Apple releases new iPhone commercials for AirPlay, FaceTime

Apple releases new iPhone commercials for AirPlay, FaceTime

Continuing their new "if you don't have an iPhone" campaign, Apple began showing two new iPhone 4 commercials tonight -- FaceTime and AirPlay. FaceTime demos iPhone-to-iPhone video calling, which has been a staple for Apple since iPhone 4 was released. It also demos iPhone-to-Mac and iPhone to iPad FaceTime, however, which is new. AirPlay highlights playing music from the iPod app on your home stereo and watching photos or movies on your Apple TV. (Of course, iOS 5 AirPlay mirroring will make a future commercial like that much, much more exciting...)

I'm still not a huge fan of the "if you don't have an iPhone" preamble, but at least these get back to more customer facing features, unlike the 3 store ads we had recently. (But hey, at least they're not trying to sell your wife a Tegra 2 processor...!)

Check them out after the break.

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Apple releases new iPhone commercials for AirPlay, FaceTime


I've had my iphone 2 weeks, I tried Facetime once and I hate the awkward angle I have to hold the phone at to make it useable. I don't get how its a selling point at all.

You can "facetime" through the Skype app for iPhone. It's all pretty useful if you have friends with webcams on their laptops, PCs, iPhones, iPads, iMacs, etc.

If you don't own an iphone, then you don't own an iphone.....
no really?
na I agree with rene on not being a fan of these but I am thinking of making the siwtch but the iphone needs to be on sprint

I left Sprint and went to Verizon in order to get an iPhone about 2 months ago. SO glad I did, the iPhone just works and it works how i want it to. Love it!!!

I used to hate this "If you don't own an iPhone" thing until i realised it's yet again a subtle yet very effective marketing idea. If you forget the arragant angle and think: If all other companies advertise their device can "also do full web browser, take photos etc..." then they are just "another device that can do the same thing as all other devices"
I think Apple's true angle is to advertise what ONLY the iPhone can do, in order to highlight what makes it DIFFERENT.
My 2¢

I wouldnt trust UK based websites. Given LTE is in the uSA for now. But your right. It wont be till iPhone 21 till we see LTE

'Or see the photos you've taken on your tv'
I love how they don't mention you need an apple tv to do this...

how the hell do you get Air play for your Iphone 4? i looked at for it in the appstore and cant find it?

im pretty sure you need an airport express its a separate item which hooks up to your reciever on ur tv.. thats how i have mine set up and you can play music through it using your ipad, iphone or just itunes on a computer.. its over your wireless network