, one or to days later, I found that the battery emptied in rapid speed, and they day after that, it again emptied in rapid speed and went really hot. I turned it in to the reseller so will see wath the reply will be. PS I also claimed a new cover cause of the crackings in the cover

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I have firmware v2.1 (and for some reason I can't upgrade to the newest version - I get an error code). And despite replacing my old battery with a new battery, I'm still experiencing severe battery drain. Phone doesn't last 5 hours w/o going from 100% to very very dead - even when left unused (such as overnight). I noticed problems after installing Pandora Radio, but I haven't seen any other info on Pandora causing problems for others. Very frustrating. I don't use mobile me on my 2G iPhone, but I do have push turned on for Email. Any ideas?

Thanks for the comments. I have had a recent drop in battery life in the last week for no "apparent' reason. I turned on mobileme about a month ago and didn't notice anything. But starting on Monday, my phone would be almost dead by the end of the day when i had not used it and the usage was WAY to high! I hope your suggestions work!! keep up the good work letting us know!

In the end of last week my battery suddenly dropped to zero in no time, and the phone was very hot, although I didn't use it.
The usage statistics indicated that it was working all the time.
I did a reset which didn't help at all.
I deleted my Exchange account and reinstalled it (push, mail & calendar) and now the phone is back in business.
So my exeperience is like someone else here earlier: the push functionality seems to get stuck in some kind of endless loop which can only be stopped by deleting the account and reinstalling it.

I have the same problem with my iphone.. eversince i upgrdade to 2.1, my battery drains faster than usual... so i have to charge 2-3 times a day and my phone is always warm. Another thing is when i left it overnight with its battery about meter was on 75% and then as i wake up and check the phone it is almost drain. I think it is really in the 2.1 firmware.

ok so I updated to firmware 2.1 and then I noticed I started having problems with the battery. So like if I charge it for 12 hours and then use it then a couple of hours later the battery goes low when i hardly used it. And when I get home to charge it right before i plug my Iphone in the batter is red so when i plug it in all of a sudden the battery turns green after a few mins its been plugged in.