Apple hosting second iPhone launch event in China on September 11

Remember all those trips Tim Cook made to China recently? Seems we'll be finding out why soon enough, as reports are surfacing from China that Apple has sent out a second invite to members of the press there, and will be hosting an event in Beijing on September 11. The invite is the same as the one for the main U.S. event. Since China is ahead of the U.S., time-zone wise, it really only works out to a few hours difference, but that China will be having it's own event is interesting.

There's been a lot of talk about Apple in China recently, including a potential partnership with the world's largest carrier, China Mobile. Coupled with the potential arrival of the lower-cost iPhone 5c, and Apple could be set to go gangbusters in the most populated country on Earth.

It could be nothing more than a rebroadcast of the U.S. event along with hands-on demos and product briefing, or there could be some additional, China-specific content. We'll have to wait and see.

UPDATE: London, Berlin, and Tokyo are also getting press events, likely the same kind as usual.

Source: Engadget Chinese

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Apple hosting second iPhone launch event in China on September 11


China mobile? This will be an interesting launch, especially if China is a launch country.

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Interesting, as you would have thought that anything announced in Cupertino would be old news by the day after. (Unless the 5C is China only, and they are only going to reveal details there?)

Based on the time difference it will be 1AM in China when Apple starts their event. My guess is Apple will either be announcing a China Mobile deal or that China is a day one launch country or both.

Awesome news. Let's hope its much more than a rumor. Take a bite out of that Chinese market Cupertino.