Apple iPhone now tied with BlackBerry for US market share, Android catching up

According to the latest data from The Nielsen Company, Apple's iOS for iPhone and RIM's BBOS for BlackBerry are neck-and-neck for total U.S. smartphone operating system market share sitting at 27 percent each. Android OS, which powered a bunch of phones from Motorola, HTC, Samsung, and others, is hot on their heels now sitting at 22 percent of total U.S. Market share.

Among users planning to get a new smartphone, current smartphone owners showed a preference for the Apple iPhone (35 percent), while 28 percent of both smartphone and featurephone planned smartphone upgraders indicated they wanted a device with an Android operating system as their next mobile phone.

Featurephone owners planning to get a smartphone are less likely to have made up their mind about the OS they will choose: 25 percent were “not sure” what their next desired OS might be compared to 13 percent of smartphone owners. Those over 55 were markedly less certain than younger mobile users, with 27.8 saying they weren’t sure what kind of device they wanted next, compared to 12.2 percent of those 18 to 24.

Apple’s iPhone and devices with the Android operating system were the “most desired” among likely smartphone upgraders, with Apple showing a slight lead among those age 55+ , 18 to 24, and 25 to 34.

Women planning to get a smartphone are more likely to want an iPhone as their next device, with slightly more males preferring Android.

We know if you're reading TiPb you probably like the iPhone but what's your opinion on the survey, do the results match what you're seeing with your friends and colleagues?

[ Nielsen via Engadget ]

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Reader comments

Apple iPhone now tied with BlackBerry for US market share, Android catching up


Palm continuously shot themselves in the foot and HP will finish running it into the ground. And if Apple botches the next launch/design of the next iPhone, I expect Android to take over. That's assuming this stats aren't skewed.

Keep in mind that this is about the phones that are actually in use.
In terms of sales, Android leads, selling as many phones as RIM and Apple combined!
That's why Android has been catching up that fast here.