Updated: 3D Buildings in Google Maps for iPhone 2.1?!

UPDATE: Our ace commenters point out this is something Google has been pushing for a while now, pre-2.1, although it may be slowly moving across the US and hasn't been getting tons of attention everywhere yet. As the effect is likely part of the image downloads, Google can probably push new images any time they like, and not have it bound to any specific point release, so that makes the kind of sense that does. Still, pretty awesome feature!

Original post:

Eagle-eyed reader Gregory just sent this in and as Neo would surely say -- WHOA!

Looks like for San Francisco, which is pretty much home turf for both Google and Apple, the built in iPhone Maps App now boasts 3D buildings! The renderings are in Map mode (Satellite and Hybrid modes have photographic buildings, after all!) and are pretty dang spiffy if you ask us.

Now, while I can see them if I search for San Fran, when I search for my hometown of Montreal, I get no such love. How about you and your city? Got 3D?

Thanks Gregory!

Rene Ritchie

Editor-in-Chief of iMore, co-host of Iterate, Debug, Review, The TV Show, Vector, ZEN & TECH, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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diego says:

Yah, same for Dallas, TX. But only for the downtown area.

Blake says:

Just checked and Seattle has the same 3D buildings!

Brian says:

Very Cool! I checked and Washington DC has the 3D buildings.

Elam says:

I saw this while in downtown Cincinnati almost four weeks ago. Not new...but probably rolling out across cities and just being noticed.

Brant says:

Pretty sure i saw this in boston before 2.1

Rene Ritchie says:

Since the maps are image downloads, it probably makes sense they could roll out whenever Google wants, rather than part of firmware packages.
Of course, if they've been out that long, and I still don't have them in Montreal, I'm even more bummed. It's not like Canada has a lot of cities anyway. Where's the love? :)

Leanna says:

Downtown Denver is there! It's also worth noting that not ALL of SF has the buildings either. Looks like their just putting it in downtown areas at first. It's pretty cool though!

patrickbballer says:

haha it's funny how the put this in. But what ever it's nice to have

emale says:

I've had this as long as I can remember in Philly and nyc. Definitely not a new feature.

excaliburca says:

Doesn't look like Toronto has this feature right now... and if anywhere would have it, it would be Toronto.
Come-on Google... where's the maple leaf love? :)

guinness0514 says:

still flat here in Nashville, TN :(

cherryhead25 says:

My hometown Detroit, MI has the buildings in 3d in the downtown area. Orlando, FL didn't but I don't know the downtown area very well. UCF Orlando doesn't have 3d.

Mel says:

Midtown Manhattan has 3D buildings.

Femib says:

Atlanta has 3D buildings! Too bad I live in the suburbs next to Atlanta. It would be awesome if the 3D buildings had names though...

Michael says:

Same for Minneapolis - if you zoom in enough you see them - however it does not seem current. Both the Minneapolis Central Library and the Guthrie Theater - two new large buidlings - opened two years ago - are not shown on the map.

Chris says:

Got them in Philly too....not sure if it's new or not, but I can't remember seeing them before.

mrHiDefinition says:

We still don't have 3D in Orlando but then again I haven't checked downtown yet. I'll try that and update if we do have 3D...

Senny says:

Richmond, VA doesnt have it

Go Street Maps says:

How long I wonder before major international cities get 3d?

Deb says:

Portland Oregon is in 3D until you leave the Downtown and Pearl districts. It is somewhat out of date however; my 18 story condo was built 2 years ago and it still shows the much smaller footprint of the building it replaced.

Ryan says:

This is a feature of Google Maps and is not related to any changes to the iPhone - you'll find the same images at maps.google.com.

Chaunce says:

San Diego has it as well, but only in downtown

kirk says:

St. Louis is 3d - as it also was in google earth.. So I'm guessing they are just passing that along .. Bummed that street view hasn't also passed to iPhone maps

Michael Durwin says:

Boston is in 3D. I wish there were 2-3 more levels of zoom so we could use inter-building maps. Then I could find the floor and room for a meeting, not just the street address.

Matt says:

How do you make it 3D i did it randomly and I want to actually try it now

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