Apple airs new commercial - If you don't have an iPhone, you don't have Game Center

Apple airs new commercial - If you don't have an iPhone, you don't have Game Center

Apple has aired yet another "if you don't have an iPhone" commercial, this time focusing on Game Center (or as Rene might call it, App Store part deux). It highlights Scrabble and Infinity Blade, and the challenging and multiplayer features of Game Center.

Official Apple video after the break. What do you think?


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Kevin says:

GameCenter sucks imo if they added features from OpenFeint it would be good and I wish there was chat!!

Mr.mars says:

they made game center look awesome. my friend gets mad at this commercial...because he doesnt have an iphone

DRHughes says:

This commercial is alright. I personally like the iPod one better.

Ilovegeorgia says:

This is exactly the commercial they needed, but they need to make game center easier to challenge friends and different task. Even add an instant messanger to it.

BrianTufo says:

That's all good and well but Game Center is a hot mess IMO. The "theme" of the app is horrendous and the tones they chose for it are childish. Yes playing multiplayer with people is fun but that is all it has going for it.

norman says:

they are holding it worng :D

Tony says:

Have had my iPad for a few months now and can't say that game center has made any sort of difference to me when gaming.

JNM says:

Forget Game Center. It is mostly good for taking up space on my iPad's screen of icons...and more icons.

Bruce says:

Yeah I can barely afford my groceries and gas. So not I cant afford an iPhone and I find these commercials a bit 'snooty'. Maybe these commercials should say 'If you dont have an iPhone yet.'

colemaneuclid says:

Is it just me or does Infinity Blade look better in the commercial than on my phone? It looks like the whole video went thru an "HDR" process or something.

BrianTufo says:

It's not just you. Infinity Blade is grossly overrated as well. It is sooo repetative and dull it's not even funny. Yes it runs well and looks good for a phone game but overall it's not that great.

Edwardo says:

Ummm yeah... Infinity Blade does looks like that on my iPhone 4! If it doesn't on yours... something's definitely wrong, dude!

JeffPom#IM says:

Big, Fat, MEH!
I have game center and hardly EVER touch it.

Bmfarrell84 says:

These commercials are arrogant and lame.

wdiggums says:

game center on the ipod touch it tries popping open every time i want to play angry birds. its a pain i find useless myself..."Bruce says:
March 24, 2011 at 10:59 pm
Yeah I can barely afford my groceries and gas. So not I cant afford an iPhone and I find these commercials a bit ’snooty’. Maybe these commercials should say ‘If you dont have an iPhone yet.’ "
very true for alot of people bruce sorry to hear it and hang in there, ipod touch's are much more affordable if you get one at amazon and if you dont mind 12 month subsciption to audibles for $14.95 a month the skinny of it is this: sign up for audibles and they send you a code within 24 hours for $100 off anything at amazon, goto ipod touch 4th generation page pick 8 gig model. select prime trial free for one month and get free 2nd day shipping or $3.99 overnight... bottom line ipod touch 4th gen 8 gig for $108 overnighted or $104 second day... people need toys too ;-)

Avenged110 says:

I like Game Center. I tend to use it from time to time, but it does lack some much needed functionality. It's a cool app with great potential, but is just not quite there yet. Cool commercial though.

TK says:

I almost never touch Game Center, it's a nice feature but it's kinda useless.

tahirismaeel says:

What is that multiplayer game they used?

restery says:

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icebox93 says:

Game center absolutely stinks. I can't get the thing to send or receive friend requests even to other devices in my house. My wife and I both have iPhones and I cant add her as a friend. Nor can she add me. When we try to send friend requests they are never received. Ditto with my daughter's touch. When I send to her or her to me the requests are never delivered. Game center is a crock. Feint is much better.

matty says:

lol wow. gamecenter needs so much work. everything apple does is pretty good but its hard to keep a straight face with this. I'm mostly frustrated haha.
The last bit is so pompous - well apple, you just don't have playstation certified games.! iphone can't do that!

kirbini says:

I have purchased 5 iphones in the last 4 years. I currently own 3 iPhone 3G models.
What is this "GameCenter" of which you speak?

Bazza1 says:

Never used Game Center. Don't intend to. Yet I have games on my iPhone. Go figure.
Meanwhile, do we ever expect Apple to produce an ad for the iPhone centering on, y'know, its use as a phone?

kayno says:

Just one more commercial to drive the android fan boys nuts.. Personally I could careless about an android commercial but they cant stand to watch an iPhone commercial..

Edie says:

I don't understand these whole new "if you don't have an iPhone" Ads. Like ofcourse you won't have Gamecenter if you don't have an iPhone. it's an iOS thing! Let alone, it's not only on iPhone, but it's on iPod and iPad too. Same think with iBooks. These new Ads are rediculous.

Jejoro says:

What game is being played at the end of the commercial?
Looks cool...?!? Or is it?

jra_46 says:

What is that flying game in the commercial ? Is it a star wars game ?

Bennieficial says:

I want to know what game it is too

BillyB4 says:

I love my iPhone. Believe it or not, I actually run into a person from time to time who act like they never heard of the iPhone. Where are these people living, in a cave or something?

Imoe2 says:

What is the last game played i need the name?

Apple store says:

i like your story too much

chiangrai says:

When I jailbroke, one of the first things I did was to hide the gamecenter icon. Obnoxious for them to force us to have this lame app on our phones. But problem solved ;)

Reluctant Hero says:

The final game featured in this commercial is Star Battalion, it's on sale for $0.99 right now:

new software says:

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Lashawnda Urse says:

Why can the "computer player" take from anywhere in their discard piles such as the top or bottom of the pile but we cant. not right