Analysts Claim Apple's iPhone Now Boasts 17% Global Smartphone Marketshare

Garter iPhone 17% market share

It looks like not only is Apple's iPhone profit share soaring, but its market share has shot up to 17.1% (up 4.2% for the year) as well -- if you believe Gartner. That still places Apple behind Nokia with a still-dominant 39.3% (down 3%) and BlackBerry maker RIM at 20.8% (up 4.9%), but well ahead of the next biggest group "others" (which must include Palm?) at 13.1% (down 7.8%).

Smartphones in general remained strong, growing 12.8% compared to a dismal 0.1% growth for the mobile phone market in general.

Gartner also predicted that Android will overtake the iPhone by 2012, which at this rate would mean some serious shrinkage for Apple...

[via MacRumors]

Rene Ritchie

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There are 10 comments. Add yours.

angelsniper45 says:

So who is in the 'other' catergories? lmao

bugs says:

whos ass do these people pull these numbers out of.
o2 even claimed iphone sales were in the thousands, not ten not hundred but thousands for iphones.

bugs says:

its not selling in uk and even in china, maybe due to price and other knock offs but its def not moving in china as expected.

Alex says:

I could care less if apples market share ever grew to dominate. When their market share remains relatively small, it allows them to change and update the platform more quickly and dramatically than super large companies ever can. As long as apple has the iPhone I will never buy another device. I'm may be a fanboy all the way, but this device truly changed the way I do things in everyday life. I'm not going anywhere.

fastlane says:

Absolutely. I've chosen Macs for decades, while most people didn't, and still don't today — don't care, never did.
Likewise, I don't care if Apple sells 20,000,000 iPhones or 2,000 iPhones. Those who choose to use third-rate junk, while rally-crying for their nonsensical openness cause, can keep their first place in this list for another thirty years for all I care.
Some people are happy with the cheap 'Brand X'... I'll stick with gourmet brand. ;)

nihouma says:

This only proves that 17% of all smartphones sold in 3Q09 were iPhones, not that iPhones have 17% market share overall.
Rene forgets that market share is all phones currently being used on the market. And by no means has the iPhone sold that many smartphones consistently. They sell alot, but not 17% since its introduction...

Chris says:

I have to agree with Alex and fast. This is my first and only (as of now..that will change) Apple product...but I am now an iPhone user till Apple someday retires the iPhone. I have a blackberry curve for work...hate it. I don't care what "place" Apple is in, just that I love the phone.