Apple fighting for control of domain

Apple fighting for control of domain

Apple has filed a case with the World Intellectual Property Organization to gain access to the web domain Currently, the site is a modest fan forum. While Apple's action here might give us a hint as to what they're going to call the next iOS smartphone, it could just very well be protecting the world at large from scams which would target unwary Apple fans. Once upon a time, Apple even had to wrestle from a porn company.  Either that, or Apple is preemptively secure potential market names like it did with iSlate.

Apple's track record with snagging domains has been spotty. It took them awhile to lock down, and to this day, is stubbornly parked by someone else. Before you start getting clever about picking up some domains yourself,,, iPhone,, and are already owned.

Whatever it's called, we're holding out for a new iPhone this fall, likely with an introduction to iOS 6 this summer at WWDC.

Source: Electronista, pic

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Apple fighting for control of domain


that's not going to be the name. the name lineup is going to be this going forward:
iPod Touch
Apple TV
they already have three of the items there.

few quick points here

  • The WWDC is not this summer , its this spring
  • The new iPhone will come out this Summer, not this fall ;)
  • They will call it anything BUT iPhone 5 , this is just Apple's way to get some more publicity and let the rumors pile on ;)

I agree with the poster that suggested they will bury names at some point. They began this with the third generation iPad, just calling it "the new iPad". The only difference between this and the Macs, is they generally have not had three generations of Macs for sale at one time. The last Mac was just replaced with the new Mac. It was just the Mac (iMac, MacBook, etc). Right now you can buy a 3GS, 4 and 4S, and both a iPad 2 and new iPad, so it's harder to distinguish.

Don't read anything into this. When T-Mobile and HTC released the G1 phone, T-Mobile got hold of the "G2" to "G5" .com domains so as to prevent others from using these to mislead consumers. This is probably the reason Apple wants control of, even though they'll probably name the next iPhone "the new iPhone". And anyways the iPhone 4s was the fifth iPhone so the next one wouldn't be the iPhone 5 but the iPhone 6.

Maybe they should just pay for the domain like every other company. Man, They have billions. So someone was smart, kick 'em some cash and enjoy your new domain name.
Come one Apple!

I hope they asked nicely, and even offered a small amount (costs) to the owner before going to WIPO. The site is a fan forum, not a scam... It's helping Apple.

what apple is going to do with their original domain, Why they are thinking about new domain for every new product? People already have taken so much revolution by the Iphones every year. It feels like we know what else would be the new or modified features of upcoming Iphone such as advanced camera, improved speed, better display... isn't that so?

Apple never uses any of the domains they acquire as a main website. They all redirect you to the main domain ,