Airlock: Lock Your Mac with Your iPhone or iPod touch via Bluetooth


If you own either an iPhone or iPod touch along with a Mac computer then Airlock may just be the security OS X application you've been looking for. For only $7.77 you can have a very effective lock for your Mac computer with just your iPhone or iPod touch.

How does Airlock work? It's pretty simple, the program determines when you are near your computer. If you leave your computer's Bluetooth reach with your iPhone or iPod touch, your computer locks itself. As soon as you are back within Bluetooth range it unlocks your computer. If your iPhone/iPod touch is in a place that is out of range and you need access to your computer, simply set Airlock up to allow for your user name and password to gain access.

If any of you give Airlock a try let us know how you like it!

[via Gizmodo via Unplggd]


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There are 18 comments. Add yours.

chrstphr.ross says:

8 bucks? no thanks...i'll just throw my mac to screen saver so it locks on it's own.

Patrick says:

I'm with you have to have the battery draining bluetooth on all the time.

Rene Ritchie says:

Almost got this until I saw a warning that it didn't work with BT mice and keyboards. :(

Dennis F Potten says:

I purchased Airlock only to find that it doesn't work properly with bluetooth based wireless keyboards nor wireless mice. It turns off bluetooth when activated and is a real challenge to deactivate without the aid of a keyboard or mouse. I brought this problem to the attention of Airlock's owners and they refunded my money which was very nice of them and good business. I hope future versions fix this problem because I find the concept very appealing, even at $7+.

Derek Buttineau says:

I've been using Proximity (free) and DeskShade to have my machine auto unlock/lock based on the proximity of my phone. While that works well Airlock has the advantage of being able to hone in the distance away before the actions take place (i.e. more sensitive). Both Proximity and Airlock can be squirrely at times (like thinking you're away from your computer when you're not), but it's nice to be able to walk up to the computer, sit down and have customizable actions fire when you go to or from your computer.

Marksy says:

Does it work with windows XP?

Jumal says:

Sory Marksy it doesn't work on Windows..
@chrstphr.ross: Good for you.. but do you know that you can also run other apps upon geting in or out the proximity range?..
The guys at want's to use the Airlock as a Wife proximity detector, so they can stop flirting online when the Wife is in proximity. LOL what a perve

icebike says:

This is really funny. Linux has this already and its free.
Works with just about any bluetooth enabled computer, because it doesn't actually have to connect to the phone at all, just sense its presence.

kbduvall says:

It's nice to see people innovating to create practical solutions for every day needs. This particular execution may not be perfect but it's still refreshing to see something like this instead of another fart app.

61Butte says:

Overpriced and doesn't work on my setup.
Why? Dunno.
For $8, it better work, and it didn't.
Cute, but no thanks.

PJ says:

When did $8 become too much to pay for a nice app? That's a pack of smokes or a couple of starbucks lattes or a few gallons of gas or a glass of bourbon at the bar. People need some perspective.

Aaron says:

certainly a noble effort and amazingly beautiful interface, but the raw functionality of the underlying engine was so buggy, slow, and unreliable that I had to uninstall this from my machines.
best of luck getting this working. here were my problems:
1) didn't reliably recognize iPhone
2) would auto-lock unpredictably
3) wouldn't unlock regularly
4) wouldn't accept keyboard (non-bluetooth keyboard, hard wired and built-in keyboard, no results)
5) extreme slowness caused by app

Matthew Laurie says:

Wow, discovered your post on Ask.Glad I finally tested it out. Not sure if its my Opera browser,but sometimes when I visit your site, the fonts are really small? Anyway, love your site and will return.Bye

Wilber Majerowski says:

I found your post comments while searching Google. Very relevant especially as this is not an issue which a lot of peaople are conversant with….

Lee says:

I think the only place I could use this is on a long distance train with few stops, locked doors & 'awfully trustworthy looking people' nearby. In all other places I just wouldn't leave a laptop sitting there.
It's a nice conversation piece, but there are already password lock options for screen or sleep.

Matt B says:

Buyer beware. I used Airlock and the application would sometimes not recognize my phone instantly. I would enter my password to unlock the machine. Unfortunately in doing this it disables the screensaver completely! Left the office for the weekend and the screensaver never activated causing the image I had up to be burned into my LCD.
Bad product and I would not recommend it.

slider2000 says:

An new Version of Airlock is available under