Round Robin: Android Casey's iPhone Video Review

[This is an official Smartphone Experts Round Robin post! Every day you reply here, you're automatically entered for a chance to win an iPhone 3G, Case-Mate Naked Case, and Motorola H9 Bluetooth Headset! Full contest rules here!]

Everything is going according to Smartphone Round Robin's designs: While I've been learning the ways of the Android, Casey shows the iPhone is still strong in him.

Head on over to Android Central, and be sure to tell him what you think: his own council should he keep, or do you find that it is he who is mistaken... about a great many things?

Remember, each SPE site is giving away their signature smartphone and accessories, so it's not just an iPhone 3G up for grabs! Every day you comment on Casey's video, or my thread in the Android Central Forum, you get two more chances to win a T-Mobile Android G1, along with a BlueAnt Z9 Bluetooth Headset, and SPE Screen Protectors!

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Reader comments

Round Robin: Android Casey's iPhone Video Review


Goodmorming guys!!! After I comment here a I am gunna head over to android central not to enter to win a g1 cause I would never want my hands to touch such a ugly brick piece of crap haha I just want to see what they say about the best phone the iPhone =)))) anyways love what you guys do here and if I win the iPhone 3g I am giving it to my mom cause she wants one but is thinking about just getting a blackberry curve so I got to get a 3g in her hands LOL

I have to say that I love this Round Robin. There is a ton of valuable insight, as each phone has their own strengths and weaknesses.

I thought that win the G1 came out, I might regret my iPhone 3G decision, but I haven't at all. I love my iPhone.

posting from my iPhone, and I still like the iPhone over the g1... I just can't wait for flash to come to the iPhone.

I think that the G1 could be pretty amazing when the bugs are all worked out. I'm personally not a fan of the design of the phone itself, but Android is really sweet.

I thought if anyone could unseat Apple as THE PHONE to have, I thought it would be google, but I just dont think its happening. It does not that the same sexy look

Nice review video, Android is really the only competittion out there for iPhone imo for what the OS does and what the iPhone does, but iPhone has the "looks" down, G1 is a sad looking device imo, bring more Android devices with better looks to them and Android may gain market share in the long run. I still can't believe the G1 is a HTC device.

I left him a bunch of application recommendationa. You iPhone users should add any that you think really use the iPhone's full potential (accelerometer, multi-touch, gps, etc...)

The G1 still has an advantage over the iPhone: the hardware QWERTY. I gotta check out the SureClick on the blackberry storm (which is kind of a hybrid hardware/software keyboard, to be fair) but right now, hardware qwerty is the way to go.

iPhone or Bold still a good toss up, but Android has a nice spot in third for now. Android looks good with the flash 10 coming out.

I love it and have to agree there is no comparison. Great review. The matt finish alone makes it a dull phone.

I've really been torn on if I should get an iPhone, G1, or BB Storm. Although I'm sure I can't go wrong with any of these fine options, this video has me convinced it's pretty hard to beat the iPhone!

The YouTube frame above settles the dispute by itself. The iPhone is much more attractive. The chin on the G1 detracts from it's appearance. It should be interesting to see what other type of designs utilize Android - anything has to be better than the G1.

The G1 is just a trimmed down Sidekick. Flipping open is just too old school. My friend has one and hates it. He loves my iPhone but is stuck with T-Mo for a while. Oh well.

I think that the G1 as a whole doesn't feel together yet and that future iterations of this operating system and hardware combos will feel more robust, integrated and together.