More 3rd Gen iPhone Concepts: The Ultra-Thin!


Fonzman1984 sent this one our way a couple days ago, posted on a French-language website, though it's spread far and wide since (and thanks everyone else for the tips!)

Current rumors have it Apple will keep the third gen iPhone looking pretty much the same as the current iPhone 3G, but like with previous concepts, what do you think of this approach?

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Rene Ritchie

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More 3rd Gen iPhone Concepts: The Ultra-Thin!


This one I hope is real and I don't mind where the Home button is placed in this concept picture. Now I think whatever they come out with will disappointment me since I really like this look.

These look really nice, though I could see accidental pressing of the Home button being more of a problem with that placement.

I like how the screen fills the entire front. Wouldn't mind that on the next gen iPhone, but I doubt it.

Too thin for me. I want something I can use for extended periods of time with ease. I use a touch right now and of I am on it foe a while, my hands start to hurt

If you look at the very top of the phone next to the speaker theres a cam with a green light on...
Why would it have the green light on when your on google Maps?!

Ok, you guys need to admit you're spreading rumors just to spread the hype, or actually read the articles that go along with these pictures. These pictures were made by a German student for one of his design classes as a concept. Not real.

Hmm....looks a little like an Ipod Touch, no? I would expect the tech to improve to a point where a phone chipset could be put into the form factor of a Touch.

Um, it's clearly labeled as a concept, it's obviously not real. Jeez. We're just asking what you folks think of the concept. Interesting, horrible, what?

I think they should do it cuz it's the most beauiful phone I have ever seen and I would love to to have that right there. Absoulutly beauiful!

@Rene Ritchie
It fricking sucks. Do some concepts of a new ui. The sliding interface and dock sucks.

Hey guys, this is a fake. A german student mocked it up. I really like it though! I think apple should hire him!

this might be real. If you google " iPhone new bezel black" you'll get that picture of the new all black bezel. If you look closely at that bezel the earpiece is raised and the home button is removed to point of this model.

It's a gr8 design but I hope it's much more durable and stronger than the touch cus like out of 10 2nd gen itouches I see a day 6 are cracked

Don't like it... it'd have more of a heat prob, less space for stuff inside ever if they went that route, prolly more annoying to hold, easier to drop/lose....

I like this very much, event it's only a mockup. I think i will be disapointed at monday, because the new gen phone will look like the old ones :(. i wished they came up with a unibody alu case and big oled screen.

I've been following this stuff for a long time and I have to say out of all of the concepts I've seen this one is by far the best regardless of the home placement if it actually does look like this I bet that the home button wouldn't be much of a problem, it fits all of the rumors so it could b highly plauseable, I mean how thin the iPod touch 2nd gen is. Also with all the leaks and the 3.0 os releasing on Monday I wouldn't b suprised if apple released the iPhone video which is 80% chance of happening if you piece everything togther, watch what happens in the next 48 hours everybody!

Wow!!! Tommy likey... Tommy want wingy... No seriously, that is awesome in every way. It like the samsung 7000 led lcd tv had a baby. Is that a rubberrized coating??? Because those flake off over time with heat and moisture! And right now, looking at this picture.. I have both. To critique, I think the back should be a tight knit sponge texture with a black powder coat finish.

T-Mobile Netherlands listed 5 new iPhone models in it's activation system, see I told you guys, they wouldn't have this in their systems this early if they wernt releasing Monday or sumtime in the week, iPhone Video FTW, palm pre sit down n be ready to take this ass whoopin apple is about to dish out haha!

I'm betting not this year, but next. Apple no doubt have a few concepts up there sleeve. I admit this is the one I like best, so I'm hopefull.

I like the design and dont really see a prob with the home button. There has been alot of chatter about the earpiece/speaker being moved up higher on the phone suggesting a larger screen. We will finally know come monday!

I would destroy my 3G for that iPhone design. I could see the current model evolving into something like this. Very nice, sleek and sexy.

Looks like these photos may actually be the third gen Iphone. If you look at the other leaked photos that are out there you will notice the home button is not pictured in any of the photos.

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