Apocalypse Averted! No WinMo on iPhone -- for Now

Whoabuphew! Tell Buffy to stand down, Giles to close the books, and Willow to de-dark -- for the moment-ish. Turns out the above travesty video of what we first thought was Windows Mobile running on the iPhone may just have been viral marketing much.

But you can't un-raise that demon, now can you? The Hellmouth has been harshened, and it's only a matter of time before someone gets all Voldermorty with it and tries to conjure up some Windows Mobile -- or Android -- style iPhone possession.

Sure, some people may be looking forward to that. Be we'll just keep the crosses, garlic, and holy water at the ready. B'okay?

Next time it could be for realz!

Rene Ritchie

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There are 9 comments. Add yours.

taroliw says:

Why would anyone bother, really?

patrickbballer says:

shit that looks cool. i woudnt want it. but it looks cool. lol.

Phil says:

But they still have girls in Norway, right?

cherryhead25 says:

I'd get it for the novelty and the opportunity to run PRODUCTIVITY apps on my iPhone. I would just have to look past the fact that the kid is a twit. Maybe Jobsy will throw iPhone a users a bone tomorrow. 2.2 please :)

Sean Peters says:

Well, maybe windows mobile on my iPhone would at least let me see the flash movie you've embedded in this page!

ethan says:

OH SNAP! NO YOU DIDN'T. Well, you've indeed "done" just that.
Flash on any phone: Not a good idea just yet.

Gordon says:
  1. Turn by turn GPS apps.
  2. cut and paste.
  3. productivity apps.

Would rather have these added to the iphone OS. But if not.......

christomapher says:

Gordon: all of those are available when you jailbreak your iPhone. :)

Sean Peters says:

@Ethan - At the risk of sounding humorless - I guess the point is that I'm a big boy and would rather decide for myself whether Flash on my iPhone is too big a risk - rather than having Big Steve decide for me.