Apple wants you to give the gift of an unlocked iPhone

Apple wants you to give the gift of an unlocked iPhone

iPhone 4 is everything they're wishing for—all in one gift. And it's unlocked and contract free, so it works with the carrier of their choice. Reserve iPhone 4 for pickup at the Apple Retail Store, or shop online and get free shipping.

Curiously, clicking on the "Reserve iPhone 4 for pickup" brings you to a page that tells you iPhone 4 isn't currently available for reservation and is instead first come, first served.

Obviously this doesn't apply to anyone in the US since iPhone is still locked to AT&T there, and may stay locked even if it goes to Verizon in 2011. (Bah, humbug!) Still, would you go with the $650 or $750 unlocked model if you could? Or is $199 or $299 on subsidy, along with some Jailbreak/Unlock help from TiPb, the limit of your Christmas cheer?

Rene Ritchie

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richchestmat#IM says:

So what are Apple doing to convince me to buy this for my wife? Looks like nothing at all besides sending me an email. Throw in accessories or something and might just do this. Otherwise...

entwined82 says:

Why should they give stuff away when they know damn well that most people who will buy it are going to buy it with or without extras?
This is the same company that no longer includes earbud covers with their headphones with the Ipod Touch. Apple doesn't give away what they can sell.

richchestmat#IM says:

I do actually agree with you Rick. It appears the guys in marketing who send out emails like these don't though.

Skyler M. says:

I had the chance to buy a factory unlocked 3GS on the streets of Naples, IT. 30 euro. Didn't do it since I was worried about getting in trouble...but looking back on it I should have gone for it :-/ I'm not sure the hundreds of extra $ are worth being on T-mobile or Vodafone...

TDB says:

I would totally go for the unlocked iPhone if I had the chance. I hate that 3 years later AT&T still won't officially unlock my first gen iPhone.

Bizarderic says:

Unfortunately with an unlocked phone, the cariers don't give you a better plan. So basically this means loosing the subsidies...

Rigelian says:

TMobile gives you a better plan with an unlocked phone.

zero credibility says:

you can generally get the same or better plans if you go unlocked. I have saved ~£400 ($630) by buying an unlocked IP4.

Forget About It says:

I'm giving Apple the gift of the middle finger this season. Besides, what better way to say Merry/Happy __________ than to give somebody a monthly bill as a present.
"Hi! Merry xmas!!! Oh, here's something which will require you to have a 2 year contract and a monthly bill!"
And all through the house, not a creature was stirring except........the recipient of this brand new unlocked iPhone 4, who is now loading a shotgun, taking aim at the thoughtless moron who thought this would be a great gift idea!!!!

zero credibility says:

@Forget About It
I think you should ask for some intelligence sense this holiday season. It would definitely help you to comprehend what having an unlocked phone means. Hint : no contract / can use existing contract.
did you read any of the article at all ?

Mike says:

Is there a way to buy a factory unlocked iPhone and have it shipped to the Sates?

grajasekar says:

"I’m giving Apple the gift of the middle finger this season. Besides, what better way to say Merry/Happy __________ than to give somebody a monthly bill as a present."
LOL ... So what countries are they sending the email to?

DanthedudeFTW says:

I love the iPhone and all but it is not worth the unlocked asking price.