3.5mp Camera for Next Gen iPhone. 5mp Camera for... Next Next Gen?

iPhone Camera

Digitimes is reporting... what many others have been rumoring about the next gen iPhone and it's camera. 3.5 megapixels, according to their "market sources" are bound to get bundled in if/when Apple shows off new iPhone 2,1 hardware at WWDC this year.

What's even more fantastical is that a 5 megapixel camera is also rumored to be on its way to another Apple product this year. New iSight for the built-ins? Heh. That's no fun. Gotta be for the next next gen iPhone 3,1, right? Or the iTablet? iNetbook? iYaiyai?!

Rumor season has only just begun folks!


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3.5mp Camera for Next Gen iPhone. 5mp Camera for... Next Next Gen?

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@rene: so a while back Tipb posted a story on how at&t was proposing/setting up a trade in program. So if apple were to actually release a 3rd gen iPhone I would be able to walk into AT&T and pick me up a brand spankin new iPhone and give 'em my old one?

I say they turn the Air into a "iTablet". Take off the keyboard and make a touch screen. Make the screen ten inches Across and call it the brand new Air. Then I think they will be able to justify the price and we will have the tablet that is rumored.
People in the Apple Sutore don't even use the Air to handle appointments anymore. They use iPod Touches. Well at least at the 14 Street Store. That's where I go.

5 mp would be great for the next iPhone, but if they put it in the next macs I'll be pissed. I just bought a new 24" iMac for $2000 after warrenty. On second thought I don't really care but that would suck a little. Crossing my fingers for the iPhone.

I afraid they'll sell 3.5 iPhone then 3 months later 5mp iPhone...I would be pissed!
I thinks it's going to be the new iprod which will be apple's new tablet for multimedia/gaming device.

Well, the current iSight camera is only 1.3mp... so 3.5mp would be a considerably LARGE upgrade, and 5mp would be completely unnecessary.
In a dream world, the 3.5mp cam would be a front-facing camera used for recording youtube videos which I could upload directly via the iPhone OR use a built-in iPhone quickcapture for vlogging (also movile iChat), and the 5mp camera would be on the back for lifecasting and stuff :)

That's what I am hoping for... 3.5 in the front and 5 in the back. Or just a 5 in the back. I can't see the iSight going from 1.5 to 5, that just doesn't make sense. What practical use would you have with a 5 meg iSight camera? We will just have to wait and see I guess. anyone think Apple would comebout with a stand alone camera? That wouldn't make sense either to me, younwould then have to walk around with two seperate products, when the Iphone could easily be a good quality camera.... DAMN I hate waiting!

They can put all the megapixels they want but it would make any difference if they stick with that pinhole lens.

Yea, with what the competition is offering in iPhone-like phones, they really need to give us a real camera and video recording. All the apps that use the camera are useless because the camera is so terrible, space isn't an issue, and if they need to make it a little thicker nobody will care if it can take good pics and video. By the end of this year 5 and 8 mp cameras will be the norm on other high end phones, LG and Samsung have fitted phones with decent sized lenses as well, and their picture and video taking capability are pretty impressive.
Anything less than 5 with a good lens would be disappointing..

I want to second Mile. I don't think the problem with the iphone's camera is the number of MP, it is the lens and lack of autofocus, macro mode and so on and so forth.
Before I owned my iphone I never thought that camera on phones where usefull but now with the ease of using the pictures you take, I just wish for a better camera in it.

I second that, anything less than 5 is terrible, 5 is pretty much the norm. I also agree with the fact we need a better lens and auto focus, heck throw a good flash with that too. I also don't care shot increasing the thickness a bit to support that. I want a phone, iPod, email, Internet, and a GOOD Camera on one device. I don't mind paying more than the $199 that the 3g was. Heck I paid $599 for the original. Throw in a good camera, and I would pay that again.

some people and reports say that the 5mp sensors/camera thingy will be in a new macbook however it seems moreligical that the 3.2mp sensors be in the new macbook if any as most notebooks etc only have 1mp camera. i think apple should have a 5mp sensor in a new phone as 3.2 is weak and apple if they make that mistake may lose many potential and even existing customers. 5mp all the way!!

I have a 3g iPhone already and I have a few comments about this. Firstly, how about just building them to a higher quality? My side buttons have already fallen off and I need a replacement. Secondly how about adding a flash like 90% of other phones out there, is this really that hard? A super bright LED hooked up to the battery.. even the iPhone can make room for that!

I have a 3.2 MP Blackberry curve 8900. Its VERY impressive (coming from 2 MP 8300) Its only poor in low light..
Its 'good enough for shots of your kids in the park'IMHO, and that is a benchmark for a lot of people, I took a great 'first time on a bike' picture of my son with mine..
But roll on 5MP.. 3.5 in the front for video conferencing..