Apple to Exploding iPhones: Screen Pressure not Battery to Blame


Apple has finished their investigation in the case of the exploding iPhones/Pods and the results are not shocking - the battery malfunction theory has been rejected. It was first rumored that defective batteries were more than likely the cause of the devices going boom but as it turns out, excess force was the reason - according to Apple.


blockquote>"The iPhones with broken glass that we have analysed to date show that in all cases the glass cracked due to an external force that was applied to the iPhone."

With 26 million iPhones and 200 million iPods sold to date, Apple claims there are zero confirmed battery overheating incidents for iPhone 3GS and the number of reports of overheating they have investigated are in the single digits.

So are you buying what Apple is selling? Could these isolated incidents actually be due to excessive force in every case or could there still be something up with those batteries? What do you think?

[Via Mac Daily News}

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Reader comments

Apple to Exploding iPhones: Screen Pressure not Battery to Blame


I am shocked...SHOCKED...that an Apple investigation would come to the singular conclusion that somebody besides Apple is at fault in every case.

Umm, so is that better than if it were the battery? Are they saying that the iPhone can be used as a landmine?
New app coming to the app store: press hard here for explosion

There are something like 50 million iPhone and iPod Touch out there. If exploding batteries were an issue, there would be a huge class-action suit out there. These are isolated incidents, that's pretty clear. So many people have these that it would be apparent if this were a real issue.

We all know that lithium batteries will explode if they get too hot.
There is a documented case of a woman who left her iPhone in the back window of her car all afternoon. When she returned to her car she found compelling evidence that the iPhone had exploded with such force that it smashed the back window.
it appeared that the force was so great that the iPhone went flying. In fact, they never found the iPhone.

New in the Iraq iPhone App Store:
IED - Improvised Explosive Device from Al Kida
* just set it on the road and forget it
* remote activation via text, wifi, 3G, Edge, IM
* no tethering required
** MMS not available in ATT coverage areas

I think tomtom needs to provide some goggles to wear while using that dash mount. I can just imagine someone driving along, iphone 3GS blazing away streaming audio, tomtom app right along with the sun beating down it and BOOM...

Ok... Why the heck would someone tap a
screen on this thing that hard to cause it to crack??? Sorry Apple... Try again.

@Don that sounds more like someone broke the window and stole the iPhone. Lol
either that or I am not picking up on the sarcasm.


Why the heck would someone tap a screen on this thing that hard to cause it to crack???

The same people who use those lame and tiresome "fat finger" excuses.

@AlKida & Joe
Freaking high larry us!!!
"This just in. iPhone sales have quadrupled. Armed Forces and Al Qaeda says it just works! Whatever we want...there's an app for that"

"Apple claims there are zero confirmed battery overheating incidents for iPhone 3GS"
I had to get my iPhone 3GS replaced last week because the battery overheated and would not power back up.

I am interesting about what those people were doing,for what the heck purpose and were they supplied by nokia?


Why the heck would someone tap a screen on this thing that hard to cause it to crack???

Nobody claimed it was tapped. Maybe they sat on something hard forgetting it was in their pocket, bending the phone enough to break the glass. Maybe they just dropped it.
And maybe you can have a battery short out and bulge enough to break the glass. To do so, it would have to break the main circuit board, and two sheets of thin metal (one on either side of the board).
But when you look at all the picture on the web of these exploded phones there is no evidence that the explosion happened outward. The screens are simply shattered. Some images even show corner impact patterns.
The most hyped picture is this one:
However, if you look here: you will see that there is no quarter-sized circular object in the iphone at the location where it appears in the first foto.
I think most of these that I have seen are faked pictures.

Overheating bateries, yes. batteries causing discolouration, possibly. Exploding iPhones, extreamly doubtfull. Anything concerning Companies like Apple hits global news. Like law suits and tv coverage wouldn't be all over that.

If Apple can make a news story about every lame app that comes out, they gotta expect the same amount of coverage when something goes wrong.
IMO, its obvious what the problem is... These people blaspemed the Jesus Phone and got smited...

Apple might need to include safety glasses with the other accessories when they release the next phone.LOL

So if some idiot puts their iPhone in the microwave for 5 minutes and it explodes will they blame Apple for that? There has got to be some common sense out there somewhere in the world!

you all are overlooking one very important thing. what to major companies do when there is an actual problem with something? they recall it. i haven't heard anything about an iphone recall, so i'm going to assume that the claims are greatly exagerated.

Same problem with my Iphone. I have noticed several firms developing Class Action Lawsuits based on defective Iphones. Apple and Apple Stores have refused to warranty clearly defective aspects of the Iphone. Please see check my blog for how Apple is dealing with all of their defective Iphones:
Please see check my blog for how Apple is dealing with all of their defective Iphones:

Ummm.... My iphone elploded. The screen is still in tact however, it has busted apart around the left side and across the top. I have got to find an apple store to find out..."What now?"

I had an Ipod nano pop, and then emit a foot long blue flame as we were sleeping across the room from it. It was being charged at the time. I've been back and forth with apple now for the last two months now. Just wanted to let you all know, that it does happen "hopefully very rarely". Please be safe with these.

My iPhone 3GS exploded this weekend. Left it sitting on the coffee table Wednesday night (not plugged into anything). When I woke up it was busted apart. Screen not broken but phone is ruined. Made a Genius Bar appointment. Went to Apple Store and explained what happened. When I showed them the phone they took it from me immediatley and rushed it to the back to place it in a bio Hazard Bag. The phone is 22 months old and out of warranty. Since it is out of warranty they said the best they could do was to replace it for $150. At the same time they were warning me to make sure I clean up the area real good where it happened and not to take the phone out of the bag. They said it was dangerous. I asked them what happened to the phone. The tech said that the battery was defective and exploded. I asked if we could just replace the battery and he said that the phone could not be repaired. I really like Apple and am surprised by this response. I could understand if I had dropped the phone and broken the screen or something just stopped working on the phone and they won't cover it. But this is major!! The battery exploded!! What if I had been using it at the time or a child had been using it at the time.

My wife and i purchased iphone 3gs a little over 2 years ago. When it came time to upgrade we moved to the Sansung Galaxyso for the last 4 Months my wife Iphone has been sat in a drawer in the office. She rang me this morning to tell me the phone had cracked all along the back in a matter that looked as though something inside had exploded. The screens not cracked its just been pushed out of the frame. Can Apple please explain how this could be down to "excessive force"

Ok i have been doing some goggling for the past 30 minutes or so, I have found that there have been no iPhones exploding until november 2011. What i am finding is that the only phones exploding are the iPhone 3Gs (excluding the one out of the ordinary iPhone 4). one just exploded in the last few days ruined everything except the glass. I was going to list it on ebay this week because I have the New iPhone 4s and I finally have some free time. I know that just last week it was still functioning fine, now the screen is bruised, the logic board has issues because is is now bent the back is probably crack since I am not able to remove the incase case I have and the battery does not charge anymore.
Here is my advice take it into a store, call apple on the phone and report it. if no one reports this, apple will never know, which means no recall. If enough people report it, the apple will begin looking into this again and realize that they were wrong.

I wanted to update the few people having similar issues as me. I called apple and was immediately transferred to a Senior Advisor making it seam serious, he went through his steps and had me take it to an apple store. There they told me this was normal, and wanted to charge me $79 to replace the phone. So I took it back and called apple again, was told by the first person I talked to that it should not expand, then immediately transferred to another senior advisor. He went through a lot of steps to help me had me take pictures and send them to him, He said that was bad. He told me that it was normal for the battery to expand when it reaches the end of it's life, you will just not see any sign of it. So, he sent the pictures to the engineering department and will get back to me.
If you are going to call apple to report this with your phone, either they will try and charge you with the automated system, or when you first get apple support computer (not the iPhone support line, call 1-800-MY-APPLE), press the number 0 to each of the questions until you are transferred to a real person and tell them your iPhone battery is expanding and breaking the phone open. Thats what I did.
I will keep it updated of what happens with mine.

OK, i got a call back from apple, and the engineering department has claimed this is normal for their batteries when they have reached the end of their life. Hearing that, I opened it up to pull everything apart so it would not kill the logic board so I could at least have it repaired before it is a paperweight. When I opened it up the battery was expended as far as it could be.
Apple either needs to be like dell and have a timer to shut the battery off when it is close the the end of it's life, Or have a message that pops up every time you try to use it after a curtain number of cycles saying to replace the battery, or tell everyone upfront when buying the phone and charge no labor in install the battery, just the cost of the battery which is not $80 more like $10-$20.

my iphone 3gs just bulged up at the back side. shown cracking at the back... and apple denies battery does not explode... im trying to give a complaint but the i cannot get the serial number. the phones completely busted...

I had been using an old iPhone3 to build apps. I left it charging on my desk for several days and when I lifted it up to take a picture, it just shut down. I plugged it in again and tried as soon as it started again and once more it shut down. I then noticed that the screen was lifted by ~3/4 cm. I was just about to give my teenager heck for dropping it and knocking the touchscreen loose when I saw that the screen was being forced out. It had no room for movement back to it's original location. I took it apart after reading about lithium batteries and found that the lithium battery had swollen to the point of breaking rather than the slim flat shape it originally comes in. The battery was 3 times as thick as it should have been. I have been repairing office equipment for over thirty years and have never seen a machine self destruct like that before.