Updated: Flurry Analytics Show iTablet Running... iPhone 3.2?!


UPDATE: 9to5mac followed up with Flurry and heard back from Peter Farago , VP of Marketing. Farago confirmed that they'd seen iPhone devices running OS 4.0 but those left the Cupertino campus whereas the tablet device did not (for secrecy reasons?). Also, the types of apps being tested (news, books, games) matched what they believed a tablet device would run. Read the complete statement via the link a

While TiPb's been wondering just what happened to iPhone 3.2, app analytic company Flurry reports that it's been undergoing testing since September... on the iTablet! Engadget sums up:

Flurry is saying that it's detected around 50 devices on Apple's Cupertino campus that have the "characteristics" of a tablet, running a new version of the iPhone OS numbered 3.2. How? Around 200 different apps with Flurry's tracking code were downloaded and used on these mystery devices -- mostly games, followed by entertainment and media apps -- and Flurry first noticed this new device in October, with numbers picking up in January. Unfortunately, Flurry hasn't said what these mysterious tablet characteristics are, so we don't have much to go on.

While rumors suggest we might just see iPhone 4.0 announced this Wednesday as part of Apple's iTablet/iSlate/iPad-centric "Come see our latest creation" event, they also suggest the iTablet itself won't ship to customers sooner than March, and iPhone 4.0 may only get released to developers in beta. If that means a general release for iPhone 4.0 in June/July like previous years (and as opposed to March with the iTablet), there will have to be some compatibility update for the iTablet (and maybe iPhone and iPod touch) in the interim, and iPhone 3.2 is as good a name as any, right?

If iPhone 3.2 is released any time soon, however, we wouldn't hold our breath for anything other than iTablet compatibility and maybe some tweaking of Apple's built-in apps (like iTunes LP/Extras support). Any API or other substantive changes would require a beta period for developers. Now if 3.2 is announced for March (with immediate beta) and 4.0 for June/July, then that's a different story...

What do you think?

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Updated: Flurry Analytics Show iTablet Running... iPhone 3.2?!


Are you listening Sting7k?

I ask around now and no body outside of internet tech blogs seem to care about this thing.


The iTablet will not be shown at this event nor do I think one will ever be shown.

I think if 4.0 is going to be as big as we're all hoping, there's no need for a 3.2 now. They're focusing all their energy on 4.0. Right? Ah Wednesday can't come soon enough.

It kind of makes sense, 3.0 was really talked about in March to developers readying for the 3GS release. We've all been assuming that they would announce 4.0 because of the tablet however this time of year was known for the Mac side of Apple. Maybe 3.2 will only be covered a bit purely for the tablet which must come out soon with growing pressure from other companies if the rumours are true

Rene, if they release 4.0 beta now, what it makes sense is seing it officially released in May-April. Because last year 3.0 was presented in March, this year it would be in January

Also, people think Steve will show the most important product in his career with a mere 3.2 on it? Get real

This could be true but I think 4.0 will see a beta release to developers and 3.2 could possibly just get a release out the door for iPhone users. It is time for an iPhone update of some sort so why not make it wednesday?

I would both cry and laugh if wednesday arrives, steve walks out on stage, and then, ''PSYCHE! Tablet? Pssh. I totally had you thinking there was a tablet!!!''

Utter failure if we only get 3.2 on Wednesday. Apple needed to kick it up a notch after Droid/Nexus, so we'll see.
Apple's update cycle has been really disappointing so far, IMO.

That would be very disappointing if Wednesday comes and they give us 3.2. It's been six months since any type of update. It would be very disappointing.

How disappointing 3.2 may be will depend on what's in it. On the whole, Flurry's logic seems sound, and I think Renee has it right- 3.2 with some iTablet related updates in it now, and 4.0 to be released same date as iTablet after developers for both devices get to work with the Beta.