Apple Stores Currently Selling 22 iPhones on Average a Day?

Apple Insider, covering Piper Jaffray's favorite Apple analyst, Gene Munster, passes along:

Sales of 22 iPhones per stores is down from 28 iPhones per store during November, which suggests a 21 percent decline in sales sequentially compared to the Street's view of a 24 percent drop. However, Munster is betting that expanded international availability will help offset some of these domestic declines and is therefore modeling iPhone sales for the March quarter to be relatively flat at 4.4 million units.

Of course, rampant speculation of a next generation iPhone announcement in June wouldn't have anything to do with it... Like last year...

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Rene Ritchie

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Apple Stores Currently Selling 22 iPhones on Average a Day?


and let's not also forget other iPhone revenue streams. I am sure that some of those 6 phones a day loss are being sold at Walmart and BestBuy... Find out how many BestBuy is selling a day first please...

This is true... it's probably all the same...

  • you would need to factor in a % of people who might be holding and waiting to buy one to get the next new one.