Apple releases iPhone OS 4 beta 4


Once again keeping to their two-week cycle, Apple has just released iPhone OS 4 beta 4 for developers. You can download it now via

What bug fixes and new features lurk within? We'll have to wait and see (and keep an eye on the comments below...)

For more check out our complete iPhone OS 4 beta preview and feature walkthrough.


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Reader comments

Apple releases iPhone OS 4 beta 4


whenever i pick up someones iphone or ipod touch with a black screen it doesn't even look right to me anymore after just a couple weeks with beta 3, it's kinda depressing that blank background

How can I get this without being a developer and without having that key? Can someone provide me with one please?

i have a question that has been lingering about in my thoughts for some time, now... with the orientation lock ability, does this allow for the home screen to rotate to landscape like the ipad? i would REALLY enjoy that feature.

Fu?k tethering. They need a mobile hotspot app like other phone I don't want to plug my iPhone into my computer to get Internet

You can bluetooth tether too. So you can keep the phone in a dock charging and connect to the computer using Bluetooth!

@nestoB true but bluetooth is alot slower than usb connection or Wifi connection like a mobile hotspot at least hope fully they give us the option

most cable modems still have the ability to connect over USB. It's more than fast enough for sharing cellular data.

@ dimwit yah but they also give u Ethernet cords by default on cable modems so why can't they give us a mobile wifi tethering option

Any news whether Apple is supporting sorting by Album Artist in OS4's iPod, or whether we have to continue having to work around their broken tag reading system?

Have they / will they ever fix the iPod coverflow so that it only displays the current playlist contents and not everything in the library?

hey guys,for what it's worth:
I'm down in South Africa, & have been using internet tethering since I got my 3GS,
and I notice no speed difference between USB and Bluetooth tethering