Apple sends out invitations for

Apple "Let's talk iPhone" event set for Oct. 4

Jim Dalrymple of the The Loop got one of the shiny invites Apple is sending out for their "Let's talk iPhone" event to be held, as rumored, on October 4.

Apple on Tuesday officially announced its iPhone 5 launch event. According to the invitation received by The Loop, the event will be held on October 4 at Apple’s Cupertino, Calif. campus. The event will begin at 10:00 am PT.

Will we see the iOS 5 gold master (GM) on or before the event? Will we see an iPhone 4GS or iPhone 5, a white iPod touch? All we know for certain is this -- one more week and the rumors will finally be replaced with real products.

Can't wait.

Source: The Loop

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Tz616379 says:

Something that was never announced cannot be late.

Donald Kelly says:

True. It was never announced, for for all intensive purposes, this device/announcement is late to the game, I love Apple, have a MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhone 4, had a 3G/3GS etc etc, but still, even I think this really should have happened a couple of months ago.

Hedwig Guerra says:

No iPod event this year? Guess that settles it, I think the iPod is getting killed, or at least evolving into an iPhone.

DiamondDNice says:

the only thing that settles is what people have been saying since March. That Apple would move the iphone even to the fall. It doesn't mean they will kill the ipod. They sell many to people like teenagers or for people to use in automobiles where it's not practical or neccessary to also pay $2000 extra for phone service when you don't use it. People also use them just for games.

dehrlich01 says:

Tuesday October, 4, 2011
At 10:00 am
At 1 Infinite LoopThere is only one phone to announce.

A. Another says:

I read the last icon as "we have a message for you" since it's how the phone icon gets tagged if you have voicemail

Guest says:

Also could've just missed a call...

Plazmic Flame says:

This is more accurate, the phone icon gets a badge above it when you miss a call.... Apple missed our call for an iPhone in June/July. They are now returning the call.

Brad Morris says:

I think the last part is speculative. I think it simple means "We have a message for you", and that message is going to be the full discussion of the iPhone, which includes whatever new iPhone or iPhones they plan to announce, and also iOS. But at least we don't have too much longer to wait for confirmation.

TitBitter says:

Finally, a pay-off for my apple chub.

irsyadtmnazri says:

Everything from the icon has a meaning.. But 1 notification from the phone icon.. Hmm.. Rumor's time.. I bet only 1 iPhone will be introduce. Logically speaking :)

irsyadtmnazri says:

All icons have meaning.. But they left the phone icon for us to guess. I think they will only introduce 1 iPhone.. :)

Splinter Baker says:

I'm betting they will announce the 5 , then probably a week later or month later just release the 4S without an announcement. it will just be a new Economy option and REPLACE the 4 without people even knowing about it.
This goes WELL with the rumors that the new "Apple Assistant" Software will require more RAM. Which will make more sense since the current 4 probably can't handle it. So they will just Sneakily release better hardware specced 4's called the 4S for anyone who doesn't want the 5.

thirdprize says:

Bring out a 4S and then quietly drop the 3GS.

Plazmic Flame says:

The "1" over the phone icon sorta represents the skipped iPhone event that has always taken place in June/July every year so now it's sorta like Apple is "returning the call" if you will... thus the title: Let's Talk iPhone.

cardfan says:

Actually the invite didn't mention iphone 5.

cardfan says:

And you've the nerve to call someone an apple fanboy :P

Brad Morris says:

I love how everyone is billing this announcement that this is an "iPhone 5" event, even when there are all of the iPhone 4S rumors and possibility that there will be no iPhone 5. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Asdollah Mirza says:

There will be 2 iphones announced. iPhone 4GS and iPhone 5. Come back to this comment on October 4th and post here if Im wrong ;)

Jason Deno says:

The map one is the map of their address
1 Infinite Loop
Cupertino, CA 95014

Achautungbaby says:

Damn finally dat was my b-day gift from my wify. Cant wait!

Asdollah Mirza says:

Maybe she shouldve gotten you a dictionary instead ? lol :P

Ben says:

The map icon just shows where the announcement is. That is Apple HQ Infinite Loop in Cupertino CA.

Patrick Sweeney says:

Yeah, but it always does. Look at your phone!

Plazmic Flame says:

I think that's something that TONS of people never knew, lol. The map icon on the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch always displayed the Apple HQ address.

Tz616379 says:

The third icon is actually the campus address. Go look it up.

Banjoe says:

Icon 3: shows Infinite Loop at the intersection of 280 N/S and De Anza Boulevard.

Nick Powers says:

Putting money that the "let's talk" portion refers to the rumored "Assistant" feature.
I think that'll be the killer new iOS feature announced this year.

Jason Rineer says:

I like your thought. This Invite may not be hey you guy who received this invite "Lets talk Iphone"
But more Hold down the home button and "Lets talk Iphone" assistant..
Yeah.. Something like that..

Apple Boy says:

"Assistant" something that android been had and you guys are getting excited cause Apple finally intergrated to there iOS after 5 phones had been released already.

tweeterwoofer says:

Apple Boy, your Android phone is AWESOME!

Guest says:

"Been had"? Wow... I guess you don't need education to work an android.

tweeterwoofer says:

I agree that "Let's Talk iPhone" is a reference to a new "Assistant" feature that allows you to converse with your iPhone. "Assistant" is also rumored to be integrated into the four apps icons displayed. And like Apple Boy says below, Android HAS had voice integration for some time. Good for them. And good for them, they've had a better notification system as well and many other simply marvelous things. I'm still quite excited to see Apple bringing these features to the iPhone and am curious to see exactly how they implement such features. It seems like Apple's way to take what's been done by others and try to improve upon it or do it in new and more user friendly ways. I've never thought of Apple as an absolute innovator. Their innovation seems to come from the way they tweak, adapt, and integrate existing technology.

Brad Morris says:

Where did the actual invite mention iPhone 5? Thus far, the only thing I've seen is an invitation to a "Lets talk iPhone" event, which mentions nothing about iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 talk is pure speculation at this time, and I don't know of any news where Apple ACTUALLY said "iPhone 5" in their invitation.

Bluenova1914 says:

Wow really? I think it's pretty obvious.

Marc Jarvis says:

When does Apple mention the name of any phone product before they give the actual keynote? seriously......

Brad Morris says:

Says He with the name "Captain Poop"...
The point I was trying to make is that while I'm hoping they will indeed release the iPhone 5, a LOT of people are going to be super-pissed if they merely release an iPhone 4S. The point I raised is that in he actual Apple invite, the name of the phone, whether it be 4S or 5, is NOT mentioned.
If you think it's obvious, well, we all know what happens when you assume.

Asdollah Mirza says:

No one is assuming anymore. Based on Apple's past , its gonna be about a new product and it WILL be about iPhone 5 ! get back here on Oct 4th as I said ;)

Brad Morris says:

I'm on here every day checking news. I just hope you're right. What I'm hoping Apple doesn't do is release an upgraded iPhone 4 and call it an iPhone 5.

Kei says:

Posting without evidence on a "news" site is fallacious reporting. It's where the start of opinion intrudes on what should be FACT.
FACT IS they said nothing except they're talking about iPhones. THAT is it. While it is PROBABLY an iPhone 5, it's people like these replying negatively are the ones who support inserting opinion in news stories, and end up being the reporters who create false assumptions based on "widely held beliefs".
Any scientist could tell you most people's widely held beliefs about the world are completely wrong.
It's like assuming "organic" means anything, when if you break down the word it means nothing in reference to food and has no legal meaning either.

Asdollah Mirza says:

So you think they should've said Lets talk iphone 5 ? ;)
You must be new here. Here as in planet earth ;)

Brad Morris says:

There also seems to be some speculation that there are some coded "hints" in the image sent to invitees.

  1. The date: Tuesday 4 - Obviously this means October 4th, or next Tuesday, but many have speculated that Apple has picked the 4th because the new phone will be a refreshed iPhone 4. My observation is that it's a simple invite, and that nothing more should be read into this.
  2. The time: 10am - To me, this means 10am Pacific Time, which is standard fare for past Apple announcements. To my recollection, I always remember iPhone, iPad and iPod announcements always beginning at 1pm EST, which would be the same time.
  3. The Google Map: 1 Infinite Loop - Many people had NO clue that the icon for Google Maps on the iPhone, iPad, etc, was actually the location of Apple's corporate headquarters, 1 Infinite Loop, California. This is the location of the "Let's talk iPhone" event, and I don't see much else to read into.
  4. The Phone Icon: With 1 Message? This last icon is a bit more cryptic, and I think many people (me included) are screaming "WHAT DOES IT MEEEEEAN!!!!" Does it mean there is only one message, or maybe that only one phone will be announced? Does it mean that the iPhone is the #1 selling smartphone in the world? Or maybe it's just a simple message that you have one message waiting, which is actually the invite to the event?

I've even seen people speculate that the 1 can be added to the 4 ( 1 + 4 = 5) for the iPhone 5. And one hilarious reader over at Gizmodo theorized that it actually means that 4 - 1 = 3, or the number of letters in RIM and that Apple may be buying RIM. When I read this, I almost did an ejaculatory spit-take! I did laugh out loud though. I'm sure these were both done in good fun, as I think I would feel less of the world if someone out there literally believe that last one! HA!
Regardless of WHAT you believe, next Tuesday CANNOT come fast enough. The change of our regular iPhone release schedule (or at least our expectations) have resulted in sustained suspense over the past three months, and I just can't wait to have an answer. I'm just hoping the hype lives up to my expectations.

ricbon says:

its not the icons that matter, it the phrase "Let's talk Iphone".....its not tell you lets talk abot the iphone but its say lets talk to the iphone

fastlane says:

I think he might mean voice recognition... or an iPhone that does the talking.
But who can be sure?

dehrlich01 says:

"ejaculatory spit-take!"
Couldn't phrase it any other way, eh?

Brad Morris says:

No, not really. I guess you didn't appreciate the humor? The word ejaculate simply means "to eject". Apparently you were not aware of that? And since I almost "ejected" coffee all over my laptop when I read the comment about RIM, in the spirit of added humor, I used the wording I did.

Dev says:

Some of the comments in this thread make me yearn for the days of $136.87 iPad spam.

Asdollah Mirza says:

Damnit I thought you were the spammer when I seen the $136.87 ! You sir have fooled me !

Sivamjsb says:

I can't wait till 4th.... Come on

Nick Powers says:

Just had a thought that the "1" on the phone icon might refer to the unification of the CDMA/GSM into a true "world phone".

Asdollah Mirza says:

nah, just a missed call! LOL

Asdollah Mirza says:

Those of you trying to speculate the red notification 1 on the phone icon :

usmc says:

I'm going to make sure I, on a 4G network for theMeta Blog.

Arin Failing says:

sorry guys, but i gotta plug TUAW, here... there's an insightful article over there on the explanation of the numerology of this invitation. LMFAO

stefan says:

looking forward to this event AND its also on my Birthday! Its going to be a GREAT day! :)

Bmwells says:

It is on my birthday as well!

Asdollah Mirza says:

you two get a room and share the costs! :) :P

iBlackdude says:

How come TIPB NEVER gets the invitations ?
I don't understand why Apple never gives the priority to real websites and blogs dedicated to iPhone.

Asdollah Mirza says:

I think the cost of tickets are the deciding factors ;)

Raingod says:

I think we may see a new redesign for the iPhone 5, obviously with better specs. Since we get a new redesign, once 4g and LTE hits and is widely available to the masses by next year, it will be much easier for many to switch to an "updated " iPhone 5. People would definitely upgrade to an "updated" iPhone 5 rather than an updated iPhone 4. Just food for thought, as our speculations will be put to rest next week. Can't wait for that "1 more thing."
Let's go Apple!

Asdollah Mirza says:

the "1" refers to the 1 GB RAM! :)

DeLeon Hughes says:

Sheesh, about time!! Can't freaking wait!! crosses fingers for voice command feature

Hassib Tleiji says:

I'm deff. crossing over from android...I got the eve 3d and it's just so glitchy....iPhone will also get rid of my iPod touch for the gym which is awesome! I just want least 4 in screen, a5 chip, GOOOOD battery life and a nice design

Hassib Tleiji says:

maybe the #1 on the phone app means that there is going to be an iphone that works with all US carriers

Speedvx says:

How is it that TiPb didn't get an invitation? Why credit The Loop on the invites going out?

Tommy R. says:

I honestly think everyone is reading too much into that '1'...I mean there has always been ONE iPhone just two different versions of it but it's still the iPhone. So it doesn't necesarily mean that Apple is releasing only '1' iPhone. I say let's just sit back & wait til Tim takes the stage on October 4th.

Asdollah Mirza says:

Every party has a partypooper thats why we invited you! Partypooper! :P

Ilovegeorgia says:

October 4th is my birthday I'm going to be 19 :)

Tina says:

The icon's look so freakin ancient

fastlane says:

Knew, not new. Should've, not shold've. "Earth" is capitalized (and those are from only one of your posts).
Shall I continue, or are you finished criticizing people's writing skills that are clearly far more advanced than your own?

Asdollah Mirza says:

Are you done being an ass ? ;) I guess you didnt see the ":P"
Show me where I posted New or Shold've , ;) When I typed New , it was meant as NEW. Not knew here, but NEW here. get it ?

Guest says:

I doubt the "1" has to deal with the models but rather something with the call feature of the phone. In addition, I'm also expecting significant updates to the 3 other apps as these 4 are really the only ones that have never received a publicized upgrade on the iPhone since it's debut (iCal got one for iPad, and iMac, but not iPhone)
...I'll say it: voice activated scheduler. (yeah, I know it sound ridiculous)

Guest says:

Holy fuck! I called it near perfectly!

DiamondDNice says:

I have decoded the icons:
1. There will now be 4 Tuesdays per week.
2. Apple has figured out how to magically stop time.
3. Apple will unveil 280 giant red water towers to be place on freeways.
4. 1 new version of color green, referred to as "Unicorn tears iGreen"

Apple Boy says:

1 one stands for 1 more carrier which is Sprint.

Guest says:

I guess the iPod event will be later on in the year.

Roshanehbanton says:

after this one comes out. rumors for the next iphone will rise..

Mike S. says:

Of course. Then we got the iPad 3 to speculate about.

Cameron Krohn says:

"Let's talk iPhone" iPhone is singular not plural along with the "1" badge I think its only one phone and it better be a redesigned 5 lol

Jamel Taylor says:

The "1" stands for them added sprint as a carrier

Francisco J. López says:

The 1 i the missed call they did not want to take from samsung lawyers :)

Guest says:

While this is probably for the iPhone 5, I see no evidence in the announcement that this IS the iPhone 5 launch event. They just said "Let's Talk iPhone". For all we know it could be about improved talk quality. Stop jumping to conclusions and just report what was said, and if it's rumor say "we think it's iPhone 5"

Lillowernu says:

But the key here is it's on the 4th... There are 4 icons.... And the 1 notification for a missed call or vm. 4-10-280-1 decipher that...

Saisusur says:

I am also think the same way. the verizon iphone 2 has a version 4.2.8. may be 4 icons, october 4th and i missed call, meaning a minor update, may be with 4G LTE. my contract for a non-ipnone ended in august and i am eagerly wating for iphone-5 and not any variations of iphone-4

Ginger Evenson says:

OK. The invitation is clever. I get that...but did Apple expect that we would spend this much time in speculation? It's like getting eye-witness reports from the scene of an accident. Everyone has a different story.
I find myself asking why Apple has waited this long to release new hardware, whether that happens on the 4th or later...did AT&T request time to catch up? After all, they were probably losing a portion of their subsidies by moving up the eligibility dates of their customers each year...would it be complications with the new iOS? Or maybe, to offset the change in Apple stock prices since the announcement of Steve Jobs' resignation they planned a delayed release of new tech.
My two cents on the "Assistant" upgrade: Why are they focused on that?! It's a cool feature but how many people actually use it? And if you do, let me be the first to tell you how silly you look showing off in public. ('s just like wearing your BT headset all the time, whether you have a call or not. It's geeky.) I hope they are spending good energy on true native app integration, Cloud services, updated notifications, larger screen, stronger battery, increased RAM and storage....and for goodness sakes! They had better have the antenna correct!

Crunch says:

It appears that the iPhone 4 will not see but an iterative spec bump, as Apple evidently did not see fit to rent the day @ Moscone in San Fran for this announcement. That or Tim Cook is a cheapskate.

ikaz says:

No I understand there is a bigger event by Oracle at the Moscone from Oct 2-6, that is the only reason they wouldn't have got the space. Glad that they are atleast sticking the the date of the 10/4, internally.

Guest says:

Then pulls up his turtleneck sweater to reveal A COMPACT NUCLEAR DEVICE!!!!

ikaz says:

Has anyone noticed... effective Oct 4, 2011, AT&T is changing its 'Mobile insurance' cost from $4.99 per month to $6.99 per month!!!
Something to do with iPhone launch. Does it hint at the iPhone '5' being more prone to damage?!!

Liam330 says:

The phone icon means let's talk iPhone duh!

Craig24craig says:

1 could just mean don't miss it

Jaffa374 says:

Im a little unsure, do we know if this will be broadcasted live?

Jaffa374 says:

I'm a little unsure, will this event be broadcasted live? And if so where?