Apple releases iOS 6.1.4 for iPhone 5, updates audio profile for speakerphone

Apple releases iOS 6.1.4 for iPhone 5, updates audio profile for speakerphone

If you own an iPhone 5, you'll soon be seeing the iOS 6.1.4 update show up if you haven't already. The update appears to only be for iPhone 5 users and contains an update to the audio profile for speakerphone.

If and when we find out more about the update, we'll update accordingly. Have you installed iOS 6.1.4 already? Notice any differences? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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Apple releases iOS 6.1.4 for iPhone 5, updates audio profile for speakerphone


just download the new update! to me it makes the speaker sound much more clearer then before tried a call and used the speaker and i find it made a big improvement fro before! much clearer sound!

Just downloaded and updated as well. Not sure if there is any improvement to voice over speaker as I rarely ever used that and whenever I did use it, it always worked without much to complain about. :)

Question: why doesn't iTunes support OTA update patches like we have on the iPhone? I mean, I got notified of the update via iTunes and told it to download and update my phone (connected to it at the moment obviously). It started downloading a whooping 989 MB file...! Checked for updates on my iPhone and the update over the air is just shy of 11-12 MB in size.

The 989 MB file is the whole OS, the 11-12 MB is just the patch. When people update from their PC's now-a-days, it's to do the whole OS, not just the patch.

I know that... just saying it should have the option to download the patch instead of the full install. Given that I live in a country where options of 3G aren't even available yet, when I only have a wired DSL connection (95% of the time I have WiFi but there are the occassional moments when I have to switch to an eVo device without WiFi), then I can only download and apply updates via iTunes. But of course, downloading 989 MB over 3.1 MB eVo... well it's just difficult!

Tend to use speaker phone a lot when doing stuff around the house while making calls. Always felt the speaker sound quality was pretty poor and choppy. I may be imagining things but it seems the quality has improved a bit. Much sharper sound.

I don't know, maybe the title of the news is not clear enough "Apple releases iOS 6.1.4 for iPhone 5", i'm gonna call some people to be sure...

I heard a major difference last night, while talking to my sister alien noises started billowing from the speakerphone!

backing up to icloud first

updating now

took about 4 minutes to fully complete

test call on speaker sounded more crisp

I downloaded iOS 6.1.4 OTA, 18mb. I didn't download 6.1.3 since I read about battery drain complaints. Am I missing something for skipping the previous iOS patch?