Akamai Network Ready to Stream HD to iPhone


Huge internet content backbone Akamai is introducing their new on-demand, streaming HD Network, along with support for... the iPhone. Says Macworld:

Akamai worked with Apple to make HD Network video run on the iPhone using the standard H.264 format. The iPhone 3.0 software upgrade, introduced in June, added support for live video. Content providers can use the HD Network to deliver programs for the iPhone through the Safari Web browser or an application offered on the App Store. The videos can play on the phone’s video player, as YouTube videos do now.

We've heard about iPhone 3.0's HTTP Live Streaming capabilities before, and if this uptake is real, we're getting increasingly excited about our iPhone media future...

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Akamai Network Ready to Stream HD to iPhone


This is misleading. Akamai's system may be called "HD Network" and it may work with the iPhone, but any video played on an iPhone will not be in high definition.

as more time passes, the more i am disappointed with att. At first when I made the transition from vz to att with the launch of the 3g it wasn't terrible, i thought it was fine. Now that i have the 3gs I feel the short comings. Dropped calls, bad data speeds, along with a slew service issues. I am have become jaded, and the thought of keeping att for another 2 years is really frustrating.

I love the people that bi**ch and cry about AT&T. If you don't like them leave. Just because you have dropped calls and bad service in your AREA doesn't mean everyone in the U.S. does. Do you think that if the iphone were on sprint or verizon they wouldn't have the same problems if not worse than AT&T? If you think they will not have problems your a fool. And I am not a AT&T fanboy by any means i'm just stating the obvious.I live in upstate N.Y. and being with AT&T for many years now. I have had less if not any problems with AT&T then I did when I was with sprint or verizon. Sprint being the worst.

Couldn't agree with you more.
It's one thing for people to air grievances about AT&T, and yes, maybe it's not good in some areas, but don't tell me that it's bad everywhere, because it's not! I have great service with AT&T and almost never have problems. People shouldn't act like they represent everyone out there with an iPhone on AT&T.

The term "HD" is pretty widely used, but doesn't really mean anything in this case. I know that a TV isn't considered HD unless it is 720p, but that's typically on a 37 - 42 inch screen. We're talking about a 4" screen on the iPhone so pixels per square inch really should considered rather than resolution.

Yeah, i think Macboy is right... Not all U.S. have problems with AT&T's network, I think is just half of it. That's just a few million customers, why cry right? I mean what a best way to get a better service than to pay a lot and then shut up and not say anything when AT&T doesn't deliver what you paid for.
By the way many networks around the world have a big percentage of iPhones on their network and are still able to deliver good 3G services.

I'm able to download HD videos directly from my iPhone's iTunes store right now it looks a lot better than standard definition but I still can't sync HD videos from iTunes itself.

If they converted the videos properly the iPhone actually could play 1080p videos perfectly.. But I highly doubt that's what is being implied here.

What's wrong can't handle the truth. I bet your one of these same cry baby's. If the network is so bad beat it. Just like the morons that said "welcome iphone to 2003" when it was finally able to do MMS this year. The funny thing is its the same idiots that said "my dumb phone from 4 years ago could do MMS and the iphone can't". Ya see it's not the iphone that's was behind by not doing MMS it's the other phones that can't do e-mail. The first e-mail was sent out in 1961. The first MMS 2002. Who was behind again?

@ Joe mcg
exactly!!! Pixels per sqaure inch. Someone due the math 1920x1080 on a 52-65 screen, 1280x720 on 32-42 screen versus 320x240?? on a 3-4screen. Sounds HD to me. Plus my slingbox feed from my directv hddvr on a HD channel looks just as clear as it does on my 52 LG scarlet. Plus the iPhone screen has pretty good color saturation as compared to OTHER LCD screen phones. IMHO.

@Macboy15, don't be such an ass. I have been doing email on phones, both dumb and smart, since 2001. I have colleagues who were doing the same 2 years earlier.
The iPhone is a lovely little mobile tablet computer. I have a 3gs that I use everyday as my private line and mobile browser but it the only things it brought to the market was the capacitive touch screen, the finger oriented touch interface and a focus on ease of use. Whilst these were real innovations at the time please don't try to pretend that the iPhone introduced any actual new functionality to the mobile Market. It didn't. In fact there is still nothing I can do on my 3gs that I cannot do on my old Nokia N95. It's just a lot more fun doing fun doing it on the iPhone interface.
I don't normally bother replying to rabid fanboys but your crack about other phones not doing email was just so blinkered and misinformed that I had to comment.

Getting back to the STORY, I heard that AT&T will offer this service "somtime late summer 2010"....but only on WIFI, and only if there is a R in the month, and we don't have a full moon, and less than a 30% chance of rain where you are. You know, how they usually do things.

First off I was dead on with my comment about the email and MMS. Second if you live in the UK AT&T has nothing to do with you and you have nothing to do with AT&T. Third I had a N95 up until the 1st gen iphone. If you compare the 1st gen iphone to the N95 I can see you can do SOME of the same stuff. But if your trying to compare it to the 3gs. Your compare apples to sushi. Maybe you should stick to stuff you know like tea and crumpets. And not bother replying here.

Macboy15, I hate to burst your bubble but the Samsung i700 Windows Mobile phone had just about all of the core features of the 3GS only 6 years earlier. Email, SMS/MMS, web browsing, still camera and video recording, audio recording, calendar, contacts, multitasking, replaceable battery etc. Having said that I still find my 3GS better in virtually every way, but to imply the iPhone was first to the game with any of those features is delusional thinking. IMO the form factor and UI are primary innovations that the iPhone brings to the table.

Before people comment I wish they would READ things first. Nowhere in my comment did I imply the iphone 3gs was first to the game with any of those features. Sorry to bust your bubble.

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