Apple Retail Now Selling [Off-Contract, Still Locked] iPhones in US


9to5Mac is reporting, based on multiple sources, that Apple is now selling unlocked off-contract but still locked to AT&T iPhones at US Apple Retail Stores, at list price.

List price means $499 for 8GB [for iPhone 3G], $599 for 16GB and 32GB is $699 [for iPhone 3GS].

Gizmodo scored the pic above. It's unknown whether or not this is in response to the unlocked AT&T-friendly Google Nexus One being released (or the Palm Pre on AT&T... we guess), but Apple has offered officially unlocked iPhone before in places like Hong Kong and some parts of Europe.

It's limited right now to one iPhone per person, per day, and who knows how long it will last so if you want your officially unlocked device -- go get it! And tell us what your local Apple Retail Store says when you ask for it.

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Reader comments

Apple Retail Now Selling [Off-Contract, Still Locked] iPhones in US


Darn, how about the phones that are already bought from AT&T users ? Of course apples doesnt give a sh** about them...

Doesn't sound like it's unlocked to me. Just sounds like it isn't required to immediately be activated anymore. What makes you think these are officially unlocked devices?

That's exactly what I thought. This does not mean they are unlocked. And I read the screenshot page they included and no where in that document does it state the iPhone will be unlocked. Talk about misleading title. I agree with Brian said, you just don't have to have a contract to get the iPhone from there. At Radioshack you can get the iPhone outright but that doesn't mean it's unlocked. You just dont have to sign a contract in order to buy it.

cmc033098 on September 19, 2011 Giving away this ltapop because i just got a macbook pro so theres no need for me to have it all you have to do is comment saying GATEWAY FAVORITE LIKE SUBSCRIBE THANKS FOR WATCHING! Category Film Animation

You were ALWAYS able to buy an iPhone without a contract, this isn't new. They can't force you to buy a phone with a contract, because someone will sue.
If they wanted to clear house to make way for the "new" (same damn piece of plastic with a very slight modification that all other smartphones already had) iPhone, they'd lower the price, significantly
Apple = Fail!

The only real difference here is Apple Retail no longer requiring proof of AT&T contract to sell iPhones at list (off-contract) prices. Still limited to 1 per person per day, however.

Ooooo.... a locked-to-carrier phone in the iPhone vs the Nexus One that you pay about the same for but get to use it on whichever network you want.
Wanna try that again?

how does an iphone go for as much as an ipad, seriously you must think there is less cost for an iphone significantly

At Tom. Lol that's why I'm waiting for new Win Mobile 7 devices because apple steals our money.

I feel sorry for the Amercians. One network, locked phones (if done legally). Australia has had it so much better for ages. We can buy unlocked, no contract iPhones directly from Apple's website or stores ever since the iPhone 3GS came out. It's also available on all four networks, which provides good competition when weighing up service vs price.

@Luke W
That's because our politicians are corrupt. Lobbyist pay off the politicians to do whatever is in the best interest of the company they represent. In turn, these political dirt-bags pass legislation that consistently oversteps their authority given to them by our Constitution.

There you go CJ, Apple doesn't steal our money we give it to them. Our Goverment is the ones that put their hands in our pockets and takes what's not theirs. Our system of Governing is for the companies not the people.

I bought my iphone first gen a few months after the initial price drop.. apple website, refurb section $250... It was still locked to att, but no contract... Just sold it on ebay.. used.. $250..

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