Apple seeking engineers with CDMA knowledge (for Verizon iPhone?)

Verizon iPhone

In yet another sign pointing to a Verizon iPhone launch, Apple has posted a job listing on their careers website looking for engineers with knowledge of CDMA network.

To offer a phone that works on Verizon network, Apple will have to build a phone based on a different wireless standard than the iPhone uses now. And to do that Apple has to hire engineers who know their way around CDMA.

Rumors of Apple letting Verizon join in on the iPhone game have been thrown around the web for as long as we can remember, but much more so recently than ever before. Many industry specialists believe the Verizon iPhone could come in the first quarter of 2011, however neither Apple or Verizon have yet to confirm such rumors.

With Apple continuing to seek professional engineers who know there way around the CDMA network, how close do you think a Verizon iPhone could really be? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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Reader comments

Apple seeking engineers with CDMA knowledge (for Verizon iPhone?)


I think it's a good idea & all but honestly I don't want verizon to have the iPhone I feel like it's a great monopoly idea for AT&T & apple just to keep away from verizon

I, like many others have been following these Big Red rumors for a while. I think that to release the iPhone and then 6 months later have the i5 come out just doesn't make sense. I think that when the announcement on the i5 is made, that a Verizon iPhone will be Steve's "one more thing..."

End ATT in 2011 and jsut have Verizon
or have a new phone in January (only us techies know of the yearly realse deals and I alsways like to keep an open mind that things could always change. Now law saying Apple must have iphones in june and june only.

i hope this happens.. because now my mom says im not allowed to get an itouch now.. shes so sure of this article being true

@J mars hahahahahahaha! thats hilarious. I've followed these rumors for about 1.5 years now and can't help but say i really think it's coming. Apple is a business, trying to expand even at the level their at. Verizon is also huge and quite frankly, blackberry and the rest of their phones aren't doing it for them. They would LOVE to have people come in their store and DEBATE on whether to get an android or an iphone. And the timing is brilliant cuz who wouldn't want to sell their OLD product. Sell 10 million more iPhone 4's and then in 6 months sell millions more iPhone 5's. 2011 = Apple.

im gonna settle for the iphone 4 for now... and if i have money by my bday, i'll get the 5... but i really think they shuld just slap some extra features on it and call it an iphone 4.5 for verizon and at&t... release the iphone 5 next christmas maybe and create a whole new distributing cycle... people do have more money and tend to save more around christmas time anyways

iPhone 5 = iPhone 4s , won't be a huge product refresh as much as a upgrade (better specs , maybe CDMA) the next HUGE jump will be when iPhone goes 4G in 2012

If there has been talks of an iPhone with a SIM card, possibly a global iPhone, then wouldn't it just make sense to have CDMA engineers as well?
Believe me, I want the rumors of a Verizon iPhone to be true, but with other rumors I think there could be more than meets the eye with this story.

the only reason I do not want a CDMA iPhone is because of those pesky cricket customers. Now we will have a flood of people asking if they can buy an iPhone and flash it to cricket. Sad day for iPhone

I see it happening but if their looking for engineers now. Makes me wonder if they can get it out by q1

Pay attention to thus kiddies, you all are being so closed minded iPhone this iPhone that who is to say that Verizon will get THE IPHONE Apple could very well be developing a phone just for solely for them that won't be an iPhone at all but something totally different and new. Wrap your brains around that remember this company has always had one phone since the beginning and no other variants

Wow, if you would stop to take a look at the help wanted item, it seems they are looking for someone who has knowledge about all of the current technologies. Isn't LTE based on similar type technology? So does it not make sense to hire staff that already is familiar? Yes, someday Verizon will get an iPhone. When AT&T has a large enough LTE network to make sense to build one. Then Verizon,
T-Mobile and if Sprint goes LTE they will have one to. Sorry, I don't think any we will see an iPhone on Verizon in Q1 or Q2 on Verizon.

It's stunning to me that the US is the only country that still has exclusivity. It's time to bring it to all four major carriers. Regardless of what the future of CDMA2000 is, they'd sell a buttload of iPhones on Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile. Period.

iphone is a product offered by apple. Apple is the world famous brand in all over the world. I think that this is a great opportunity for engineers who have good knowledge about CDMA technology. I like that apple try to launched new techniques and features in iphone. Nice idea!

i just read a news from wpcentral,
i agree that android strongest power on stateside is from verizon,
maybe it is because people finds no iPhone choice on verizon,
as soon as iPhone hit verizon, i'm pretty sure that it could make a big declining in android sales...........

@ rendy, Just take a look at the global market to know that releasing iPhone 4 on multiple carriers will not stop Androids rise to the top.

@ reny
You will see a slowing of the massive Android growth, but to think it can be stopped is a bit naive. iPhone being on multiple carriers in other regions has not slowed Android. Embrace it.

Funny how it's gonna take an army of Android phones to bring down one iPhone. Are you even capable of following the logic here?

Has anyone thought that this may be just for the iPad? Until there is a functioning native iPad on the Verizon network, EVDO, LTE or both, I don't think you can count on an iPhone on Verizon with LTE options. The job posting is for "performance engineers for all things GSM and CDMA". I think the fact that it's performance engineering, they're looking for the next gen iPad with HSPA+ and a native CDMA interface option for the iPad 2.

I am pretty sure engineer listings for them have always included those networks..... it is not a new thing, this article is purely trying to stir up rumors.

I have to agree that it doesn't make much sense to put a Verizon iPhone 4 on the market in March and then launch the iPhone5 a few months later.
As much as I want to get my hands on a Verizon iPhone, I think we're going to have to wait until summer for that, although I do see the announcement being made early in 2011.
The other possibility would be for Apple to move up the iPhone5 to March/April and launch it on both AT&T and Verizon.

I don't know. I like that the iPhone is only on AT&T. I think that a CDMA Verizon would be lame. But I also feel like, it's a business. What other ways can they make more money...CDMA. So that's fine. Apple & AT&T signed a 5 year agreement. I don't think that Verizon will get it next year. I don't count on it. But funny thing about all these rumors. They've been going on for years that you almost expect it to be true. I mean, you can only hear something so many times before it has to be true. Ha.
But on a side note. One thing I think will be big when/if Apple does go to Verizon is the fact that the iPhone will still be closed. I loved that. Verizon won't have any control over the content that is on the phone. It'll all be controlled by Apple the way it is now. I think that is one thing that I can't stand about some smarphones? "Carrier Bloatwear", every carrier does it. I think that it's crazy that I can't use Google search on an Android phone. That my default option is Bing.

No phone is bringing down any other. Android was built to be on multiple handsets, iOS on one. That's the way Apple wanted it, so now it has to deal with Android being the dominant smartphone OS. The whole one versus many argument is pretty lame. Everyone could still choose iOS if they wanted, but they are choosing Android. It will play out the same here in the states.

There's a couple of carriers in asia that are CDMA. Like china unicom for one. They're goin to release iPhones for those markets as well. I have this feeling that Verizon and apple are still talking. Mainly Verizon doesn't want the iphone to go to any other network. Especially sprint.

I for one would absoulutely love an iphone on Verizon i have been waiting forever to get one, but I refuse to go to At&t to get it. but i feel like the exclusivity is what makes it so fascinating to people on other carriers who can't get one. I'm not really sure that an Iphone on every carrier would be such a good idea. My first phone was the Razr and i remember towards the end being embarassed to use it in public because everyone, and i do mean everyone had one. I would hate for the Iphone to go that route.

Can we stop posting news stories on this? No one outside the US gives a damn about Verizon or AT&T. It doesn't strike me as iPhone news. It's US carrier news. This isn't TUSCb (the US Carrier blog).

CDMA, is old technology and allegedly it is also very slow, if you do buy into the verizon iphone, be prepared for slow and alleged, spotty service, but at least you wont have to deal with ATT, that is one good thing,