Apple Seeking More Info From iPhone 3.1 Users Reporting Poor Battery Life

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An undisclosed number of users who have posted on Apple's discussion boards about poor battery life following the iPhone 3.1 software update are being contacted by AppleCare helpdesk with a hefty list of 11 follow-up questions. These questions focus primarily on the usual battery culprits, email (especially push), WiFi and Bluetooth, and App Store apps. Number 10, asking "When you notice a power drop, does it seem to be a legitimate power drop, or rather an issue with the battery icon indicator?", is certainly interesting.

The note also contains an attachment which, when double-clicked, installs what looks like an unsigned profile, similar to what is provided (in signed form) by developers using Ad Hoc provisioning for beta testing. (We're guessing there's a reason for it not to be signed, but -- note to Apple -- signing would make us feel so much warmer and fuzzier about it). This profile enables Battery Life Logging on the iPhone.

Once enabled, the iPhone will sync power logs back via iTunes, and they ask that those logs be sent back to Apple. (Due to the size of the logs, they recommend users not go for a few days without syncing, and provide instructions on turning off Battery Life Logging once the information has been accumulated.

AppleCare as contacted Apple discussion board users in the past surrounding other issues, like the iPhone 3G ringer following 3.0, so hopefully this means Apple is continuing to look into all major issues surrounding iPhone 3.1, especially the random lock ups and shut downs (dubbed "coma").

According to our recent iPhone 3.1 battery life poll, 24% of our readers are experiencing worse battery life under iPhone 3.1, with 61% reporting roughly the same battery life, and 11% reporting much better battery life. If you're one of the 24 percent'ers, let us know if you get contacted by Apple and make it any progress towards resolving the problem (for some tips from TiPb, see our previous How To: Trouble Shoot Battery Life post).

[Thanks to G. for the tip!]

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Apple Seeking More Info From iPhone 3.1 Users Reporting Poor Battery Life


I have the solution, poor reception. Since I have updated my iPhone to 3.1, my phone switches from 3G to edge a lot in places it used to be all 3G coverage. This has made a big difference in my battery life.

I've noticed my battery drops when I play games on my phone. The less your screen is "on" the more battery life. I wonder how much more 3.1 users actually use their screen verses when they had 3.0?

"I have the solution, poor reception. Since I have updated my iPhone to 3.1, my phone switches from 3G to edge a lot in places it used to be all 3G coverage. This has made a big difference in my battery life."
I have been having the same problem! I am in the middle of a 3G network zone but the phone constantly switches to edge for no reason. :(

Man there r days I don't use the net or my iPod and my barttery will still go from 100 to 85 by 1 pm my day starts at 7am. With 3.0 i would b at 92-88 Also never had any lock ups until I installed 3.1, also have the way to low clicking of the keys. If I would have know bout these bugs I would have stayed on 3.0. My girl has a 3GS also and after seeing the bugs on my phone she is more than happy to stay with 3.0

Having a nice long battery would be nice, but not being able to even make or receive calls, texts, or use data seems like it would be higher on the "to do" list. After all it is a phone, useless as it may be since 3.1.
Very dissapointed in apple.

Is battery in blackberry is not an issue? Or is it only peculiar to iPhone. May be iPhone beautiful interface makes it usage more. But having to charge every 3 to 4 hours is not a good bargain!

I voted worse in the battery poll. My battery has been acting funny since 3.1. I've been experiencing the same "sudden drop" in battery life. Yesterday seemed to be better than usual. 3 hours usage and 14 hours standby before it totally died. I've run it all the way down to dead a few times and nothing has changed. Hopefully for us 24% they can figure something out.

My battery was dropping like 20% just randomly, and when I'd plug it in, it'd jump back up that 20% instantly. However, since I ran it down to 50% it hasn't done it anymore.

While I have the random comma problem I do think my battery life might actually be a little better than before. It's most noticeable using 3G, while streaming Howard Stern last week using mostly the battery it drained much slower than I was expecting.

My iPhone is brand new as of 10 days ago running the new 3.1 - I unplug my phone this morning at 8:45 am and now at 11:20 am the battery is at 85%. No videos, No iPod, No calls just looking at apps. Frustrating...... Very. Please help

If your looking at apps on the iTunes site, thats burning up battery searching for apps. And not to mention you have the screen on the whole time. sounds about right to me.

@ronron - I agree with you about the edge issue. I'm not sure if it's causing battery issues for me because as soon as it's stuck in edge where I know there's a strong 3G, I usually reboot which kicks it into 3G properly.

You need to run your battery till your phone shuts down by itself. Just blow thru the 20% and 10% warnings.
That well recalubrate your battery measuring circuit and get rid of those instant 20 percent charge jumps.

Edge takes less battery than 3G.
An iPhone in your pocket or on wifi does not need 3G and will often drop to edge. It should seamlessy switch to 3G when you wake the phone or leave wifi.
The quick way back to 3G, if it doesn't switch by it self, is to pop to airplane mode for a few seconds. Rebooting just chews up more battery.

There's a interesting video about spy software on Iphones that drains the battery unknowingly to the user

Was getting full reception on 3.0 at home on my computer desk; however, with 3.1 my reception is 1 bar less than what it was before. Battery life gets drained on idle much more then before. I'm using an iPhone 3G.

Can someone help me pls. My phone does not tell me if I have 10% battery life anymore. Is that normal or my battery has a problem? Thanks

I have to agree, what about the coma state? I think this is more important then battery life, but i bet you this battery problem in 3.1 is related to the Coma state that me and everything one else that updated to 3.1 is having. And if you have 3.1 and not having any problems you soon will. I had 3.1 on my un-jailbroken 3G 16gb for aweek no problems the random coma states 1 per day.

Nowadays after the 3.1 update. My battery increased in battery life somehow. Usually, I would waste about 4% of battery after reading this page and the comments and now, it only went down 1%!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING. I must be real lucky =]

I redently bought the Mophie juice pack air. It worked grat until I downloaded the 3.1 update and now the battery charge both in the mophie and in the phone drop even the when the phone is off.


... what about the coma state?... I bet you this battery problem in 3.1 is related to the Coma state that me and everything one else that updated to 3.1 is having.

The question should be "Is it 3.1 that is even causing 3Gs to freeze, or is it iTunes 9 that is causing it?"
I'm still on 3.0.1 and my 3G never had the problem until after syncing with iTunes 9. Maybe Apple's not saying since they're only mentioning battery life here.

My 3GS 32 gig only lasts 2 hours on a full charge when in continuos use. It's barely better than 1% per minute. I must take the charger with me everywhere and am always trying to find an available outlet. It's not right and non iPhone users think i'm nuts for enduring this.

My 3G lasts a day on a full charge with 3.1, sometimes a day and a half, depends on how much I play games. I had a little less battery life with 3.0 and a battery drop just once, a few weeks ago.
3G reception is better, basically 1-2 bars more.
No freezes at all, in fact I feel like my iPhone is snappier now and iStat show more memory available.

I've had some minor reception issues since 3.1, I'm thinking that's behind some peoples battery problems.
That, or whatever is causing the coma!

...The question should be “Is it 3.1 that is even causing 3Gs to freeze, or is it iTunes 9 that is causing it?”
Good question, maybe there is a glitch in itunes 9 thats corrupting the OS31 install onto the iphone. I know for me, I updated the Itunes to 9 restart, then updated to OS3.1 for my Iphone 3G and have not connected my iphone to the computer since. And im getting the coma state once a day at random times.

My wife has a 1yr old 3G and she saw big improvement in battery life. I have 2 month old 3GS 32GB and seeing 30% (best guess) Decease in battery life. Biggest drop seems to be listening to radio across WiFi and web surfing on WiFi. Given difference between our 3G and 3GS battery results and similar use between us, I suspect a "bug" in hardware programming - but just a guess.

Right out of the box the battery life on my 3GS was terrible. A call to Apple Care, a restore with no back up and no sync did the trick. After installing 3.1 it's bad battery life all over again. In Standby mode it goes from 100% to 80% in 8 hrs. That can't be right.

I left a comment af few days ago about the "coma" issue and about trying to dial a number and the phone just freezing without dialing the number. The only way I could remedy the problem was to reboot the phone. I did a phone restore in iTunes and so far it's fixed the problem. When doing so it backs up the phone first so you don't lose anything. Like I said it seems to have fixed the problem with the phone freezing up and I think I gained a couple extra gigs of memory when I was done too!

I'm experiencing battery meter jump/inaccuracies. I was watching YouTube videos with the battery meter reporting about 30%, and the phone shutdown and gave the battery drained symbol when I tried to switch it back on. Also I have had the battery meter stop at 2/3 when recharging for a couple of hours. After restarting the phone, the battery meter went to 100%. Didn't have any of these problems on 3.0.
iPhone 3G / 16GB / AT&T / Not jailbroken

For me actually 3.1 is working well. The main reason I updated was battery issues with 3.0.1, it was just not charging, I have to turn the set off to recharge it, if it was ON it just wont charge.
I was having the same problem as sudden jumps and lows in battery when I was not even using it.
Lets see how it goes for now it have resolved the issue.

I just got my 3GS in July. I can't go for a half a day without charging it. I do have four push email accounts, but this is ridiculous. I don't do any gaming or high intensity graphic stuff on it. Apps are few for me. I've tried turning wi-fi off. We don't even have 3G yet, which I have heard can be a bigger battery drain.
Apple, please help me.

Bad Apple no longer sign firmware 3.0 for those that don't jailbrak ththe iPhone. My 32 GB 3 GS battery life sucks. I went thru several complete discharge & recharge but battery life barely last a day. Wifi, push notifications, and locations service are turned off. I am strucked in 2 yrs contract or else I"ll Gi with Verizon and blackberry or HTC. Although I love my iPhone but I can't stand Apple anymore. I hope Steve Jobs would die soon. Only then there will be change at Apple.

Thats weird cuz i can go 2 days till i have to charge my iphone 3g, and im on twitteriffic a lot throughout the day

I went from. Jb touch 2g to a un-jb touch 3g. The touch is snappier but it does like to freeze and battery not as good. I went down 10% just reading this and the iPod is only 4 days old. Haven't seen anyone mod a 3.0 fw to run on this yet but if they don't maybe I'll try and find me a 3gs with 3.0 still on it. Does anyone know if u buy from AT&T if I will be forced to upgrade to 3.1? Oh yea last thing the keyboard on this thing is soo hard to year but listening to music/videos is sooo super loud.

My battery experience have dramatically improved since I have updated to 3.1, I have JB my iPhone with the pwnage tool by Dev Team. Before like every one else I have to recharge my phone at least once a day, it has been over 32 hours and my battery is still showing 80% charge. Although I have lowered the screen brightness and turned off push notification and location modules. Although the wireless has been on for some time plus used to take quite few snaps as well. I am hoping that this will at least improve the battery experience for every one, but I will let every one know as I will be using few apps just to see how it goes then.

The reason the profile is unsigned is rather simple.
If your iPhone has any singed profiles installed, iTunes will only allow you to make encrypted backups from then on. They probably don't want to force that and take away the option of unencrypted backups from these already suffering users.

Let's build an iPhone with a much faster processor that will only run a couple of any other faster portable device....duhhhh.
Apple - immune from physics....

I've noticed the very same issues. Although I've attributed it to the extra "allowed" processes such as push notification and the fact that I have email set to check every 15 mins.
I've decided to lie with the problem for now by getting one of these:
I can't wait to try it out. No point in relying only on the power cables to charge my iPhone. I carry it with me pretty much everywhere and it gets the same kind of attention that my wallet does. Ergo just as I pat myself down unconsciously when getting up to go anywhere to make sure I have my wallet...I do the same with my iPhone. It needs to be on for business reasons so I figured I'd give the solar option a try.
That said I would like to see options to assessing whether certain processes are an activity viewer as with OSX. Running the unix cmd TOP under the terminal would be nice, but anything that helps us know how to manage the device's usage would also help alleviate the "unkown" things draining batteries. I mean with 70'00 apps to choose from I'm sure there are some badly coded resource hogs out there that don't quit gracefully and thus kill battery time.

There is something funny going on in how the phone shows the usage. My normal usage is between 2 - 2,5 hours in 3 days but after 3.1 iPhone shows me that I've used it over 3 hours in 2 days which is not correct. Last week I took the phone off the charge and just set alarm for the next morning. In the morning the usage showed 14 mins ?
I'm sure this didn't happen before 3.1.

I went to the Apple Store and saw a Genius rep complaining about my poor battery life. He plugged my phone into a tester and it it showed battery life as OK.. despite my complaints on battery lasting only an hour between charges.. so because his software said one thing he basically told me there is nothing wrong! Well I would not have taken time off from work and made an appointment had I felt that the battery life or lack there of wasnt a problem! I am very dissappointed in how I was pushed aside and my issue dismissed because his software test indicated all was well... well i still have to charge my phone at minimum 3 times/day for a phone that is now only 4 months old. Sorry Apple.. Sorry genius.. My phone's battery has a problem and I am angry that I have a great phone with a less than to be desired battery and battery life. I miss the days with my TREO where the battery would last ALL day. I am a business executive and need a phone that I can talk on for more than one hour before the battery goes into the RED!
I have turned off all push features and so forth to extend battery life... but guess what.. I still only have about an hour of talk time on a full charge before battery is dead! I have had to purchase several chargers.. home, office, auto and even add a portable external battery just in case i am on a biz call and am not near a charger.. i have had to do this to compensate for in my opinion a serious design flaw!

i have been trying to figure out if my iPhone 3Gs battery is dying or what. Nice to see it isn't just me. With all battery sucking functions shut off (bluetooth, wifi, location services, 3G, push, auto brightness on screen left alive, locks itself, shuts screen off in 1 minute etc.) I am still seeing my battery life drop by huge chunks over very short periods of time. When I first got the phone in July I could use it for a couple days, now I need to recharge a few times during the day. Walking across campus I can watch it drop by 10-15% in one hour just doing some web browsing, or manually pulling my email a couple times.

I am so happy to see this post I can barely get 1-2 hrs out of my battery now and once I see the "you have 20% left that is my 5 minute warning"
This has become a real problem

When I went to 3.1; there was a significant jump in dropped calls. I suspect that its a reception/antenna issue; as most of my dropped calls seem like they occurred when a msg (txt, vm, email, etc.) was inbound. I just performed a new iphone restore and will update after a few days.

con l'aggiornamento iphone os 3.1 la durata della batteria è deve assolutamente risolvere il nn riesco nemmeno ad arrivare a fine giornata senza usarlo per niente..

Since upgrading to 3.1 the life of my battery is terrible, i;m lucky to get 1/2 a day now. I hope Apple will resolve this very quickly as i loved my iphone but its useless if it will not last a full day.

Apple's giving thought to this incident, but mum on random freezes and shutdowns on 3G running OS 3.1.

I don't know why but 3.1 battery life for me is better than 3.0 which was better than 2.2. Saturday evening MMS started working. The only thing I don't like is the AT&T service is too expensive. Maybe people should try downloading 3.1 from an alternate web source and restoring again. ????

I'm experiencing not only extremely shortened battery life, but also a mode in which the phone appears to be working, email works, but sms'ing and calling, in and out fail. The phone appears fine, but isn't actually connected. Have to hard re-boot, after which the phone fails to find a network and I need to toggle airplane mode. Awful!!
Took it into the apple store three times, and finally they agreed they needed to replace it, but then found that the phone was 15 months old and so no longer in warranty. I'd say this is a software problem which started with 3.1 and makes the phone totally unreliable. Very dissapointed in Apple, with whom I've had a love affair until now.

I was in the Post on the Apple forums, and was contacted by a member of the "apple helpdesk" and sent me the battery logging app. I'm waiting to accumulate some data logs, before I email the dude back. But this may seem crazy, but if you turn of the battery percentage, it actually helps batterly life.

For me it all revolved around MS EXCHANGE. The problem happened after a MS security update to Exchange 2003. My usage on the phone almost equaled the time since last charge. The "push" connection seems to stay permanently on. Once I turned "push" to "fetch" on every 15 minutes, my battery live went from 1/2 a day to 3 full days. I keep bluetooth on, wifi off and push 2 other email services. Exchange was the only one I HAD to change. Not sure if it was the 3.1 update or the security update from MS, but I think I narrowed it down to the later.

hi i dont know what you guys problem is but mine is at 42% i used wifi games watch half of a movie and its been in standby mode when i dont use it i also set it in airplane when at work or sleeping im on my 3rd day without recharching

the first thing i noticed with the 3.1 upgrade was that my signal strength went down significantly then the frequent freezing and the voice quality was aweful, i wished i didnt upgrade and kept the 3.0.1 it was perfect

I bought a new 3GS just 2 weeks ago in TAIWAN. It only stayed charged for 3 hours before dyeing! Then I read around that Apple messed up something making them suck dry the battery life and it recommended (internet article) that I do two things.
2. turn off ENABLE 3G
Now my iphone will stay charged for 2.5 days, but to use it I have to switch these two things on. VERY INCONVENIENT. I tried rebooting the entire thing, reinstalling the software and instead it only wasted many hours of my time and still was not fixed.
and I will twitter my complaints 20-100 times a day till they are addressed!
Scott Waring

I've had a mix of results that don't leave me with confidence in the battery meter. Yesterday, whilst reading a few RSS news items on my way home (30mins), my battery dropped from 70% to 8%, then switched off, dropping 1% every 30seconds or so. Today, after fully charging, it's stayed at 100% for the past 3hours, with some light usage. Strange

I just installed 3.1 on Sunday. Two hours after I pulled my phone from my charger my battery is down to 66%. This is crazy!! I wish I hadn't upgraded as well.

I have had mine for a week. I have calibrated the battery and it runs down in under four hours without me using any apps or making phone calls. I charged it last night and it dropped 10% in 7 minutes. With two hours it was at 15% where it stayed until it then dramatically dropped to 0%.
I am very disappointed with this and hope that Apple does the decent thing and rectifies this within days. It is not good enough.

Same issue here. Installed 3.1 about two weeks ago and have had nothing but issues with battery life. I can take the phone off the charger, not use it and it still drains at an alarming rate. I used to only have to charge it every 2-3 days. Not its 2-3 times a day.

My iPhone 3gs has worse battery life than my laptop. My iPhone will only run about three hours till it dies and that's with wifi disabled and on min brightness and now to keep power all day I need to use my laptop as a power source.

Ever since I had downloaded the 3.1 version on my iphone, my phone only last max 6 hours per day. And if I don't carry my phone charger in my bag wherever I go, I have to change to another mobile phone. I had followed all instruction to turn off application that says it might drain battery, but it's pretty useless. This phone is hardly a year old.... where is the justice to this? Apple better come up with solution soon and compensate all iPhone users who are encountering the same problems!

i do use my iphone quite alot.. but mostly for texting..
its the only phone where i have had to carry the charger with me. if i charge my battery to 100% then go a few streets away to my mates the battery will be at 90% within 20mins!!
been carrying my old phone around in case mine runs out of power.
i turn off all the 'power eating' "features"..
..but whats the point of turning them off in the first place!?
why is the batterylife so short?!?
global warming has probably increased due to the sheer amount of people constantly charging their iphones!! lol

I have had the problem too. In app. 2,5 hour the battery goes from full to 0. I have had the problem in 3.0 and 3.0.1 too, usually after a restore, and a couple of times I have had another SIM-card inserted in the phone.
My problem was solved by typing the APN-name in Settings -> Network -> Mobile Datanetwork.
With tish I also got the GPS-module to work again...
My phone is unlocked from the carrier, and the information is not inserted by default.
I hope this can help others to solve the problem..

AAAGGGHHHH!!!! Getting so sick and tired of AT&T..My Iphone and my wifes have been freezeing up on us, AT&T is offering no help what so ever and i cant take out my battery and replace it because Apple in there so call wisdom decided to seal the damn thing in which there is no accesss!!! WTF APPLE!!!!!!Should have stuck with my Blackberry Bold on Verizon!!! Plus while playing golf i used the golfshot app which by the way is great!!! but by the 15th hole my battery was almost drained..come on apple, take the time and effort to do it right and stop putting out a new iphone,itouch,ipod, etc. every friggin couple of years, the stores do not take trade ins and the late models are just there laying wherever..

I have been having really poor battery life as oppose to my regular 3G. I have both side by side and turned off Wifi and bluetooth and let it sit there, the 3GS batter goes dead 30-45mn before 3G in the two times i've tested. then i used them under some load, i ran IHEARTRadio on both phones tuning to KFI.. once again within 3 hours my 3Gs is at 20% alert, 3G still in the green zone. 3.5 hours and 3GS goes dead 3G still holds strong for about 45minutes.
Anyhnow hopefully apple fixes this.
on another note i'm going to invest in one of those solar chargers :) ..

I went a week without any problems and now my iphone is dead just an hour after a full charge. This is bizarre. No warning, just won't start up. Last time I had to wait overnight for it to decide to work again.

I have iphone 3GS. With fw 3.0.1 (original), I had battery drain issue. I turned on everything and battery only last 5 hrs before 0% reach. But after calibrating the battery (easy, all you have to do is drain the battery completely and recharge it to 100%), the battery life improve significantly, I could easily go through a day without charging and I am very happy. But when I accidentally upgrade to fw 3.1, battery life gets worse than 3.0.1. Doing anything will suck up battery life. Even standby, it will suck up 10% easily. Playing iTune, battery suck up at least 1% for 2-3 songs. Apple need to take a look at the issue and fix it quickly. Re-calibrating battery might help? I don't know I haven't calibrated with the new fw 3.1. I will do it today and give you guys update. Btw, I am an average user.

Does anyone have ipod on their iphone and the songs are stuck on shuffle?? I can't seem to find out how to get them off of shuffle after updating my phone!

Firmware 3.1 is seriously broken in other ways too. Smart Playlists, for example, are not synched properly - the play order is IGNORED. Worked fine with iTunes 9 and firmware 3.0.
Spoke to Apple Australia on Monday about this and their solution (from 2nd level support !!) was "downgrade to 3.0 and see if it fixes things".
Um... guys, HELLO ?? You removed the ability to do that when 3.1 came out ??

My wife and I both got our iPhone 3Gs at the same time. She has gone though the Coma issue which scared her.
Me, well I have to consistantly charge mine. For instance if I drive 1 hour commute in the mornign using iPod app to listen to a MP3 book I can lose as much as 40 to 50 percent of my phone's charge.
I love the device but as an All-in-One device I think it doesn't have the battery for it.

My AT&T sales person told me how to Teather my iPhone when I was shopping. He said if you want an iPhone versus a Blackberry let me show you something cool. So he showed me how to Teather the iPhone. Not only did that allow the iPhone to do what I needed it cost less than the Blackberry's Teathering. So I bought the iPhone.
Now after OS 3.1 has come out and destroyed my Teathering I find out I have been a criminal and that Teathering is not "legal" or some sort of issue with Apple trying to get protection from the U.S. goverment against us that ever do this.
Heck I'll pay for it if they would only offer it like they do with their Blackberry phone. I bought the iPhone because it had it. If it didn't I would have bought something else.
Now I feel like a crook, I also feel ripped off. And I have lost a lot of respect I have had for years for Apple and At&T.
Man I wish I had my old darn phone back. I hate being jerked around.

I use to have a At&T Nokia cell phone. And a AT&T USB AirCard for connecting my Laptop to the internet while out in the feild. I also had a Zune for listening to my MP3 books while I cummuted.
I traded it all in for an iPhone. Less devices and saved money.
Now I have to always charge my iPhone which means I have had to buy and carry chargers and external batteries, etc.
OS 3.1 turned off my Teathering so now I'm going to have to get my AT&T USB AirCard turn back on which means more expence.
The iPhone is cool and all but they didn't give us the strait scope on it's battery and AT&T & Apple are playing games about allowing Teathering. It's allowed with an AirCard or a Blackbery but not allowed on an iPhone even when they're sales forces says it was and even set it up for us.
What's next? On every other Tuesday it will be illegal to use our Facebook app, or what.

I had a problem that my iPhone failed in the upgrade to 3.1 and I had to use my backup to restore. Now the battery burns faster than ever and I get a lot of Edge in areas I got full 3G. Whats going on?

Well I am still on 3.01 with a 32GB 3GS which is JB. I am going to stay on 3.01 for quite some time until this gets ironed out. I am not exactly happy with battery life but there's no way I want to upgrade and make this even worse. Whats the point of this phone if we have to turn off 3G, Push notifications, Push Mail? May as well get a damn blackberry if we have to turn all this off. At least my blackberry lasts days and days at a time albeit being on Edge all the time.

When I push the button to use the iphone it takes up to 15 seconds for the screen to come on. Then I swipe the screen to enter and it takes another 10 seconds to get in. Does any one else have these delay issues?

my iphone 20 days old has the same issues.battery lasts 8 hrs max.and i dont listen to music,or play games.just make and recieve maybe 10-12 calls a day
very disappointed

I have had my Iphone 3G for about 3-4 months. when 3.0 Was released i was very happy with the increased battery it appeared to have. i could go a whole work day with solid 9 hours of music and still be around %50 give or take depending on how many SMS or Emails. since 3.1 after work , im down below 30% and get the 20% warning just as i get home from work. have to charge mid day now. Also i noticed my Device gets a little hotter at times. And yes , I drop to Edge a LOT now. it rarely happen with 3.0. This needs to be addressed ASAP. lets hope apple hears these complaints

I recently upgraded as well. Not only is my battery life all over board, my phone will freeze and after I restarted it will show missed voicemails and text from the past 12+/- hours that I never had recieved before.

Well, I noticed a trend here that I am not part of. My service is cut off, so I in essence use my iPhone 3g as an ipod. I never have any cellular data usage, as I have no service, but my battery life is about the same as it was, I get 15% less time or so, but no freezing, nor rapid drains. I use it all day long, music, wifi internet, a few games, twitterific, and a few other tasks, but no major drain increase like I have heard of, but one still...

I have a 3G that worked PERFECTLY until I upgraded to 3.1 ... now the battery will completely drain without warning, shutting off the phone and resulting in missed calls and missed alarms. My battery used to last for days at a time and now it won't get through the night. Apple - please come up with a fix so that I can have my trusty phone back!!!!

I had the same battery problem after Iphone software update to 3.1 (i have an iPhone 3G). I solved the problem by turning the iPhone off and turning it back on a few seconds later. And it worked!!!
Here is how:
Hold down the sleep button until the red “Slide to power off” arrow appears. Then just swipe, let the iPhone turn off, wait a few seconds, and hold down the sleep button again to turn your iPhone back on.
Try the power cycle solution. It worked for me. Good luck.

Ok, here is my issue... I use my iphone every single minute of the day so It's hard to me to find out if I am having the same battery problems, but yesterday I tried to open an app and it suddenly closes, I tried that with every each of one and it happens again! I made an update on one of them and the issue got solved on every app, the rare fact is that the apps from the firmware were working just fine. The other thing that happened today was the ipod function, every song transfered before the 3.0 and that they were purchased on the itunes store cannot be played. I said that itunes 9.0 is causing the problem because my iphone was working fine before the itunes update even with 3.1 update. Right now I'm restoring the iphone to it's original factory settings, so wish me luck!

Even after a downgrade the phone continues to eat up the battery 'insanely'. I used to be able to use the phone very intensely for a day and a half and three days with medium use. That is play games take calls and other CPU intensive activity. The phone would last for a day and a half with this type of load. Now it last about six hours, if that. That’s on Firmware 2.2.1 with modem firmware 04.05.04_G. I have a 2g iphone, which also means that the battery it has possesses a HIGHER yield. At I believe 1400mAh as apposed to the 1150mAh that the 3g posses. Also the CPU is not as powerful either. Apple is running some serious threads in the background. I would like to know what exactly they are running. And have them stop it.
-----If its not broken, don't fix it!

I join the choir. Last Sunday I went for a walk. Iphone 3GS 3.1 fully loaded. Started Runtracker to record my tour. After a while I had to switch to application Maps (a wee bit lost). After approx. 2.5 hours of walking phone starts complaining of only 20% charge left.
I'd say there is something draining the battery which is not normal. I've had cell phones since the old NMT700 system and nothing ever behaved this way. I think Apple should give the problem some serious attention.
No coma so far though, phew!

Yes, I have experience serious battery drainage even thou I'm on stanby mode, in every 2 to 4 minutes, the battery percentage drops by 1% even when I'm not using any apps, in fact I was just checking the time. Again and again, and hve realized it dropped again, time after time, this happened immediately I've updated to OS 3.1..
I hope apple will seriously look into this matter and quickly come up with a new OS version or something, that will fix all the bugs in 3.1

I haven't noticed a change in my battery was always horrible. The only time I'm on Wi-fi is in my house, and I do text a lot. Seems odd that just SMS would cause such a decrease in life. I also experience the coma about once a day. I'm so afraid of my phone going into a coma during the night, I set a back up alarm so I do not oversleep. I hope Apple has their guys hard at work coming up with a new update for these issues.

I've noticed a significant change - my battery drains very quickly, even though I've made changes recommended by others online (turning of automatic processes such as email push and checking for wifi).
I used to be able to listen to internet radio at work with my phone plugged in to charge it, and it would be fully charged at the end of the day. Now it seems that listening to the radio disables the charge, because I get a low battery warning halfway through the day. Turning off the app results in my being able to charge it, but this is unacceptable.

So.... even though I often can't make or receive phone calls on my 32G 3GS, I have noticed that my batt runs down extremely fast, and the phone getting HOT after turning on google maps, or the compass. After using these I have to turn the phone off and on after using them then it preserves the batt life. I am extremely upset about the inability to call though. an iP(what)

I just updated to 3.1 on my iPhone 4 days ago. Since then my phone has stopped responding 4 to 5 times. By stopped responding, I mean I could be using it and it looks to have 20% to 40% power, hit the top right button to put turn the screen off, then pick the phone up only a few seconds later only to find that clicking any button does not start the phone back up.
I tried the tip from another site where they said to hols down both buttons (top right and front bottom) at the same time and for 10-12 seconds. This caused the Apple logo to appear. But it stayed on the Apple logo for like 5 minutes until I plugged it into iTunes to see of that would help.
I just had to drop $2,500 for a new MacBook Pro two weeks ago because the logic board went. Now this? WTF is up with Apple lately? My Apple products have been transforming more into lemons rather than Apples.

Im having these same problems man this really make me mad. im tired of this. i had a 3g stolen then two mos later i get this 3gs on 3.1 ive had it for not even 30 days yet im about to take it back to att and tell them to just give me a 3g or is it bad too with the 3.1 update. my battery drops half way within an hour of taking it off of full charge i can text for 30 min. yall already know this ive called you and told you about it can you please fix this. wt is going on.

see ive been up for 48 min exactly and my phone is already at 75% wt and i havent done anything but check for messages and phone calls. i read one email using my wifi signal and now its at 75% with my 3g i could watch three movies a night at work and still have atleast 25%battery life left. thats 6 hrs of constant video. come on apple come on on on on on board.

Got my 3Gs in July and had heard of lousy iPhone batts before then. My only saving grace is that I'm home ALL the time, because I do have to charge it constantly every few hours, non-stop recharging probably a half-dozen times a day and more. (I am online with this thing 12-16 hrs a day, so maybe that's normal -?).
I never use wifi (none around here) or GPS or even push that I know of. Not even hardly any video, a utube here and there. Mostly simple web surfing researching reading, checking email, a little texting, some Twitter, blogging, etc.
Thankfully apple store gave me a freebie extension cord as the one that came with the phone is waaaay too short. (I wonder what they charge for that sucker? Probably $20 bucks!)
But I'm also using the thing non-stop, as an Internet device (and I really love it for that) so maybe it's normal for the batt to have to be recharged incessantly.
I never use the Iphone as a phone, believe it or not, so can't comment on those issues. I had heard of the dropped calls, bad reception issues, etc. before I got it. So I don't chance it and when needed I use my throw-away Nokia.
Since I heard of the problems with 3.1, I think I'll keep things as they are. I've never even updated to 3.0.1, still using 3.0 that it came with.
Sometimes the phone feels like it is in stall mode but I always figured it is ATT, but I don't know.
I really feel for everyone who has to be out and about with a phone and batts that are so unreliable. :-/

Recieved a text with picture for the first time and noticed I have a camera icon next to texting window. 3G 3.1 Not sure what I did to enable phone to be able to recieve and send pic via text. Also have issue with phone going dead susposidly with full charge. Phone
will not turn on and does not seem to charge except when hooked to laptop. At that time it indicates the battery is completely dischaged. Once hooked to laptop phone comes back to
life and starts charging.

I have both problems. I have had many comas but my batteries were fine until now.
Since yesterday my batteries have only lasted a few hours. I turned off all notifications and still it's draining 1% every few minutes.

Glad to know it was a problem with so many other people. I brought it to the apple 2 days ago and they couldn't do anything either. I get frustrated so I don't use it anymore. I hope this problem gets fixed soon..

I really regret for buy this iphone,we pay so expensive for the low quality battery iphone,compare to my nokia e71,i can say the battery life can 3x stronger than iphone :(,what kind of business phone is iphone? If you just have 1 phone (iphone) your business will ruin by this battery..

Ive had my iphone for a week now i took it off charge this morning at 6am sent 2 messages at 9am saying 64% battery, then at 4pm check if i missed any calls or messages and it was dead flat. 10hrs on standby you could say what a fkn joke.

I just wanted to add that I also am noticing poor battery life. I shoed an eight of a bar of power at least yet a few minutes later it died. The bar indicator seems to not give accurate indications along with the issue of it just dieing faster than it used to.
I was out of 3G range when it happened.

Just wanted to add my 2 cents that I am also having major battery issues since upgrading to 3.1. A full charge would last me usually 3 days with minimal use and now it barely lasts a day.
I am extra ticked off this morning because when I went to sleep last night the phone had at least 60% charge but when I woke up 20minutes late I released my alarm to did not go off and what do you know, the battery is dead.
This is ridiculous considering what I pay for this device! Apple get your stuff together! I can no longer trust this phone to be there for me and will be spreading the word to everyone I know.

I've been having battery problems ever since 3.0 came out. It seems like my phone works normally until the battery hit's the mid 70's and then it drops to the low 20's and keeps dropping fast to shut-off over the next hour or so.
I installed yesterdays' (Oct 6) update and hoped that was going to fix the issue but now I'm posting and my battery just dropped to 23% after very little usage...

3.1 I meant, and my phone is about to die again after 12 hours standyby and 53 minutes usage. I took it off the charger at 9:oo pm last night and now it's dead at the beginning of the work day....
a) My phone was good for 6 - 7 hours usage prior to 3.1.
b) 3.1.2 has still not fixed the problem.

I'm sick of AT&T switch my network from 3 g to edge just because I use alot of data on poker live. Do something about it Apple! Can't do anything with iPhone on edge network.

Anyone out there on AT&T's most data used " blacklist" everytime I'm on utube or poker live for 5 minutes or so I get switch from 3g to edge network.I have 5 iPhones on my family plan. This only happens to my phone because I use alot of data. AT&T is soooooo lame!!!!

I was having major problems with the battery until I restored to 3.1 and then re-loaded from backup at the advice of Apple. Still had MAJOR battery issues until I let battery discharge overnight past RED. Re-charged fully and battery is acting as if new. Possible there are several issues and one of them is the battery memory or charging circuit.

I'd been having the battery life issues for a couple of days too. The battery drained as if the phone was in use even though it was in sleep mode. I upgraded to 3.1.2 and hoped it would solve the problem, but nothing happened. After trying to troubleshoot long and hard, turns out it was app that was draining the battery life even though i was not using the phone.
In my case, it was a game called Topple. The minute i deleted the app, everything started to work as normal again. It may not be topple that specifically causes the problem, i believe it is some kind of compatibility issue. So suggest you start by deleting your apps one by one and observe which one may be causing the problem. Good luck!

I never had big battery issues, but after installing the 3.1.2 on my iPhone 3GS (october,7) I started with exagerate battery draining !!!
But in same time I've upgraded some APPS, so... what's the real problem ???

I bought my 3GS in August. I used it for internet and applications and the battery lasted for at least 3 days. In september after the software update, the battery does not even lasts for a day in standby. No kidding. I do not touch it and it goes dow from 100% to 0 in 20hrs. I have to jailbreak it but I think I am going to wait because I am afraid that after this the problem is gonna last.

I recently bought a 3Gs with 3.1 out the box... I had to restore it last night due to an issue with a corrupted app. This automatically put 3.1.2 on the phone. Before then, I would last a day with regular use (surfing net, using google, making calls, listening to ipod thru Bluetooth)
Today I left the house, and during my 20 minute subway commute, didn't use the phone at all... When I got off the train, my 100% battery charge went down to 81%!! It's usually at 98! After 20 minutes of mails, tweets and such, its down to 50%! WTF?! Why the hell did I need to install the LATEST firmware thru iTunes BEFORE I could restore it anyway?? I could have been fine with just restoring it with the backup that was already there!!
It charges slowly too... this is rediculous.
I'm in Japan if that makes a difference...

I think it doesn't make a difference. I'm in Europe, Bought the iphone in the US, and all the same problem to me. Rediculous. I haven't unlock the phone yet, but I'm gonna wait until the apple fixes this with a new application. Hopefully. Or I don't know what to do...

Hi all,
I was using 3.0 with my 3GS. Upgraded to 3.1 now battery drains like drinking a beer. My phone lasts only 10 hours.
Apple, come one and fix this issue. Don't you care about loyal users ?

3.0- 10 hours battery life easily..lots of gaming,music,surfing,mailing, talking (edge)...was like a MAGICAL DEVICE
3.1- EXTREMELY poor battery life, 1 day got it's usage as 7 hours, next day it dies in 3 hours, WTF !!!
SCREW all new additions from 3.0 to 3.1 , if this freaking lame 3.1 is taking the heart (battery) out of the device.....there is no fckin point of having such a weird OS UPDATE !!!
i will revert it back to 3.0 no matter whatsoever it may take me to do that

I am getting a battery case for my iPhone. I only get through work before I have to recharge. Hopefully the case will allow me to fully use the phone and have some charge left over at the end of the day. Look for a review at in a few days if you have considered a battery case as well. iFace is a new Social Media App that allows you to send your own virtual Business Card and Create Your Own iPhone Icons that you can call from and email from and you can attach all of your info and web presence, such as facebook, twitter, etc. Check out iFace guys. It's amazing!

Continental Who's Who on Iphone
I purchased the 3g Iphone and found that business networking sites like Continental Who's Who are getting into the game by adapting their existing sites to give iphone users a whole new experience. I would like to see this mobile site as an app. I don't know what Apple's policy is for having web based apps in their store. Either way its nice to see iphone/mobile sites that are being developed as it gives us more functionality and use from our

I have the 3g iphone and its battery only last 7 hrs max and thats on standby time if i use it calls and txt it will get a maxium of 4-5 hrs its flat every day and gets charged everynight... wondering is there a fix or if its this 3.1 software it seems to have caused it to get worse.. was going to get the battery changed but probley not worth it....

I had the same battery problem on my 3GS. I had narrowed it down at the time to something with my MobileMe e-mail account. I called Apple tech support who then routed me over to the mobile tech support who then suggested I go see a Genius at a store. I did do and they gave me a new phone. Same problem when I got home. A little more digging and it turned out I only had the problem when I had over the air syncing of my address book and/or calendars. Turning them off and I get 2 days of use. Turn any one of them on and I get 5 hours (without even using it). Seems there is some background app chewing up CPU and subsequently killing the battery. When I looked at my usage and standby times they were always in sync while the address book and/or calendar syncing was on. I'm in the process now of working with Apple on finding a solution other than turning off over the air syncing of the addressbook and calendars.

I finally got my battery problem the MoblieMe team. Turns out I have a rare issue of syncitis. The sync log on the MobileMe servers was over 3000 for my contacts and over 2000 for my calendars. (Note: my battery problem would go away when I wasn't syncing contacts/calendars over-the-air). The tech said most "normal" people are only up to 500-1000. This higher number of sync logs was causing the iPhone to work much harder and never actually finish syncing in the background (the CPU usage was usually in the 70% range 24/7). Once the tech cleared all my logs from the servers and I cleared all the computers from syncing and set up everything fresh, life was good and my battery life is now what it should be.

Hello Friends,
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Mines been fine for weeks. Then suddenly, today it starts. Within 2-3hrs it will go from 100%-0%. This happened when I synced with my pc (normally just power from mains outlet). Ever since it drains. Running a restore now. Hopefully this fixes it.

I just read the comment above... that makes sense. I'd just changed my phone to sync 90 days of email.... I bet that's it.

Hi there, i got iphone 3Gs, im not playing any games nor using it whnever im in my duty in the hospital. I leave my house with my iphone fully charged and go back 8hours after duty only to find my iphone out of battery power again. Do you guys think it's still normal??

I got a refurb 3gs, battery life totally bites. If I use anything--type an email, listen to a few minutes of tunes, whatever, battery life cascades from 99% to 85% in no time flat. Then if I don't charge it, indicator shows life don't to 65% in less than 2 hours. In fact, after charging all night, and just from being on this site and typing this note, I've gone from 100% down to 95%! Pretty annoying and a big issue for me since I'm untethered most of the day. Yeah, I'd like a chance to tell Apple what I think about 3.1 and 3gs!! Thank you for the forum.

I just bought a mophie juice pack. And for the first couple of days it worked fine. But now when I go to use my phone after a full nights charge of both the iPhone and the mophie my phone shutsdown claiming to have no battery charge. I turn on the mophie to charge it andafter a couple of minutes my phone reads full charge again. I turn off the juice pack and use my phones 3g and it wipes the battery clean again after like 2 minutes of use. Please tell me what I can do to fix this problem it is getting frustrating.

Sure the battery on iPhone 3G is not that great, but what can we do? We want small size phones, powerful features and lengthy battery life.

WoW!!!!!! just purchased the iPhone a week ago......God I should have stayed with Blackberry!!!! I feel the iPhone has so much potential, but man, the battery life takes all of that potential away. It has great apps and all, but I'mnot into recharging my phone 2 to 3 times a day. With the BB storm, I did as much as I'm doing with my new iPhone, only diff., just needed to charge the battery every 2 days.!!!!

I was using 3.0 with my 3GS. Upgraded to 3.1 now battery drains like drinking a beer. My phone lasts only 10 hours. Apple, I demand you to fix this issue. Don’t you care about your customers ?

Coun me in - my 3GS is running at less than half of pre-upgrade, only about 3-4 hours without any heavy usage - very bad. Thanks for getting the word out!

I also had the same problem with battery drain after I did the update, so I clicked on my itunes and restored my phone and when it asked to restore it to a new phone or the backup I chose backup and it redid the whole process. I charged my battery to full yesterday and today it's still 90%. so it kinda worked. try that maybe it will work for u to.The battery life seems longer now.

When you got more information, remember to contact me. I too facing the same problem, my 3gs did nothing and it will only last half day to a day. It can't go more than 1 day even you off the wifi, 3G, etc.

IMHO it's a very good idea, but Apple should approach it with care and a level delicacy. The product is excellent in my experience, but there should always be room for improvement and involving the consumer in this process is a logical step. I think that Apple could make the whole process easier by rewarding anyone who helps them track down any faults.

Still I am not using any Iphone but definitely gonna try the number 4 version. which is already available in China.

I definitely accept what you have stated. In reality, I browsed through your several other articles and I think you're certainly right. Great job with this online site.