Do you want a 64GB iPhone?

Do you want a 64GB iPhone?

MIC Gadget, the folks who brought you the Steve Jobs action figure, have gotten their hands on what might have been a 64GB iPhone 4 prototype leaked from the factories of Foxconn. Whether or not Apple was testing a 64GB iPhone 4 for potential release and whether or not they'll provide a 64GB option for iPhone 5 this summer is unknown.

Would you want it?

[MIC Gadget via 9to5Mac]

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Reader comments

Do you want a 64GB iPhone?


(my first response had a somewhat more emotive expletive but I guess was filtered out. Needless to say, I want 64gb!)

Hell Yes!!! With the additional storing capacity I would download a bunch of movies on my iPhone 4 versus using DropBox.

Yes I WANT ONE BAD... I supposed they havent made one yet because of the loss of speed due to the proccessor but the A5 should solve all that...

I've actually been waiting to upgrade my iPhone 3GS, 32 GB of course, until a 64 GB iPhone model arrives.

I would love one. I thought it was gonna be a given withthe iPhone 5. But after seeing Apple not increase the iPad 2 to 128GB I'm afraid it might not happen. I have less then a GB left on my 32GB iPhone 4. I need more space.

If they made the iPhone 64gb, the iPod would have 128. It's got 2x32gb chips in it now to make it 64gb. This would however piss off the iPad 2 owners. That's why I don't think it would happen.

16 or 32 is plenty right now unless you want to have a ton of video on your device. I would hope that future iPhones would be more cloud focused and we would have less and less need to store tons of info on our phones.

but if you've got over 100gb's how are you gonna store that in the cloud? for free? i doubt it. so i bet lots would rather not have to pay and just pay for it n the device local. plus you'd be dependant on a connection to play your music if its all in the cloud. plus if it's recording in 1080p someday you can provide less compression, and better image with more storage.

See, I hate this talk of storing your stuff on the cloud. I live in NYC and commute daily on the subways. No cloud access there. My iPhone's iPod app would essentially be rendered useless.
Everyone also complains about AT&T's spotty 3G in New York as well. I'm sure it's similar in all the major cities across the country. Until coverage is solid as a rock with no dead zones, I like having my media on my device.

Honestly, no. Mostly because of all the streaming services available and online content. I don't want to see them NOT offer it, but if it was between a feature and this, I'd take the feature.

Absolutely. I was upset that there was no 64 gb iPhone 4. Going from my 80gb iPod video to my iPhone wasn't fun. I have no movies and I need to regularly wipe apps. Cloud media isn't really a reasonable solution either now because of data caps.

Question: When people talk about cloud based storage... That means you need internet connection to access music and files ? What about when you want to use your iphone in places where there is no coverage? No more music of files right away? Please someone explain that cloud thing to me please please please ! Thank you

I don't think I could say yes fast enough or loud enough. 64 gb would be the complete ideal perfect iPhone for me. Please release a 64gb in iPhone 4 form factor for Verizon....pleeeeeeease

I had filled up 70GB of my 120GB iPod by the time I got my 32GB 3GS, but I usually manage to keep two gigabytes or so free on my phone. I keep all my 25GB of music on there (I'd hate swapping music on and off it), but I mostly use Air Video or Netflix for watching videos, and delete large games when I finish them. I used to think 32GB would really hold me back but now I don't think I'd spend the extra $100 to get a 64GB if I had the option.

As a composer I like having my music collection with me, currently it wont even fit on a iPod Classic :( but this will help.
Yes, I most definitely want 64gb iPhone and 128gb iPad.

Two problems with that phone
A: no metal camera ring on the back housing
B: on the left hand side of the logic board, above where the bottom assembly plugs in, there isn't a water indicator.

It is from the same pre-release vintage as the 'stolen' iPhone 4 Gizmodo acquired. View the comparisons at the source link.

U know u can make ur iPhone or iPod look like it has 64gb by installing fake about screen... I think this video of the iPhone us fake they just installed a fake back that says XXGB

I barely get over 16GB so no what I need is a way store music videos and apps on the cloud because I like to have accuse to all my content all the time but accuse about 70% of it from the cloud like maybe a stream

1000 times YES YES YES!!!. I"m sold right now. I've got way more music then any iphone can hold and i really want the space when i buy one. i got about 150 GB of music. And i'd love to not have to delete stuff all the time. There's no way i'm uploading 150GB either. And that's just the music. i got 1.5 terabytes of video and growing. Plus this much would give me room for some apps too.

I think thats a resounding yes, me personally I have to have it, since I get so many digital copies from blu-ray movies. Not to mention pictures, music, and anything else I can load on my precious iPhone.

I believe this to be a fake phone. The money and receipts on the counter say China to me, and having been to the Silk Market and other "markets" they make unbelievably great fakes. I hope I am wrong though.

No. I've never had more than 8GB on any of my iPhones. I have better things to do than waste my entire life on a gadget. :roll:

I only have the 16GB versions of iPhone 4 and iPad, so I wouldn't need that much capacity but it looks like I'm in the minority here.

I was really perplexed and annoyed that they weren't able to release a 64GB iPhone 4 back when it came out. I was already struggling to fit everything into 32GB on my 3GS. I don't even own that much music (22GB), and I'm not able to get my whole library on there. I have most of my music, ONE movie, a few dozen photos, a couple books, some audio podcasts, and my most needed apps, and I'm filled to the brim. I was really disappointed.

I have 475 songs 5 movies 530 pics and 19 videos. And I only have 22gb filled. And that's with an iPhone 4. Where 45-60 second videos are 30-40mb a piece.

There's no point. With cloud storage; ie ME, dropbox, googledocs, etc and video servers; ie airvideo, netfix, etc. There is no need for large memory on your device. I only load video on my phone now when I have to travel by air.

A 64GB iPhone would be awesome for everyone. This way we could have 16/32/64 options. HD takes up lots of space and streaming/cloud storage is not a solution nor is it 100% reliable and it will never be. Choice is good.

Add me to the chorus! Want 64 GB. Heck, even 128 GB.
A cloud storage future is nothing but a dream that will be smashed to pieces by carrier service costs and bandwidth caps. Even free WiFi is throttled down to uselessness.

Not for $400. Seriously though Apple could put the ax to Android by offering more than any Android phone could hold (currently)

I actually went from 32GB down to 16GB for my iPhone 4. Full backups were getting horrible, and I really haven't missed the space. If MobileMe goes the way people are predicting, you shouldn't need to carry your entire library with you all the time.

It bears repeating on this. Cloud storage and streaming is a non-starter for a large chunk of "iPod" type users. Maybe great for people who don't need more than a few tens of MB, but if you use GB of media stuff, you can't use such services.
Current plans are around $15 for 250 MB, $20 for 1 GB, $25 for 2 GB, $35 for 3 GB and so forth. Just do the math on the streaming, and the storage.
If I move to a 960x640 screen, I'm re-ripping my DVDs to basically native DVD resolution. This doubles file sizes, ~1GB for 2 hrs (or ~20 MB per minute). Then, I definitely would be re-ripping my CDs to lossless (if and when Apple offers lossless audio). This is ~10 MB per minute.
And if I actually buy 720p movies, that'll be about 1-8 GB depending on bitrates. That's another factor of 10 essentially.
How can this work through carrier services? How can it possibly work? Fine, I use 256 kb music. What's that? 1 MB per minute. If you like to listen to music or podcasts (like iPad live and iPhone live!), and average about 10 hrs a week. Some quick math: 60104 = 2.6 GB!
How could cloud storage and streaming possibly work in our current environment where wireless data is so expensive? This is a problem where it'll get worse, not better over time. Smartphone adoption, wireless data device adoption is moving much faster than wireless capacity increases. Way faster.
And spectrum is a finite resource.
It's a rather pessimistic thought, as to make this work, companies will be decreasing quality to get inside these boxes. Everything is going to be rock-bottom low bit-rate quality, and cloud storage will only be used for documents, office type documents.

I would love a 64 gb phone. It would be irrelevant though if we could get unlimited data plans from the carriers at a reasonable cost. I have stopped trying to carry my videos on my iPhone for the lack of space.

Definitely do want.
With DVD rips from handbrake at a quality I find acceptable topping out at 2gb a piece, and the HD video recording sucking up space, and games getting bigger and bigger my 32gb iPhone could definitely do with doubling.
The Cloud is all very well, but I want to have my stuff with me when I need it, not be reliant on bandwidth availability and network coverage.

Not sure if I'd wanna cough up an extra 100 bucks for it but I'm sitting at 1.6 gb's left on my 3GS and that's without an hd camera

I have the 16GB iPhone 4 and would like the baseline model to be 32GB @$200 w/ contract. I'm excited about the cloud with iTunes potententially being able to access music over 3G (in 4.3 its over wifi) but that will take data usage. This might eat up data quite fast if one will only stream their iTunes over a 3G (4G in future) cloud. So I'd like to have a larger storage for my music/videos to avoid data usage.

i would love a 64 or 128 now please. with an HD movie camera built in space gets eaten up v quickly and it's nice to carry a lot of photos around. better stil apple - build in an SD card slot ffs.

What is it they say in the world of RAM and HDD space... bigger is always better? Well, anywho... I'd always welcome more HDD space even if I never used all of it. Just nice knowing it'd be there I guess. Just wait till they break through with the technology to be asking, "Would you like us to put a terabyte HDD in your iPhone?

Yes, definitely want at least 64GB. I have to continuously juggle the files (including video) on my 32GB iPhone.

If we finally got microSD support, this wouldn't be an issue. It would be a whole lot cheaper for the consumers to expand memory too.

64gb at least. I have over 600 apps on the phone, many podcasts, full res dslr photos, and the results of buy CDs for 20 years. I can't even think of shoehorning in a video, let alone two. In fact, give 128gb I'd probably fill it to capacity.
Of course, this begs the question. How many days will it take to restore from backup?

64 gb iphone? Yeah, I want it. However, it's only because I would put about 50 audio books and a zillion podcasts on it. As a result, my sound takes up more memory. If only I listened to music like a regular person, then 8 gb would do me just fine I bet.