Apple denying retail store vacation time for CDMA Verizon iPhone launch?

Verizon iPhone

Apple has issued a vacation time blackout period from the last week of January to the middle of February where retail employees without seniority won't be able to take time off, presumably to ensure employee coverage for the first major product launch of 2011. Could this be in preparation for a Verizon iPhone launch?

Apple is quietly prohibiting vacation days for some retail employees for three weeks beginning later this month, a move that could foreshadow a significant product introduction in the coming weeks.

Apple is denying that the store vacation time was for getting ready for a CDMA Verizon iPhone, but all the signs suggest a possible launch may be imminent. There have been a lot of rumors floating around lately about an early-2011 Verizon iPhone launch, with the latest round coming yesterday when images of a purported Verizon iPhone casing leaked onto the web. We at least know it won't be the iPad 2, which is expected to ship in April to keep in line with Apple's yearly release schedule.

Apple usually doesn't initiate these types of lockdowns unless something big is coming, so what do you think it could be? Sound off in the comments below!


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Reader comments

Apple denying retail store vacation time for CDMA Verizon iPhone launch?


I don't understand the first sentence. Is Apple denying that the vacation denials have to do with a CDMA phone? Or is apply simply denying vacation time?

I don't think it's for iPad2, they didn't black out vacations for the first iPad i doubt they'd do it for this one. But who knows..It could be anything. Maybe even some projects none of us have heard about.

I know a lot of you are sick of hearing about a VZW iPhone - I for one cannot wait. I'm tired of my friends on VZW being able to get a decent signal when I cannot. I'm ready for a new phone - I'm still on an iPhone 3G because I specifically waited as to not be under contract when the VZW iPhone came out. I'm pumped for this.

You supposed to have a carrier that works best for you! If you dont that's why you cant get good signal! That's why carriers give u a 30 day returning policy! Carriers are not perfect! Just get the best carrier for your area not for the equipment! I am very happt with my iPhone 4 and at&t never a single problem because is the best in my area!

I'd bet money it's going to become "AT&T iPhone in the summer" with Verizon iPhone updates in January - 6 months after the newest version is released on AT&T (VZW iPhone 4 - Jan. 2011; ATT iPhone 5 - Summer 2011; VZW iPhone 5 - Jan. 2012). If I were AT&T, I'd insist on this as a condition to ending exclusivity.

apple can do whatever they want it would hurt at&t more to lose exclusivity of the iphone more then it would hurt apple. Apple's shares will sky rocket once it gets to verizon

whoever move from att to verizon, will regret it, trust me.. YOU WILL BE missing surf, talk and text at the same time..
I'm still thinking verizon don't deserve the iPhone..

I have always had great service with Verizon. I left Cingular / AT&T because of their customer service twice (once as each company separately).

Verizon the got the worst customer service, because the are big, and they don't care about the customers. also, their service in Puerto Rico, suck. they are false advertising service over there.
They Suck..
and can you talk, surf and surf the web at the same time...?

Right, and Verizon's CDMA bandwidth is BARELY enough for streaming audio. And then when a text message is incoming, the stream has to be broken to receive the text, thus allowing for gaps in streaming radio. It's not going to be the party everyone is expecting.
Meanwhile, even in the crappiest of signal areas on AT&T, I'm generally able to pull 2 Mbps down--as Verizon won't do more than 1.5 in BEST-case scenarios. When I'm in good areas, I'm pulling down 3-6 Mbps consistently.

You don't think Verizon deserves the iPhone? What kind of stupid statement is that? Saying a carrier doesn't deserve something is just showing fanboyism in it's lowest form because there is no logic behind such a statement.

Once my nephew threw a temper tantrum because I wouldn't buy him a new game for his Wii. He carried on and on. And finally when he was behaving I asked him if he wanted it- he said no. So, he didn't get it and then threw more of a fit over it. Basically, he doesn't deserve it.
Verizon, while leaving out the temper tantrum part said no to Apple. Then they started making commercials about how their Droid phones can do so much more stuff than an iPhone.
I'm not a fanboy of AT&T, but at this point, I'd say Verizon doesn't deserve it. They either need it or they want it. It's one or the other.

WHY? first the talk s..t about the iPhone, Second they said they don't want or need the iPhone. third now they want it.. please
iPhone in verizon will be, like driving a ferrari in Haiti highways, (do they have highways). i mean it will be so limited, can not talk, text and serf internet at the same time, that's suck.
Trust me i had verizon for less than 10 months i went 3 times to Puerto Rico, and they data service is F. Up. their phone service is even worst, to many drop calls, bad quality, etc etc. my phone was a bb storm 1 and 2. and i'm still regretting changed my iphone for that dinosaur, but i'm back. happier than ever..always the good boy come back home..

I couldn't care less as I'll stick with my AT&T iPhone thank you. The good thing is that it might divert some traffic off of AT&Ts network and on to Verizon's which would be a good thing for those of us staying put.

I agree. As people leave AT&T, those who remain can only benefit. Plus, there are too many advantages to GSM 3G over CDMA 3G to even want to leave AT&T.

my friend works at verizon says there vacations have also been blacked out last week of jan first half of febuary tooooo

Nope, NOT in January. Verizon CEO mentions nothing at all on iPhone in his keynote. I bet summer along with new iPhone 5 that will probably appear!

I would say that it may be a big change that it's for the Verizon iPhone and a slightly smaller chance for the iPad 2. They deny vacation time every time a new iPhone comes out and they didn't when the iPad came out. I think the only way this can almost be set in stone is when Verizon says that they're denying vacation time during the same weeks Apple is denying it.
It does make sense that AT&T would get the next generation iPhone before Verizon if Apple and AT&T came to a deal for letting the iPhone go to another carrier. So AT&T gets one in the summer and Verizon gets on in the winter.
I see a lot of people bringing up the Voice and Data argument again, I don't think people really care about that as there are people ready to jump to Verizon when/if they get the iPhone. And it's really not that big a deal as it can be overcome by the use of WiFi as most places are installing free WiFi. None of my friends on Verizon or Sprint care about not having voice and data, my friends on AT&T and T-Mobile don't care about it. It's such a non-issue and there's people on AT&T and T-Mobile that don't even know they can use voice and data. The majority of iPhone users got an iPhone because "it's an iPhone" not because it's an all in one device or any of the other benefits that comes with it, but because "it's an iPhone"
And before anyone says "I didn't buy it just because it's an iPhone" good for you, then you're not in the majority of idiots that bought it for the name and actually bought it for what it can do. And if you're going to complain about the Verizon iPhone not having voice and data, shut your mouth, stay on AT&T because if the iPhone comes to Verizon there's nothing you can do to stop it. Just look at the bright side, people will switch from AT&T to Verizon which will free up the network a bit and you'd have better service.
But if the idea of a Verizon iPhone bothers you, then you must have some deep psychological issues. That or you secretly want a Verizon iPhone because you're sick of AT&T jerking you around and you just don't want to admit it in public or to yourself because you're jealous of Verizon's more robust network and stuck in a two-year contract so you're needing to fool yourself into thinking you have the best there is. And the only place you can complain about it is on the internet because you know your RL friends (if you have any) would smack the taste out of your mouth for being so stupid.

I can't tell you how boring this ridiculous Verizon thing is for the rest of the world ...

Ha. I didn't know ATT had as many fanboys as Apple. Everything ATT sucks massively. I've had Verizon for the past 4 years and haven't had a single complaint, while with ATT, it was constant phone calls to them complaining why something isn't working.
I wonder how many fanboys ATT will have now that they can't get the newest iPhone, or even use it on a primitive GSM network.

Wow, another Verizon fanboy. It is comments like yours that make me wish Verizon would get the iPhone so when "the Network" slows down and you get no bars, dropped calls, and slow data you will see how great "the Network" is.

You are all right, there is no concrete evidence to support that the iPhone is coming to Vz (just a lot of rumors) but things do seem to point to a Vz launch this month. I, for one, welcome the move. AT&T has a chance to unload some unhappy customers and free up some bandwith for the rest of us and Vz has a chance to steal some customers from all other carriers. I haven't had any problems with either company so it comes down to coverage, a battle AT&T has won in my city. Reguardless of anything else, a Vz launch will be nothing but great for Apple and that is great for all of us!

Couldn't care less if Verizon or any other carrier gets the iPhone, as I'll be sticking with ATT regardless. I've been with ATT and it's predecessors since my first cell phone in the early '90s, and I've never had a complaint. They aren't perfect -- what wireless carrier is ?? -- but I've never had any issues serious enough to make me switch. I'm sure I'd feel differently if I lived in an area with bad ATT service, but it does get tiresome hearing blanket statements that make it appear ATT service is bad everywhere. It isn't, by any means. And those who say they don't care about not being able to use voice and data simultaneously? I find it hard to believe they really mean that. It's a pretty significant drawback if Verizon hasn't found a workaround, and I have no idea whether they have or not.

Can someone just create a macro that reposts the same 46 old ATT/Verizon arguments to every lame speculative Verizon rumor story? It'd really save me some time..

Seeing as this is an iPhone blog, everyone here should be in favor of iPhone going to Verizon. Whether you like AT&T, or you like Verizon, this will be good for both parties. Only the consumers win here.
As for the rest of you turds who keep complaining about this blog post, go spend your time elsewhere. No one is asking you to spend your precious time reading this post or commenting. Why not go recycle your snack wrapper and coke cans that are cluttering your desk as you sit there mindlessly watching youtube videos.

Personally, I'd rather iPhone be available to the major 4 carriers, not just AT&T and Verizon. The more availability, the better for the customers.

You are absolutely correct. I have AT&T for the iPhone for the wife and I, we also have Sprint. I would love to see iPhone on Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T along with any regional carrier that has the network for it.

i say good i cant wait get off my att if its so bad i have little to no problems. have fun with that vzw customer service that i left 8 years ago and will never go back

Some folks here act like everyone is in love with Verizon. They have just as many people who hate them as AT&T does.

Verizon is not blocking Vacation time, I just asked my friend who is a manager at a retail Verizon store and he said no. In fact two other managers both on vacation at his location.

I can't wait to laugh at all of the people who think Verizon is so much better. I carry two phones and my iPhone is consistently receiving a better signal than my Verizon BB. The iPhone overload will tax CDMA differently than GSM and the call quality will be horrendous. I can't wait. Finally, the truth about Verizon will break through the artificial hype and utopia dreams that have surrounded it since the first iPhone customer complained about a dropped call in a tunnel.

White iPhone 4? Pleeeeeeease?! Besides, if the VZW iPhone finally does come out, what are we going to bicker and speculate about for the rest of our lives? We'll have to start up a Sprint iPhone rumor...!

Honestly, if it were to be an [unannounced] iPad, they might be doing it on good intentions, see as how they like things to be uniform, if they were to change the date, it would bring iPhone and iPad to 6 months difference, possibly a better way to handle the iOS "fragmentation" that happened last year. Again, this is a huge WHAT IF statement. Take this with a grain of salt.

I hope it does come out so we can put this rumor to bed. Plus it will take some of the strain off the At&t network. Bring it on.

Sprint and T Mobile would be the best options for the iphone. They offer unlimited plans plus have reasonable tethering costs. I am praying that one of them will get the next iphone. Verizon is overrated just like the Miami Heat, Kardashians, and other items in society that are overhyped. Verizon is red the color of the devil. Enough already.

Not being able to do voice and data on Verizon/CDMA is not a big deal. I had iPhones, original, 3G and 3Gs and they were great phones, but AT&T service is very poor to non-existant in the areas I live, work and spend most of my time. In July 2010 I left AT&T for a Droid X on Verizon. The service has been great and when the iPhone becomes available on Verizon I will go back to an iPhone. It's what service works best for your particular area. I'm sure there are areas where AT&T has better service than Verizon.

I'mma let you finish but the iPhone ain't got nothin' on the Razr and AT&T and Verizon ain't got nothin' on Virgin Mobile!

The new model of iPod.. the iPod Droid. Steals all of the best android features (flash, etc.), but keeps the polished, clean feeling of the iPod.

Can you name one good feature, besides flash (which we all know is not actually good), about Android that iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad doesn't have? A feature that doesn't cause your phone to overheat and slow to a halt?

I'm going to go with Verizon denying vacations because of the onslaught of LTE devices expected to hit in the next month and the surge of customers related to it (and the outrageous support required when people have $500 in 4g overages)
To coincide with this on the Apple side, a price cut to entice more traffic during the worst (typically) season in retail.