Apple Says iPhone Bullish, iPhone nano and Hard Keyboards Just Bull

iPhone Business Model

Apple COO Tim Cook, CFO Peter Openheimer, and Marketing VP Phil Schiller gave an analyst briefing recently, according to Barron's, which said, among other things:

  • The trio was “most bullish about the iPhone business,” seeing a chance to gain share, with its software as the principal differentiator.
  • In iPods, Apple is pushing the iTouch, which benefits from its ties to the App Store.
  • Sacconaghi says the company does not appear to be pursuing his idea of an “iPhone Nano,” and that any new phones will likely include both a browser and ties to the App Store.
  • Apple said “emphatically” that it did not believe in fixed keypads for phones, since the touch screen provided more flexibility for alternative keypads and for various App Store offerings, and that it is portable across geographies and languages, providing significant scale economics.

So there we have it, software is king, the nano is a no-no, and the hard keyboard just ain't happening.

(Thanks to The Reptile for sending this in!)

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Reader comments

Apple Says iPhone Bullish, iPhone nano and Hard Keyboards Just Bull


Software is brought up again, begs the question, will we see a major upgrade in hardware or will it simply be a bump up to 32 gig in storage with a major software update...

The hardware is lacking right now. It needs more for multi-tasking, more storage, and better battery life. These things will require a hardware refresh.

@Allen: ME TOO! just got mine in august! so i want another year with mine before trading in!

Much as I like my iPhone if Apple won't address the features I'd like such as copy/paste, turn by turn nav, tethering and a better keyboard then I'm definitely looking at a Palm Pre.

I'm thinking push notifications will be a centerpience with the next phone, and I think Apple needs better hardware for that. If not, we'd have it by now.

So, does this mean that guy will finally stop making his ridiculous iPhone concepts with those garbage sliding and flipping keyboards now? :roll:

I think Apple will make a flip / slider phone eventually but with screens instead of physical keyboard. Something akin to a Nintendo DS.

We will never see a physical keyboard on the iPhone. Apple has shown little interest in what the general public is asking for. Apple already knows what it envisions the iPhone to be and I doubt well see very much evolution. Remember how few the changes were between the last generation and the 3G. We got 3G, GPS, and more storage. What revolutionized the revolutionary device was firmware 2.0. What will be seen with a new generation iPhone? 32gigs storage, better/faster CPU and memory, maybe better power management/battery, maybe higher resolution, maybe 802.11n maybe a better camera. I am certain that we will never see a hinge on the iPhone or any buttons added to the device at all, that just isn't the Apple way or what the iphone is meant to be. What will revolutionize the next generation iPhone will be the firmware 3.0 that is released with it. I doubt at this point that we'll ever see 'push' and we all know what email push does to the iPhone's battery so no thank you anyway. But multitasking is something that the phone could really use so lets hope for that and yeah copy and paste would be nice to, not to mention completely necisary on a device that can multitask. The most perhaps that we can hope for, with regards to a keyboard, is better Bluetooth support that may lead to the ability to sync wirelessly to a keyboard device (This is the only way an iPhone keyboard could be done right.)
But once again we are talking about Apple, so no one be suprised if this summer we get 32gig iPhone 3Gs in seven new colors and 3.0 firmware just barely cool enough to keep us all interested for another year (and just for the record I'd still buy it.) ;-)

Yes... I always buy a new Mac no matter how much, or how little, changes... I'll also buy a new iPhone no matter how much, or how little, changes. And there's no wifey to stop me or give me any sh*t about it! :)

I don't have any problem with Apple decisions not to build in a physical keyboard. What annoys me is that they won't provide the capability, even for a third party developer, to produce an external keyboard. I'm guessing they're afraid that an iPhone armed with an external keyboard would cut into Macbook sales too much - but all that really accomplishes with respect to me is make it less likely I'll buy another iPhone in the future.

Yes. We all want an upgraded iphone. We all want real bluetooth compatibility. And yes, we want optional qwerty keyboards. And, of course, we all want a better world. I personally think that as a PC programmer for more than 20 years, Apple has widen my vision of programming. Apple has launched not only a product, but a challenge for many pc programmers to migrate to a new environment.