Apple Finishes Push Notification Beta Tests for iPhone 3.0

Push Notification tests over

Confession: We received reports of this going back last week, but kinda thought it was known the tests were for a limited time (originally scheduled for a week, if memory serves). MacRumors, however, reminds us not to take such things for granted.

So, yep, Apple has completed the pre-WWDC beta testing for Push Notification. Is it enough to make sure the audacious system is as bullet proof as possible, given the severe problems MobileMe's launch suffered last year?

Hey, we're just happy Apple did some outside testing at all. (Baby steps and all that). If it turns out they need it, we hope they come back for a second round. As many rounds as it takes, actually. Push Notification has to "just work" at launch.

Rene Ritchie

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richxps says:

So i guess this could mean 3.0 will be released last week ? We can all hope i guess.

richxps says:

I mean next week lol.. Sorry guys

Matt says:

I hope so. If we have to wait till July to get 3.0 I'll be really pissed! But most signs point to it being released at wwdc. But then again who knows...

JustinHorn says:

Yeah, this did end last week. I tried to load it up and got that warning and then deleted off my phone.

guinness0514 says:

I would expect them to wait until the hardware release before updating to 3.0...

KORG says:

Expect it on the 6th

Tenor146 says:

I don't think they'll attempt another multi-faceted launch like last year with 2.0, MobileMe and the iPhone 3G. They'll spread it out. So expect 3.0 sooner than July.

guinness0514 says:

@KORG I hope you are right, but this is a big you think they would do it quietly on a idle Saturday?

guinness0514 says:

or maybe you meant July...I digress

PRE says:

yes 3.0 will be released June 9, 2009 as I was told. Iphone hardware will be the same except changes in storage configuration in 16 and 32 GB. Nothing to be proud of.

PRE says:

What i meant was Software 3.0 is available by June 9 for everybody to test its capabilty and Iphone 3.0 is due on 2nd week of July.

OmariJames says:

[ Neglet anything " PRE " says. ]
The software can't be released seperate from the device , what would be the point. People would probably think the new hardware is not worth it.
I wouldn't like to wait until July but that's now it is

Brandon says:

I would think they would want to get it pushed out on existing devices prior to releasing another device with it pre-installed. That way if there is an emergency update needed they can get that flashed to the devices rolling off the line rather than having customers (many new?) out in the wild with problematic devices.

icebike says:


Iphone hardware will be the same except changes in storage configuration in 16 and 32 GB.

We already know that is NOT true.
(Read a few blog entries from TiPb before you post something so obviously wrong).

JackDaStripper says:

I hope it doesn't take too long after the 3.0 release to get a jailbreak for it. I'm on T-Mobile and love my iPhone.

PRE says:

How do you know that what TIPB told you was right. They are like everybody who us guessing. Mine is inside info coming from Cupertino as an APPLE SHAREHOLDER. I believe my ninja thou. He did'nt fail me last time 2.0 was released.

icebike says:


The software can’t be released seperate from the device

Sure it can. There are VERY good reasons to do this.
Holding current user updates to New Phone Release day is a recipe for disaster. They did that once, and I don't see them doing that again.
First you have the problem of filling the channel with Version 3 phones, which could take some time. If these things were sitting the the back rooms at ATT stores and Best Buy and Walmart it would have leaked out by now, so we know the channel is not yet full.
The plan that makes the most sense: (my best guess)
1) Release the new software and get the current user base all swooning and blogging about how cool it is. (Pump up the hype). Get the problems handled in Apple stores prior to the new phone appearing.
2) Announce availability date of two to 6 weeks ahead (Make people salivate and dig out their Tents and Camping gear)
3a) Drop the price of the Version 2 phones. (Clear inventory)
3b) Recall all Version 2 phones in the channel for redistribution to Apple Stores as warranty replacements. (Clear Channel inventory)
4) Leak a few phones to Media writers - (More hype!)
5) Start a count down to release date in the press (More tents) (More Hype).
6) Fill the channel with inventory. (Make a big show of it)
7) Release!
8) Profit.
But most important, the very LAST thing you want to do is release new phones and new OS on the same day and utterly swamp the Apple store geniuses with tech problems and run the risk of spoiling the launch in the view of the mainstream press.

icebike says:

None of us here own stock in any company, so we all just swallow your nonsense about shareholder inside information like its the Carved In Stone truth.
We are all idiots here and far to stupid to buy stock or do anything complex and scary like that.
Thanks for your enlightenment and wisdom.
Rene, its time to step down as editor, we have found the new TiPb Messiah.
All hail Pre.

frog says:

The push notification test was a disaster. It destroyed battery life, to the point of making the current iPhone useless with it enabled.

SpiceRak2 says:

I share your frustration. You may have noticed in other stories that PRE has been posting quite a bit of hatred. I wouldn't even bother addressing this person. PRE appears to only have interest in getting folks annoyed and upset. It's not worth your time.
In a side note, I enjoy reading your posts. I've learned a lot from them. Thanks for your contributions to TiPB.

Rene Ritchie says:

From at least 3 other testers, no appreciable hit on battery life at all. However, they all seemed to be getting different notifications, at different frequencies, so who knows what was going on?

dloveprod says:

I can't wait for mms to work, I can tell all my friends with phoned that don't send email to send away without having to go to that site

Joe McG says:

An Apple shareholder getting info from an inside source? It's called insider trading and is illegal...

frog says:

That's interesting. Everyone I know, also had major issues with battery life. Notification were all at different times, and for different events also. I went from low (20%) remaining by about 10pm in the evening, to powering itself off by 4pm!

icebike says:


major issues with battery life

What were the notifications doing? Setting badges, launching apps? (I've not run the beta so I don't know the possibilities here, but it might not be the notifications so much as what users try to do with them).

Charlie says:

I think the software will be released before the hardware or on the same date, so people with the new hardware can restore to 3.0 if neccrsary

frog says:

icebike: Notifications were just a pop-up text box, like an SMS. You could then dismiss it, or load the app. Since it was an App fairly specific to the USA, and being on the opposite side of the world myself - I always just dismissed it.

scaliasphone says:

FYI-iTunes says that it will check for new device software (iPhone) on the first day of WWDC

Miles says:

Icebike: You sound like a six year old. Speak for yourself.

BentleyT1 says:

I concur with @scaliasphone: iTunes 8.2 is set to check for an update on 9 June, instead of 1 month after the last check.