Apple still not making enough iPhones to meet demand, will have enough for Verizon

During the Q1 2011 financial results call, while stating 16.24 million iPhones were sold, Apple once again said they could have sold more if they'd been able to produce them. Having increased production from 14 million to 16 million, they're still "boldly" investing in ramping things up.

With the Verizon iPhone now announced, Cook added that Apple is working hard to get them into the hands of everyone who wants them.

Anyone care to guess what the Verizon numbers are going to do to overall iPhone sales?

Rene Ritchie

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Chris says:

As many as they can make!

chris says:

As long as they can have enough stock they could sell millions. The only reason the android phones didnt sell so well is because they were never in stock until now

Lisa says:

My question is really how long before Verizon runs out of stock after launch. They have a reputation for doing so...

TreSupreme says:

Yea because Verizon controls how many phones manufacturers produce /s rolls eyes

idont says:

I've wondered much about how many times these companies have intentionally short ordered products in order to create a false demand.

krsgdlw says:

"Anyone care to guess what the Verizon numbers are going to do to overall iPhone sales?"
Sounds like a contest/give--a-way to me :). TiPB should hold a contest about how many iPhones will sell on Verizon in the 1st weekend, month, and quarter. Those that guess the closest number (in all 3 categories) will win some "cool" iPhone accessories. Just saying, if you are going to keep asking the question, make it worth something.
Note: It needs to be stated if the winner has a Verizon or AT&T iPhone since the builds are slightly different(i.e. cases).
One more thing(sorry Steve), there should be 1 Grand Prize (no holding back - iPhone and iPad accessories), 3 1st prizes, 4 2nd prizes, and 5 3rd prizes.
(1 grand Prize - only 1 iPhone)
(3, 4, 5 - for each current or new generation of the iPhone)
TiPB make it happen!

Derrick says:

I cringe thinking about how hard the iPhone 5 will be to get with Verizon and AT&T probably being released at the same time

Redshirt says:

I remember staying up late on pre-release order night to see if I could get one of the pre-orders shipped to me. After an hour of web fail, I gave up and just ordered one for pickup at the store. I can't see it being any different for Verizon.

SockRolid says:

Looking forward to the iPhone invasion of Androidistan.

Android Fan says:

More like the 6 day war. Android being Israel

Dexter says:

And to meet that crazy Verizon demand this year as well as the iPhone 5 on AT&T in July, I wonder how many more Foxconn employees will kill themselves? :|