4th Generation iPhone (3,1) Now Being Tested in San Francisco


Yup, pretty much right on schedule identifiers for iPhone 3,1 (which would be the 4th generation iPhone -- likely set to debut next summer at WWDC 2010 -- have shown up in PinchMedia analytics, which tracks device usage, this time for iBART developer Pandav. (Apple is based outside San Francisco, so a SF public transport app makes sense as a test app).

To recap, the original 2007 iPhone 2G was internally classified by Apple as 1,1, and the similar guts in the 2008 iPhone 3G (radio notwithstanding) was classified as 1,2 (a minor revision). The 2009 iPhone 3GS, with its enhanced internals, was classified as 2,1, the first major revision. If the next iPhone is showing 3,1 (and we saw this in firmware leaks back in March), it should be a similar scale hardware upgrade.

We should see some web analytics for this baby soon, and of course a slew of rumors over screen size and other hardware. Oh yeah, it's ON.

[via MacRumors]

Rene Ritchie

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Scott says:

Oh yeah. Can someone please wipe that drool off my chin? Thank you. Love the anticipation of a new iPhone.

sarbour says:

I am pretty sure that my soul will belong to Rogers long after I'll pass away... but they'll say: "He has lived happily"...

Drake says:

I'm excited now! Can they detect which carrier 3,1 is on?? That'd be sweet if they found it on Verizon. I mean- AT&T! DARN IT! Now I don't have any service. :)

duvi says:

Yessssssssssir! 3,1 indicates a real good upgrade. I can't wait.

Omari James says:

hmm, I wonder if I could put my upgrade on someone else's line on my bill lol.

zeagus says:

854x480, right Rene? ;)

KP says:

Nice to see things are on track for next year. I should be eligible for the full subsidy on this one, so all the more reason to want to upgrade!

Josel says:

Sweet, now I have a reason to stay put till next summer. See Android and Blackberry are just trying to catch up. One small step for them, a giant leap for Apple. I hope this time OS 3.1 will allow for a bit of multi-tasking, at least be able to run 2 or 3 apps if many.
iPhone will never make it to Verizon as both AT&T and VZW are migrating to LTE (GSM platform) in a year or two. It doesn't make sense to put a CDMA hardware on a platform you know is nearly terminal.

Josel says:

Sweet, now I have a reason to stay put till next summer. See Android and Blackberry are just trying to catch up. One small step for them, a giant leap for Apple. I hope this time OS 3.1 will allow for a bit of multi-tasking, at least be able to run 2 or 3 apps if not many. (corrected)

Kaiks says:

64 GB and I buy.
Can't wait for the 'BOOM Button'. Don't know what it does on the iPhone, but just after Jobs touches it, he says "BOOM..."

Carl winslow says:

Omari, I used my dads upgrade when the 3gs came out. I want to see dells offering before I get another iPhone. No multitasking or file sending abilities will be ensure I'll never buy another iPhone.

flyingember says:

Carl- I can think of three file sending options in a second. Mobile me app, drop box, email
it multitasks fine. I doesn't run multiple third party apps at once which is diifferent

Tansen says:

I REALLY hope the next iphone has a higher resolution screen, and maybe even AMOLED or OLED. I feel that that is the area that the iphone is currently lacking in. In terms of processing power and ram and OS and 3D acceleration, it is already quite competent. If it was to have dual core processors and a higher res screen, maybe a 5 MP or 8 MP camera then it would certainly be one of the most capable phones to date.

chrstphr.ross says:

looking through the newest firmware, it seems to have intructions on taking over the world....looks like we finally have out chance....
I wonder if they're considering something as worthy as the tegra chip for this one?...hmm

backcountry24 says:

I was wondering that myself

striatic says:

meanwhile, back in the real world, i keep running into more people buying droids.
in the past two weeks i've had three friends buy it, including someone wanting to develop for the platform, with one's wife wanting to buy one soon.
went out to the local coffee shop the other day and saw a couple sitting on tables.
just today, we got our car out of the shop and the technician saw my wife's 3GS and said "i've owned two iphones and just got myself a droid - it is like night and day."
i don't know what the sales figures are like, but i'm running into these things all over seattle. i've probably seen more droids out on the street in the past 2 weeks than i've seen iphones.
maybe it's just seattle, i dunno, but clearly the word is getting around about that device. i know my iPhone is superior to droid in terms of music and gaming - if you exclude pandora's inability to run in the background - but i don't care. the droid is clearly more capable in just about every other category of use and i'm definitely going to switch... unless apple knocks it out of the ball park with their next at bat.

JM says:

I take a guess that it will be a 64GB model that may support HSUPA and perhaps 1700Mhz for T-Mobile in the US. Can't see it supporting LTE (too early). Can't see it's supporting CDMA.

striatic says:

ironically, the main thing that would prevent me from switching to droid is verizon! i like being able to use the internet while on the phone with my wife, and verizon doesn't allow for that.
AT&T network speeds are extremely good wherever i go in the city, so switching to Verizon would be a step backwards.

nowadroidfan says:

Iphoners better watch out for android platform. Its gonna be the next big os. Btw I have a Motorola Droid.

icebike says:


he droid is clearly more capable in just about every other category of use and i’m definitely going to switch… unless apple knocks it out of the ball park with their next at bat.

Realistically, what level of hardware upgrade could be in the 4th Gen iPhone that is not already there?
Faster processor? Sure.
Bigger battery? Sure
Slightly bigger HD (just for Rene) screen? OK.
But beyond that, what is there left to add?
We are still waiting for Apple to LET US utilize half the hardware already in the phone. Things like sync over wifi, or bluetooth keyboard/mouse, multitasking, etc.
So I can't see any revolutionary new features that the phone would likely get, simply because there isn't any revolutionary new functionality in the pipeline.
So the next phone will be EVOLUTIONARY. Slightly better performance. Probably the same battery life. Maybe additional radio options including LTE.
Small changes, but nothing big. There is nothing big in the pipe. You would have heard about it by now.

icebike says:


[cat technitian] said “i’ve owned two iphones and just got myself a droid – it is like night and day.”

Which is Night, and Which is Day?
I'd like to know more about what he had to say.
We get the iPhone fanboys here. We get the Android Fanboys on Android central.
But the people who either own both or have switched (one way or the other) have the most interesting opinions in my view.

Jim says:

bat-ter-ry life please

Jk says:

So should I scrap the idea of buying the htc hd2 or the droid? I'm sick of the ui of the iPhone as it's been the same since it came out and I've had all 3 iPhones. I seriously need a new phone, can anyone recommend anything till the new iPhone comes out, I assume it gona have a new ui? It better have lol

jbrandonf says:

you're forgetting that even if an LTE chip is added, it would need CDMA anyway to fallback to in case of no coverage. Just like how 3G phones include Edge and GPRS chips. So unless Verizon had a roaming agreement to fallback on att's network it would need a CDMA chip inside.

desjones4ever says:

Not even thinking about the new hardware. IPhone needs software upgrades. Major ones, don't get me wrong it gets the job done but it really needs to be freshened up. When is a software upgade coming up is the real question.

killakow says:

Yeah I'm looking forward for a software update more so than hardware. I have a jailbroken 3GS and it's capable of multitasking 2-3 apps at a time no prob so I can't see why apple can't do something about that. Also things like being able to reply to a text while in an app, customizable themes/wallpapers, search in SMS, better/more SMS/email/Ring tones(they have been the same since gen 1), better push notification handling because right now it just plain sucks. I think they really need to make it more customizable. The only difference between your iphone (non-jailbroken) and someone elses is the apps they have.
My wish on the hardware end is better battery life and LOUDER SPEAKERS! I hate it how I can't even hear someone on speakerphone. It's too quiet.
You can't blame apple for this at all. They are the best marketers in the world. If they did all these changes at once, there would be no room for improvment and no reason to upgrade.

Ryan says:

I know I am going to be so angry I jumped on the 3gs when this shows up in summer

tworth23 says:

Outstanding!!!!! Can't wait till iPhone 4g. They really need to step up the software upgrades. Bring on the rumors!!

Raul Saldivar says:

If getting the ability to customize your phone/home screen was allowed, I would be happy!

YourMobileGuru says:

yawn more of the same. Slight hardware Upgrades that apple will never actually let us fully utilize becaus stevo wants all iPhones to be the same and he knows that if he gives us multitasking it will show us how poor the hardware really is.
Oh and for the gsm fanboys the iPhone that apple released in china was on a CDMA200 network so a CDMA iPhone already exists.

striatic says:

@IceBike "Which is Night, and Which is Day?
I’d like to know more about what he had to say."
he loved his Droid way more than either of the two iphones he previously owned.
the caveat here is that i'm assuming the two previous iphones he owned were the 1st generation and the 3G, and that he'd never owned a 3GS.
that said, i own a 3G and my wife owns a 3GS and while it is much faster than my device, i wouldn't describe the overall experience as night and day. i've played with a droid and i would say the difference is night and day better than the 3G, and merely "better" than the 3GS.
i think the situation is, or is rapidly becoming, that the Droid and 3GS are roughly at par, with differing strengths.
the 3GS has better media and gaming capabilities than the droid. it also has a lot of "very niche" but "very nifty" apps that the Droid does not. yet. Most everything else, from navigation to messaging, to search and browse, the Droid seems to do better.
for some people the Droid is going to fit better, and for others the 3GS will. there are a lot of people out there who don't care about games, or having headphones in their ears all day, and the Droid is going to be the better phone for them...
...unless they are really, really unsavvy with technology. then the iphone is better, since it is easier to learn and use.

Chobbs1 says:

Been waiting for the rumors to start!!

Alex says:

I'm psyched for iPhone OS 4! if apple showcases their work in march like they did last year that would keep me really excited for the next generation. And a multicore processor might be too much to ask, but at least a bigger, STUNNING display. =] please?...

Dragonfly says:

I cant help but feel that I'm gonna be let down come June/July next year, hopefully Apple prove me wrong. Apple need to change the rules of the game again, like they did with the 1st iPhone (Ok, well maybe thats a bit too much to ask). Well for starters it needs...
A better notification system a la WEBOS or Android, the one on the iPhone right now is utter trash!
Multitasking, Multiflow from Cydia works pretty well, imagine that with Apple's level of polish... nice.
iChat, messenger for iphone users, plus all the other IM's.
Better screen
Louder speakers
Longer battery
Better camera with flash for goodness sake!
UI refresh
An inbuilt spell checker would be nice.
Let us chose our own ringtones!
Bluetooth file sharing support.
Goodness this list could go on forever, just shows how much room the iPhone has for improvement.

Tom says:

Speaker phone like the BB8700!!!!

Limegrntaln says:

Tim that's WCDMA. which is a version of UMTS.
Bring on the new iPhone. 

Josel says:

I thought the Big Red turtle will completely switch to GSM along with their LTE. Thanks for the info. I realized it's going to cost them jillion dollars to switch platform. And you still need a fallback like EDGE.
Its a big irony though, VZW's parent Vodaphone would have their subscribers roam on AT&T or T-Mobile instead of their very own for the lack of commonality.
On 4th gen iPhone, i wish apple would add Flash support.

Dean wys says:

Please apple get these things onto mulie carriers ! It's a move that would benefit everyone actually including AT&T as well since it would relieve their already strained and stained network. Who knows maybe AT&T will stop dumping money on luke Wilson and put it into fixn the dropped NYC calls.

Alan Absalon says:

I hope that the iphone 4G will have adobe flash, multitasking, camera flash and the things that Dragonfly said.
Do you think there will be an iphone 4G 128gb?
I am predicting that this will be the Iphone lineup and prices for 2010:
3GS 16GB $99
4G 32GB $199
4G 64GB $299
4G 128 GB $399

Josel says:

@Dean wys
Other carriers will likely suffer the same fate as AT&T for a data-guzzling device such as iPhone and perhaps even worse for the lack of speed (coverage is another thing though). VZW's sluggish 3G will just frustrate would-be users if granting the device will also reach their stable. Trust me, I've been with VZW. I'm not coming back for the coverage alone. I need speed, speed, speed. Speed is all that matters to me, when I want it, I want it instantly and I don't want a mere call to disrupt a streaming data.

SpiceRak2 says:

@ icebike
Would you consider video chat to be new tech in the mobile industry? That's the only revolutionary thing I can think of. ( I doubt Apple is thinking of it, though.)

B3gin says:

I've played with the droid ( was thinkin of making a switch to save $ by joining a family plan) But I just wasn't very happy with some of what I saw (it was only a small amount of time so I know I need to give it more of a chance) I played a a video - looked awful compared to my 3gs. Browser- which is very important to me came across as inferior to the iPhone's. I do like the multi-tasking, notifications,& customizing. Keyboard was no good for my large hands and I love the iPhone on screen keyboard( I know not all do but I have got very good with it). So I hope the iPhone adds the things I liked about the Droid. Which is more software than anything. Plus I would like a larger HD screen. Hell I kind of want a screen like the LG BL40 in size/length. But thats just me I'll gladly carry a 5" long screen phone:)

  • side note isn't there going to be and update to 3.2 before than? I have not heard much on that in a while but I was hearing that it was do out around this time??
Chris says:

Oh 911 911 the new iPhone should let us watch HD YouTube videos without WIFI just with 3G would be good. I'm going to send apple a letter. Saying that I want 2 watch HD YouTube videos on 3G plz apple!!!!

JoeDN says:

I wonder wich letter will have this time...and how much this letter will cost?

Jon says:

This is welcome news, although not unexpected. I just hope my first gen iPhone will make it to next summer!

JoeDN says:

I'm going to admit it, I read the article for 2 things: 1. I'm a graphic designer and I love apple and how they are always innovating, 2. To see is there is any possibilities of a true change and innovation on this new rumored Iphone that makes me say:"ok I surrender my beloved android"
But there is also two things that prevent me to get an Iphone: 1. A slightly update of the phone OS (i'm not talking about hardware) like to take video or do copy paste involves extend the contract with the carrier if I don't want to pay the retail price of the phone. 2. The lack of a customizable OS, like somebody comment already, the diference between two Iphones are the apps downloaded. 3. (ok there's a third) AT&T.
Until these 3 things I can surrender my android because of the capacity of this OS to evolve and the posibility to run upgraded versions of this OS in my old hardaware without somebody putting a letter to it and then telling me that if I want this slighthly changes I have to extend the carrier contract to avoid spend 399$ for the phone.
For example I run Eclair 2.0 (the real name of the OS Version Droid have, Droid is the commercial name of the hardware) in my old G1 (the pioneer of the androids). And how much it cost me? A simple donation to the developer. No carrier contract extension.
This makes me wonder if somebody have the first Iphone runing with the upgraded OS version of the Iphone 3GS? And to clarfy, this is not a satirical question, trully I want to know.

zeagus says:

"Most everything else, from navigation to messaging, to search and browse, the Droid seems to do better."
Navigation, yes, but that's comingtoniphone soon. Search? About the same. Browse? The DROID is inferior right now - ask anyone who has spent time with it. Getting close, though. Android's notifications are killer. I predict we may see some combination of a wvga screen, 32/64GB as the capacity, slight ram bump, similar speed dual core CPU or bump to 800mhz - some but not all of these. Software may bring some form of "folder" concept/stacks and limited multitasking on 4G and 3GS only with 4G allowed more multitasking due to slight battery bump. Fingers crossed.

iphoneduke says:

droolingggg iPhone HD anyone?

tworth23 says:

@RENEE RITCHIE, Please post new comments on top so we don't have to scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the newest comments. That's too time consuming. Thanks.

B3gin says:

@joeDN no one is buying new iPhones just to update their iPhone OS I have friends with the first gen iPhone running the current iPhone software 3.2.1. So I'm not sure other than the AT&T thing that you have the first qlue as to how things work with the iPhone update system. Because of you did you would see that it is the same In concept as androids just diff. Names and iTunes. But no one as to buy new hardware to get the updates. I cut and paste and ect... On my 3gs and my 1st gen iPod touch. So....??.??....

Dennis says:

I'm curious to see how Apple is going to handle having four generations of hardware out there at the same time. From what little I know, it seems like the next iPhone could blow the iPhone 3G's hardware out of the water, and that that alone would support added functionality to the iPhone: faster browsing, HD video content, multi-tasking. But that would definitely leave the iPhone 3G behind.
I also would like to know what it is about Droid that is appealing to the citizenry of Seattle.

Art says:

I Wonder what the form factor will be?...

Jose says:

I think they should change the black case also have a veriety of colors. Also double camera one in the front for video chat. Also an iPhone messenger, maybe faster processor, probably HD screen as well as HD camera, maybe some type of flash feature. Fixs some bugs.. Much stronger battery. I have the 3GS and I love my phone. Never see my self downgrading to Verzion. Apple should come out with a phone every two years because some people probably just got the new phone and want to get the new iPhone wen it comes out. Maybe Apple should work with AT&T and wen a new iPhone comes out the contract should be partialy waved to get the new phone. Partialy meaning if your are in a new contract you should be able to buy the new phone at a discounted price not the full price. I think the contract stuff should be fixed.

Helmacc says:

Droid in a year = palm pre now!

commenter says:

I think Apple is starting to have a problem. How is the new iPhone going to have HD and a much higher resolution screen without messing up all the apps built specifically for a 480 by 320 screen? It is ironic that Apple has the same problem with the iPhone that Microsoft has with windows: how to add new features without causing everybody to go crazy when their old hardware is too outdated.
To make significant changes, the iPhone OS 4 is going to have to break compatibility with at least (if not all) older models.

Josel says:

How about an infinity screen, as in infinity pool? Move the earpiece to the top and the homescreen button to the side, as in how the speakers are position in the bottom , to make an all screen front.

tworth23 says:

@ josel, yes they should extend the screen to cover the whole top surface. Move the earpiece up and make the home button smaller and move it down.

Helmacc says:

I'm currious as to what you all mean by HD screen. Cause I really don't think you understand the meaning of high definition too well. How is a tiny display like that supposed to sport 720p is beyond me. Even 720x480 is going extreme when the naked eye will not really notice the increase in pixels.
Jobs need to jus ad more power and give us better battery life if you asked me. Make it so I can play Modern Warfare 2 on my iPhone identical to how it is on 360.

zeagus says:

There's always someone ready to come along and tell me I won't notice the difference between resolution X and resolution Y or X FPS and Y FPS and it's just not true. Go look at the DROID's screen (or the HD2) and the iPhone's screen side by side. The DROID (and HD2) is WVGA which is beyond 720p and you WILL notice the difference. It is noticeable as is the higher pixel density.

Andrew says:

IPhone!!! IPhone!! My first love!! Watch as it blooms like a rose and absolutely destroys every other phone out there! Omnia, droid, pre, storm2, nokia, Even the Iphone 3GS won't stand a chance! I expect something big from apple this year! Thanks to Droid and Verizon! Watch as Apple and AT&T rub it in thier faces and extend their contract until 2013 when LTE will be wide spread!!

Helmacc says:

@ zegus
Since when is 480x853(Droid) BEYOND 720x1280???(HD)
Like I said earlier, you guys like to come and post stuff you have no clue about. Thanks for proving me right in a matter of minutes!

Rene Ritchie says:

It's my understanding 480p is regretfully considered "HD" since it's "higher" than 480i SD.
480p would be fine for the iPhone screen. Output to 720p would be great via external HDMI cable :)

aeglenzer says:

Yes I will be one of the first ones in line in June or July for the new iPhone ! I am a newbee to iPhone going from the 3g to the 3hs in less than a month this last summer ! Why , because I was able to figure everything out and it has made my life in business more productive with a small learning curve ! That's what makes this smart phone the best out there for non tech savy people like myself whojustvwant to pick up the iPhone and put it to work and yes have some fun with it as well !!! The anticipation to see what comes next makes it all the more fun for me ! Yes now a fan boy for life

Alex says:

I'm expecting something huge. Game-changing. It'll look different, feel different and think different. I'll be in line in august when I'm up for an upgrade. =]

arthur says:

well i hope its not the same looking barely different features iphone like the last three looking the same dont improved much and always the same lame. hopefully this time it will be a different looking device and what can do more maybe mulitasking with 3rd party apps and stuff would be nice and maybe a battery u actually can take out and put a different in it. otherwise if apple doesnt change much it will be lame always the same IPHONE.

BK says:

Add a LED light for notification of missed calls, sms, email, etc. like a blakbeerry and I'm in

RL says:

Look for a WiMax version iPhone on Sprint by July.

zeagus says:

Sorry, lack of sleep - read 720p and and brain thought 480p. Unfortunate timing, but I do actually know the difference as I've been a gaming and home theater geek for many moons.

zeagus says:

In any case, yes,720p at that pixel density would be a stretch, but WVGA would be a nice bump (and yes, people often refer to that reso in combination with 720P output capability as an HD iPhone).
P.S., you referred to the DROID as having an 853x480 screen, which is incorrect, so I guess that proves that you have no idea what you are talking about! ;)

tworth23 says:

@Rene Ritchie, I know you read these posts. Please post all new comments up top, so we don't have to scroll down to see new. YES I KNOW THIS IS OFF TOPIC!!!!

Jimbo says:

The 3g was a MAJOR jump from the 2g. 3gs is just a little faster. These theories are flawed from the start.

Helmacc says:

@ zeagus,
Most places have the droid resolution at 854x480 but in reality it is 853x480 cause 16:9 screen ratio equals that resolution number. Seems like you haven't learn anything from being a videogame/home theater junky : )
I was correct the first time and once again, you were wrong! Lol

zeagus says:

I was being facetious in an attempt to be friendly, but as you know everything and no one is allowed to make mistakes after being sleep deprived, I humbly beg your beneficent apology! I fully realize that when talking NTSC DVD playback and re-encoding using things like avisynth that 853x480 is considered the target. Motorola lists the physical screen as being 854x480, so... WVGA is an imprecise term anyway when used on mobiles as its been applied to things at 800x480, 848x480 and 854x480. In any case, there is an old saying: you can attract more flies with honey than you can by being a fscking douchebag.

zeagus says:

Oops, left off the LOL ;).

Big Pimpin says:

Here's the real deal: 77 posts of "wants" that won't amount to a beans because no matter what Apple releases next summer, all you DROIDS will rush out and buy it. As long as Apple can move 10 million units a year, do you think they care?? Sure it won't do this and that, but I have to have one!! What we have here is a weak phone that has been carried by the app store. It's coolness is wearing off and it's usefulness, or lack of, is starting to show. Also, to constantly compare the the Droid to the 3GS is not entirely fair. Apple has had 3 years to work out the bugs, and get the app store up and running. Wnat to be fair?? Compare it to the FIRST gen iPhone. It will smoke it. Apple used to be all alone on the smartphone highway. Now, we have Storms, Droids, and who knows what else, out there. Granted, they are in the rear view mirror for now, but if the new iphone is not ALL NEW, like going from the first gen to a 3GS, then we may be chasing those phones. But, all they have to do is add a third color, and sell 10 million more. And we can keep reading on here about all the things you people wish it did. It is so simple: All you complainers ARE THE PROBLEM. Stop buying the new (tweeked) phones, and see how fast Apple comes around.

John O. McCoy says:
  1. It seems to me that a lot of people want things on the iPhone that are already available if the OS upgrades have been installed, or by downloading a few apps.
  2. Things that Apple can add include, more multitasking, much more memory, 1 gig mhz, better camera, improvement of copy/paste, a projector to put up a window on a white wall or screen, 3D pics and movies (show these to the children of people who bought something other than an iPhone), sophisticated incorporation of voice recognition not only for running the OS, but for dictation into email and a simple word processor, and built in audio language translation.
  3. The authors of books telling us what Apple didn't tell us about the iPhone should offer said books as apps ($3.99), and provide detailed updates ($0.99) every month or as needed (including reviews and instructions for using new apps and how to minimize your payments to AT&T) to purchasers of the "book." Of course, the "book" and updates would include video clips demonstrating everything. Maybe the upgrades should cost $1.99, and maybe the books could have clearly delineated advertising that is relevant to the educational nature of the books.
  4. Maybe Apple could buy AT&T, fire most of the executives and all of the other employees who could not learn manners, replace them with Apple trained people, and introduce $50 a month unlimited domestic service to all iPhone users. Let Vonage handle the overseas calls, with Apple getting a cut.

I still use an original iPhone and am waiting to see what happens when AT&T's contract runs out. If we get voip apps that allow us to make very low cost or free domestic calls via wifi, an iPod Touch might be a nice replacement. I don't like any of the wireless providers.

Derek says:

Well, I had a Droid, but took it back and went back to my old 2G IPhone. Android is horrible. Buggy, quirky, like its still in Beta form. Now, hardware wise, the Droid is a very capable phone, the screen is beautiful, and the verizon network is great. But I couldnt stand Android at all. The quality of apps in their marketplace is horrible. Stupid apps with 1998 graphics cost money there, while beautiful apps in itunes are free. Thats the biggest difference to me, Android requires you to code in java and iphone is Obj-C. Iphone wins hands down right there.

Hypocentre says:

I think everyone is asking too much out of the 4th gen phone. The 3gs is fine. If you want more, get a netbook.
Its just a friggin phone man!

Scott J says:

I read some many terrible posts. People getting nasty and upset. If you like the droid, buy it. If you like the iphone, buy that.
I am not an apple person, never have been. I have had the 1st gen and now the 3gs versions of the iphone. I love the phone but it also shows me why I would never want to own an apple computer. They keep everything to tightly controlled for my taste.
I noticed many people complaining about the iphone showing weakness in some areas and not being able to do everything. Your right but do you all remember what a smartphone was just a couple years ago. HTC tilt was what I had. What a frustrating piece of junk. Remember having to use a stylus. ouch.
I can pick up my iphone and in just seconds I can check my email, check my bank account, start a game, listen to music, watch a movie, get on the internet (damn flash) or take picture, shoot a movie, or even making a phone call. I remember how hard it was just to make a phone call on my tilt while driving. Talk about taking your life in your own hands.
Yes everyone wants it to do more, so do I, but forgetting what we had to deal with before the iphone is quickly being forgotten. If Apple didnt come into this field we would still be using windows mobile and a stylus.
I'm sorry but even if the iphone stopped where it was now, it is an extremely versatile piece of hardware and its fun and easy to use.

Avery Burns says:

okay i have iphone 3g and i was gunnah get 3gs for christmas but i failed spanish.my mom said i could get the 3gs once my grade goes up (probably somewhere in late january) or i could wait for the 4g (release date unknown). i like to have new phones so software and hardware updates would not matter to me unless they are substantial.i would however like to see the camera on the front and the ability to multitask (run myspace app in backgroung, etc.) do you guys think i should keep my 3g and wait for the 4g, or get the 3gs and hope that theres not a noticeable difference?
A Ninth-Grader

Mike D says:

Wait for the 4th gen Iphone. But still get your grades up!

PayPal Money says:

All I would like out of the new iPhone would be a removable battery, new design, and customizations on it by the user.

Simon says:

OMG! The iphone is sooooooooooo overrated! Get real people!