Apple Store Verizon iPhone orders now shipping

Apple Store Verizon iPhone orders now shipping

It looks like Verizon iPhone pre-orders made via are finally starting to ship, playing a little catch-up with Verizon iPhone orders made via that started shipping last week. The one above is coming straight from the factory in Shenzhen, China. Based on reports in our Verizon iPhone Forum, Tuesday morning is the expected timeframe for delivery.

Some orders claim they'll be arriving as early as Monday but Apple has placed holds on deliveries in the past, making sure they're ready but not released until launch day -- in this case February 10. Still, the Verizon iPhone 4 is still and iPhone and Apple may not be as invested in keeping the deliveries in lock-step this time around. With pre-orders selling out, creating the most successful launch in Verizon history, there's bound to be a lot of trucks on a lot of roads no matter how they try to organize it.

Has your Verizon iPhone order shipped yet? Let us know your status in the comments and help us keep track in the Verizon iPhone Forum.

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Reader comments

Apple Store Verizon iPhone orders now shipping


I also got my email last night for a Monday delivery after 3:00 pm. I have tracked mine and it is 39 miles from my delivery address.

recieved my email yesterday early in the morning with the tracking number.
checked the fedex site and delivery is still set for monday before 3pm

This happened with AT&T. It will be delivered on the release date. No sooner. The carriers (such as UPS) will temporality store the phone at the final distribution facility until the official release date. This I'm sure of.

While this is usually the case with Apple products, with the iPhone 4 release many people received theirs a day early - including myself. So while it's likely they will be held until Tuesday, there is no guarantee.
I would recommend checking your tracking Monday morning for updated info so you can plan to receive package appropriately.

This article is all wrong. 1-playing a little catch-up with Verizon iPhone orders made via that started shipping last week? You mean yesterday? 2-Tuesday is the expected timeframe for delivery? Everyone on the forums is saying Monday and my tracking is showing Monday. 3-No holds are placed for sure as confirmed by ups and fedex. You should at least look at your own forums before writing stuff that you pull out of thin air. Two thumbs down.

Now, you should re-examine your info. 1-semantics..this is the weekend now, so to some, Friday was last week.. and also they started shipping on Thursday. 2- Monday is the expected delivery date for orders, but plenty of people are saying on these here forums that the orders are showing delivery on Tuesday. 3- just b/c there are not holds on them now, doesn't mean that they can't or won't put holds on them once they reach their destination delivery hub.. Verizon and/or Apple can always add a hold at the last minute.. however unlikely at this point.
Before you criticize journalists, perhaps you should recheck your own assumptions... or give others a little latitude.

Keurig, I agree with you about criticizing the writer of this article. However, Saturday is still part of the same week whichever way you look at it. And NO, Friday is not the last day of the week.
Anyways, why can't we all just get along? Some are getting their iPhones Monday and some on Tuesday. Lets just all enjoy it together...

i received my email yesterday and my est time of delivery is before 3 on Monday. i orderd with Verizon and Fedex is my company.

I got my e-mail stating that my phone had shipped but when I checked UPS this morning there was already an Exception on the shipping which it says there may be a change to the scheduled delviery date. I don't know if that means that Apple already put a hold on it or not.

It probably depends on where you are located. Some of the deliveries may be delayed due to bad weather, so maybe that could be the exception? In your case, I hope so!
Mine is still on time scheduled for a Monday delivery by 3:00 pm via UPS. I will certainly be home tomorrow :)

everyone who ordered from verizon has the same date and time. coincidence?
if they put a hold, and release them on the 10th would defeat the purpose of not waiting in line at verizon

Mine shows Tuesday delivery. Ordered at, shows to be in China as well.

Being an AT&T iPhone 4 owner. I can tell you that mine arrived before release day last year. They didn't make the carriers hold the packages like in the past with some products. I expect it'll be the same for Verizon.

i got my email and tracking number from verizon and fedex it is scheduled for delivery monday the 7th before 3pm. i cant wait

Mine shows a Tuesday by 5pm. Product details shows iPad 2...? Sweet I guess.
You guys are all f*cking losers. Get a life it's an iPhone. Watch the news care about something else.

I just checked on my delivery and it says it arrived in chicago at 6:50am and I live here! I wish were in chicago so I can go pick it up! Lol. Its my first iphone and I'm really exicted.

My gf ordered hers and it says monday. I got my 3gs and iphone 4 a day before general release day.
@Linsay Take a midol.

Got my confirmation email from Verizon yesterday around 3:00pm. shipped and on its way, should arrive Monday by 4:30pm

mine says shipped on the 4th and scheduled for delivery before 3pm on Monday the 7th! Guess everyone who has FedEx will have their eyes glued to the tracking screen Sunday night into Monday! Good Luck to all with their new iphones and posts some screenshots and reviews on how you like it! I just came from Android it was a very tough decision but i am willing to give Apple the Empire a chance!

i spoke to a verizon rep earlier today and they told me that when we receive our iphones on monday we wont be able to activate it until the 10th? idk how true this is thooo

Well all you do is connect it to iTunes and it is activated. It happened to me last year when I ordered an iPhone 4 on ATT with Apple. It came early, but I connected it to iTunes and it worked.

Got my confirmation email yesterday, says my iphone is in Memphis and is scheduled for Monday delivery by 3 pm, I'm extremely pumped!

Mine shipped Friday UPS next day and is scheduled to be delivered Monday by 10:30am. My best friend works there and will have it pulled and waiting on me so I can activate it bright and early.

arrived at my fedex oakland CA location this morning Saturday 7:30am in transit at 2:30pm. I know UPS has an out for delivery on UPS truck, does FedEx also?

I ordered two iPhones about 15mins apart... One says its coming UPS the other FedEx/// both expected on Monday one by 10:30 am the other by 3:00 - so You know what i did?... called out of work lol

UPS says mine will be delivered Monday at 10:30. I hope that is true because I already sold my Droid on eBay!!!!

the verizon website to track your order is not working :( ... last time i checked it said it should be delivered by the 10th

I too have tracking for deliver on Monday. New to the iPhone world, I've read you can activate via iTunes w/o carrier involvement. If that's true then Apple would have to block activation until the 10th. Hope that doesn't happen, I'm ready to transition from Blackberry.