23% of AT&T users would switch to Verizon iPhone [survey]

Credit Suisse has run a survey asking, if AT&T lost iPhone exclusivity, would users switch to another carrier like Verizon. 23% said they would go to Verizon while 3% would go to Sprint and 2% to T-Mobile.

When TiPb ran a Verizon-only switching poll, 34% of our readers said they'd make the switch in a heartbeat, while 20% said they were AT&T for life, and the said it would depend on the plans and rates.

We'll only know for certain when and if iPhone goes non-exclusive in the US, but that's got to happen at some point, right? The only question is whether or not it happens before a white iPhone 4 ships, or the Beatles hit iTunes...

[Business Insider]

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23% of AT&T users would switch to Verizon iPhone [survey]


I'd stick with AT&T with not even a second thought! I'd be excited if the iPhone came to Verizon so I can laugh at those who switched only to be charged the hell out of features that AT&T currently does not as well as disabling features - something that Verizon excels at! I will chuckle when I see that horrid, unholy Verizon logo emblazoned on that beautiful bezel. Fun times!

In order to make AT&T's network function even better I'm going to have to ask for more volunteers to go to Verizon. 23% is too low of a number.

@Dexter do you even know what your talking about? I have had both and I can tell you know, I have never had more of a disheartening and crappy service/price as what I got with the "unholiest" of "unholy" AT&T. You fanboys with your blind fandom. Just because its what YOU have doesnt mean its the BEST TO HAVE. Sorry but your comment is way of base and simply a blind rant without anything to back up your statements. Me on the other hand...I have phone statements for exactly the same service/features, on AT&T the other Verizon. I can assure you I was getting ripped from AT&T. I mean come on...UNLIMITED DATA FOR $29.99. Any toddler can see in an AT&T add who is cheaper. On top of that I get a discount through my business which AT&T would not honor. And disabling features? I had the same type phone on both carriers and that never happened to me. Ill "chuckle" whenever you crawl out of your little AT&T shell and actually do an unbiased comparison of the two. Not to mention the fact that even late night show host blast AT&T for their horrible service. I mean come on, if your going to pick a company to stand up for at least pick a company that has SOMETHING worth standing up for. The iPhone is the best thing to ever have happened to AT&T and probably the only thing that has kept them in business. If you like AT&T just say you like them. Dont be an ignorant moron and bash another carrier just because its not yours. This world is full of such idiots. Deuces.

I'd switch to Sprint if they ever got the iPhone. Until I got my iPhone last year I was with Sprint and happy. My wife/kids are still on a Sprint family plan. My daughter just got one of the new 4g phones and it really is great. I'm actually tempted to switch anyway and drop my iPhone. On AT&T in my area, it's great for everything but as a phone.

@theguy- "Don't be an ignorant moron and bash another..."
"I mean come on, if your your going to pick a company to stand up for at least pick a company that has SOMETHING worth standing up for..."
In summary- theguy might be "an ignorant moron and bash and another carrier just because it's not yours."

Sure, there are a couple of big cities that have struggled with AT&T, but I've been very happy with them. Heck, with the recent data plan change I'm saving $30/month--two iPhones for under $100/month. Coverage and speed is outstanding where I am and, yes, I'm in a major metropolitan area. I think it would be funny if Verizon gets the iPhone. Buh bye, suckers.

I don't have a problem with AT&T in my area. I don't feel the need to switch carriers at the moment.
It's funny how people will assume what they experience (negative or positive) in their tiny little bubble is what everybody else experiences. Coverage for all carriers will vary depending where you live.
To all the crybabies and haters out there, despite what your mommy told you, the world does not revolve around you.

You know this is just based on the current users that would switch imagine all the people that would pick it up that are already on that network... (This coming from a sprint customer that would)

I'm another happy customer with AT&T. I've tried Verizon, believe me, but the signal is weak in my house. So I'd be glad if all the complainers on AT&T would switch over already.

This is meaningless. It is completely dependent on where people live and the service they recieve. Further, what percentage of Verizon users have switched to ATT so that they can use the iphone. I can tell you that I did.

Let then switch- keep AT&T's network open and it'll be faster..especially on top of the 18-19 billion they're investing on the network within the next year. I must say Verizon does have much better coverage, but I'm sticking with a fast reliable phone and unlimited data plan. I'm alsop hoping the AT&T investments broaden the coverage overall, including 3G.

Ya theguy is just another VZW fanboy himself. He thinks the only reason people are on ATT is the iPhone. Lol. Its the service and reception that keep people duh. There are too many people to count who have opposite experiences than his with verizon. In my experience they're crap. Done.

I've had At&t for 2 months now verse having verizon for 6 years. And I can honestly say that I have throughly impressed with att network. I originally thought that I would be dropping calls left and right and that my service would be horrible. The service is great where I lve I can't speak for other areas of the country. The network is super fast compared to Verizon. I wouldn't go back to verizon even if they had an iPhone cause you would need a 64gb iPhone just be because verizon would put all thier crap on it and it would take up major space. From their app store to vz navigator and all the other apps they push out that you can't delete that stuff would take up major space. At&t forever!! Also yes I have dropped calls on my iPhone 4, but also dropped calls on Vzw to but no one seems to want to talk about that!

Why all the bashing? If you like ATT nobody is making you switch. I suspect most of those people came from VZW to begin with. The nickel and dime'ing days of VZW are behind them and I highly doubt Apple is going to let them put anything on the iPhone.

As a customer that went through the purchase of Bellsouth, Cingular, and now AT&T Wireless, I'll switch away from AT&T.
Don't get me wrong - they have been okay to a few people I know. But the lockdowns on Android devices, sometimes horrible customer service (seems to happen a bit with me), spotty coverage in my area, spotty coverage to areas I travel to, and the lack of incentives to continue being a customer are pushing the temptation to leave.
I can have equivalent service, but $30/month cheaper with T-Mobile, better phone selection (and coverage where I am) with Sprint, and MUCH better service with Verizon (they have treated loved ones and myself quite well over the years).
If I wasn't trapped in a 2-year contract, I would ditch them in a heartbeat. But that $325 ETF is a killer.

Of the 23% answering they would switch to Verizon, I wonder what portion of them understood they would have to buy another new iphone to switch.

I liked verizon when I had them ( switched for the iPhone 4 and have never looked back), but they are really starting to have the same problems some AT&T users complain about. At the end of my verizon contract I dropped more calls than my iPhone has ever though about dropping. AT&T also has a much faster network ( if and when 3G is available I know...but for someone like me who stays in major metropolitan areas and doesn't travel too often, I haven't felt the crunch of atts much smaller 3G footprint.
Verizons 4 g network might give me an incentive though...

Good luck to the switchers I'm staying with AT&T. I have awesome service and coverage and pay $85 a month. Verizon coverage sucks where I live and there rates are a joke been there dome it with them. Way to mamt problems. Plus its gonna be a mess it's going to be AT&T 2008 all over again with big red. Good luck to all the switchers.

I was VZW customer since their AirTouch days but changed to ATT Wireless last year. I was tired of being being charged for every little thing and not getting much in return. I also couldn't sucessfully send/receive any sms/mms messages from friends/family in Italy. Many of their phones also didn't have the capability of connecting to GSM networks. Now I have the ability to do all those things and get rollover minutes as a bonus.

The only reason I am with AT&T is for the iPhone. I've had a lot of dropped calls since upgrading to the iPhone 4. I will definitely switch to Verizon, especially if they offer an LTE version.

I think this should read '77% of AT&T users wouldn't switch to Verizon even if they could.'
I would be in that 77%.

My iPhone is not my first phone with AT&T. Never had a problem with service and I get a 24% discount though my employer.

I'm glad Joe McG posted. This is exactly what I was going to say. The iPhone is the only phone in existence that people are hoarding away from other carriers just to be able to hold the Jesus phone. I am on AT&Ts main page every single day and I can tell you that this is where 90% of the complaints come from. Jackasses that have the iPhone and have no service but they won't put the phone down to save their life. But you better bet your a$$ as soon as there is complaining to do these people are the first ones to do it. You dont know how many times I see. "AT&T sucks I've had no bars or searching since day one, fix your network" idiots. Every one of them.

@jack.... That they like their service and the negatives aren't as serious as the rumors say they are?

They may be asking a different crowd. TiPB readers are mainly semi-nerds and credit suisse may have asked their own employees... They may have something to do with the variance.

I'm sticking with AT&T. The service isn't too bad in my area, plus I get a discount through my company, I only pay 70/month with unlimited plan :)

I'll stick with AT&T. I pay only $71 including taxes with discounts provided through our company. That's unlimited data with 250 text. Who needs text anyway when there is Ping Chat or Text Free. I can get it down to $66. Because I am not a heavy user, I rarely reach 2 GB no matter how much I tried without wifi, I can take $5 off and go with the $25 2 GB plan. That's $61 now. Cheaper than even T-Mo's subsidized plan, and my iphone is ATT-subsidized.
My only complaint is Edge only or no data coverage at Sea World San Diego, at SAN Terminal 2 gates, and at Tom Bradley at LAX. Hello AT&T, of all places?

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there are a lot of blind clueless Verizon fanboys out there too. And if you ask non-tech types, they probably read it as "I heard from my sons friend that Verizon is getting the iPhone any day now, would I switch?" without actually knowing their ass from a hole in the ground.
I have a friend like that. She keeps asking me about all these articles she's read about Verizon getting an iPhone any day now.. and how they must be legit because it was on CNN.. etc. :/

Verizon isn't getting the iPhone. Verizon is the stupidess ever. There phones suck. The droid sux, the droid x sux, and the droid inredible sux. Att is the best ever and I've never had problems ever with them.