Apple airs joint AT&T and Verizon iPhone commercial -Waltz

Apple airs joint AT&T and Verizon iPhone commercial

Apple has begun airing a new AT&T and Verizon double-punch iPhone commercial called Waltz which touts "Two is Better than one". It shows off all the features and apps we've grown to know and love throughout Apple's previously AT&T-only US iPhone commercials, side by side, zooming in on one or the other to highlight the identical user experiences. Just as revealing is that the differences are not mentioned. No hint at reception, data speed, simultaneous voice and data, international roaming, etc.

Obviously both AT&T and Verizon will be competing for iPhone customers come February 10 but just as obviously Apple wins either way.

UPDATE: Official Apple video after the break!

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Apple airs joint AT&T and Verizon iPhone commercial -Waltz


No? Why would they? Mine has never timed out, never dropped a call and I've had ever version since iPhone 3G, through 3GS and now iPhone 4.
You live in a major city? Sucks to be you but that's your networks fault.

Yep, NYC. It's horrible. I keep telling my friends that AT&Ts whole "talk and surf at the same time" argument becomes nullified when I can't surf regardless of what else I am doing.

Never had a "connection timed out" and I've been with AT&T/Cingular for 6 years. Maybe being a Nashville resident where one of AT&T's corporate offices are located has something to do with it...I don't know. I DO know that my phone sends and receives data faster than my co-workers' Verizon phones, so this commercial is a tad misleading.

what has happened to tipb? it seems to have lost much of its charm from the early days. less focus on the issues, now too much cutesy stuff like tipb TV and giggling on the podcasts.

Couldn't disagree more!!! I love the podcast and the site. Admitadly I have only been watching for 6 to 8 months but it is by far my favorite podcast. I subscribe to over 15 Apple related Podcasts and many more that I have cancelled and to me only the Twit network has Podcasts that compare.

My god, when did Tipb become the average youtube comment section? to the spammer, to quote the angry birds peace treaty video, "Say what? Say what? Fu** Off!"

Eep, that wasn't by design! I'm sorry, I've had to hide them again they got accdeintally put back on during last night's timetable update.Rest assured if/when I get a green signal to proceed with freight times, I'll make a big fuss about it!

It is a win win situation for Apple. This twin commercial is a good idea. After the commercial Apple will leave it up to AT&T and Verizon to slug it out.

I think my husband will be gettting a Verizon iPhone and I'm all for it! Yay! I have ATT and have been perfectly happy with it. I wont be switching. I'm hoping the white iPhone 5 will be coming put soon. Mama needs a white iPhone. :0)

Shouldn't the phone to the left have an African American person holding the phone. It appears both hands are of a caucasian person.