UPDATED: Verizon iPhone event scheduled for Jan 11

Verizon iPhone invitation

Despite massive press conferences and announcements here at CES, Verizon has gone ahead and scheduled a surprise media event in New York for next week -- which immediately launches yet another round of Verizon iPhone speculation.

UPDATE: Based on the guest list, the answer is yes. Mark your calendars folks, looks like January, 11, 2011 Verizon iPhone is a go.

UPDATE 2: Both WSJ and All things D are claiming it's confirmed -- Verizon iPone event.

[Engadget, Ars]

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UPDATED: Verizon iPhone event scheduled for Jan 11


When the iPhone launched on other networks in the UK, it was announced by each of the networks, Apple had no input with the announcements!

Maybe this isn't a big thing for Steve Jobs. I can't see it, but I'm pretty sure Jobs didn't announce when Bell or Orange got the iPhone.

Ok teasing aside, who knows. When they got the iPad, I went in to check it out. The sales person could tell me all about the mifi, but just had a very basic knowledge of the iPad. The black out would make sense to train. If they are getting it, like other companies, verizon will announce it.

This is it. My friend told me BEFORE this announcement from Verizon that Apple was planning something for next Tuesday. Then Verizon goes and does something like this. You can't get any more obvious without spelling it out. I can't wait!

Sure Steve Jobs didn't announce when iPad went to Verizon but then again Verizon is just selling the iPad, its still on AT&T's network! So it could be anything! But yeah this would be very awkward timing, I also think Verizon (if they get it) will get it in June with iPhone 5!

Jobs probably won't be there. This is a new product for Verizon, it's just iPhone4 for Apple. Apple will have a press release.
Apple also doesn't want to rebuke their ongoing partner AT&T by giving the competitor more fanfare.

Hey ATT.....Let My People Go!!! I am psyched, not because I would jump ship but rather that others may go and clear up some of the glut on ATT. Plus, it's good to see Apple finally expand the iPhone to another carrier which is bound to bolster sales just a tad (yeah right, try big time!). :)

It will be nice since Verizon's network can probably take 2 out of every 3 iPhone users on AT&T's network and still perform better than AT&T.

LOL...all this fuss over an iPhone on Verizon...I wouldn't wish Verizon's service upon my worst enemies, let alone myself or anyone I cared about.

Not everyone does MM/DD/YYYY like we do in the US. Many countries use the DD/MM/YYYY standard which actually makes more sense because the day is usually the information you need (unless you've forgotten what month or year it is :P )

All of the big tech blogs (save for Gizmodo for reasons that you can probably infer), usually carrier invites go to the mobile editors of those blogs but these invites have been going straight to the head editors and top Apple bloggers at these sites. It seems more than a normal announcement.

Good to know everyone followed the "do not post" recommendations :) Apple is in a catch 22, they can't announce a cdma iPad before the cdma iPhone. iPhone from Verizon, followed by iPad from Apple. Facetime over Verizon's 3G would be a huge slap in the face to AT&T but I don't see it happening.

Good now everyone that hates AT&T can leave so I can have all my connection speed back. Please leave!!!!!!!!!!

Why is Apple not presenting? I think it's because its the same phone with a different radio (CDMA).
Who was on the quest list that make you think it's definitely going to be the Verizon iPhone?

I think they are just going to officially kick off LTE. Still no iphone announcement, just LTE. But only time will tell =)

you people make such a big deal over these networks having phones funny thing is there manipulating you the consumer verizon att and sprint and tmobile all offer the same speeds just based on where you are located. For me AT&T service is better for me in NYC than my verizon service is in my home and in a lot of other areas. its all based on your preference stop ranting and and making yourselves look like a fool over these carriers.

If I had a choice, I would definitely take a gsm network over a cdma network because it can penetrate a building better.

@Rene Didnt WSJ confirm that the VZN iPhone was going to be announced the same day as the iPad last Januray? Dont believe everything you read Rene ;)

Will AT&T still carry the iPhone as well? Like when iPhone 5 comes out in a few months will they be getting it as well, or was iPhone 4 the last woo? I really don't want to go to verizon! the network sucks here!

Let's hope this really is true. At least then we won't be bored to death with stupid rumours!

I don't know if anyone noticed the location of the event being held. Of all places, Verizon chose a Jazz Hall in Lincoln Center, only blocks from the Upper West Side Apple Store (newest in NYC) and the main Flagship Apple Store on 5th Ave. They could have held this announcement anywhere in NYC, much better places, but chose the approximate location that falls between the two stores. Maybe Jobs will make an appearance and following the announcement, head over to the Store.

@Michael. Sorry, bro. If this were an announcement of another Roid phone, they would have events like this twice a week. What is the current Roid phone count.......about 50? And can't you get half of them for a buck?
Next time you flush the toilet, remember that sound - that will be the sound of Roid market share going, well, you know where. The fact that there are only two types of iPhones on one carrier with the market share Apple has, this will be devastating to the Roid clan. IPhone is going to Verizon, boys!
As Jeff Spicoli said, " learn it, know it, love it! ".
What will trollers like freaknasty do? Can't wait to hear his clever takes......

Apple announces apple products, that's it! Jobs does not get on stage every time a new store front or carrier begins to sell their products. Rene do you ever step out of your bubble?

i've always had a theory about the iPhone 4, and the mind bogglingly STUPID Quality Control issues that has plagued it. Hear me out.
When a band gets signed to a record label, they usually sign for X number of years, or Y number of releases. So let's say its 5 years (2007-2012) or say....four devices? Okay...remember that, we'll come back to it.
the original iPhone was released at a time when we didnt usually SEE yearly upgrades to a phone model. Maybe every 18 months at best. So I'm sure ATT thought those 4 phones would last over 5 years a little better, possibly hitting the number of years first.
So, when a band releases album 3 of 4 for Label Z, and the label is mistreating them, or not living up to their promises. Or in ATT's case- dropping every call left and right-and being generally panned by the industry for having a subpar 3G network...that band usually throws out a half assed "Greatest Hits" or Compilation album. They half ass a few new songs or demos or whatever to give it something extra-and call it a day.
My theory is that the iPhone 4....was Apple's "Greatest Hits" just to get out of bed with AT&T exclusively. It makes sense when you think about it. There's no feasible way that alot of things-especially that damned antenna issue got through QC by accident....

@John Oleson
I would hardly consider the iPhone 4 a "greatest hits"...
Perhaps you would have a case with say, the 3gs but not the iPhone 4. Why would Apple add retina display, faster processor, a better camera, a front camera, facetime, etc if they just wanted to meet their contract obligations?
I would say that Apple isn't overly concerned with getting off AT&T. I'm sure Apple will sell more iPhones with Verizon but we probably won't see Apple make a big deal of it until the iPhone 5 is released. I'm still not convinced that this is the iPhone on Verizon anyways.
tl;dr If Apple was so concerned with getting off AT&T Steve Jobs would be presenting Jan. 11.
Ps. I live in Canada and haven;t been plagued by "quality control" issues...

I honestly think this would put a stab wound into into AT&T. Everyone I know (including myself) with an iphone is ready to "Jump Ship" if it is brought to ANY OTHER NETWORK let alone Verizon.

I'm just happy for those who have better service with Verizon and wish to have the iPhone. As for myself, AT&T works just fine so I have no reason to switch. Like what has been said time and time again, pick your network and then pick your device.

I just hope Verizon doesn't bring out their mustache toting 70s looking executives for this announcement - their event yesterday was HORRIBLE! Only bright side was the stream of Asian corporate executives you couldn't understand showing their own copy-cat versions of Apple products in another stream of boring Android.
Heck even the chick in the news conference had a stash I believe! Doubt me, go look for yourself...

I want this soooo bad. But i hope it has 4g hardware in it that makes it compatible on 3g for now and 4g also (when they reach more coverage). Its not impossible. They did so with the motorola Xoom

Well, I don't think it will be to announce the iPhone on Verizon, probably has to do with LTE and product, plans, and time frame. But Verizon is smart in that they are using all the hype of getting the iPhone their advantage.

I just heard someone from Verizon farted at exactly 9:30pm, which means that they will be announcing the iPhone on Verizon!!!! It does not get any more concrete than that.

It will be so freaking funny if it was something else, when they announce some new LTE devices I would love to capture everyones face who thought it was an iPhone launch. Than I will use those pictures as post cards.

Best part about this is we can stop being inundated with rumor stories every 30 minutes or so. Although you guys are going to need new material to fill space around her now Rene. :)

I find it hard to believe that Jobs & Co. will allow a carrier to make such a monumental US announcement. I could be totally wrong but only time will tell...

I would hold off. If it is really true, and barely 150 days until iPhone 5, and you signed a two year contract. Not sure how verizon will deal with this. Even if you get the early out deal, it will not be long until iPhone 6. They will have to do one year contracts. It makes better sense to sell more phones.

Yawn.... Ya me too gonna sell my iPhone today on eBay cause YES the iPhone is going to Verizon. I'm gonna have to pay the early termination fees and give up on my grandfathered unlimited plan fore hopes that Verizon will keep there's. And then pay for the new phone and start all over again. And then GETS BETTER. If iPhone 5 gets released in June on AT&T and I'm stuck on Verizon I'll just sell that phone and bla bla bla you know.....some of you are idiots.
ATT&T all the way, I have no reason to switch. Give me some REAL good reason to.

i cant wait for it to come out to verizon ! its about time ! it would be better if the iphone and the torch for verizon are announced at the same time :)

I sure hope this iPhone has a lte radio in it, otherwise verizons network will be even slower than it already is.

I find it hard to believe that VZ will get the iPhone until an LTE iPhone is developed by Apple. Who wants an iPhone when you cant use voice and data at the same time? Who wants an iPhone on a slower network? It's not like the iPhone on Verizon will automatically be better. Depends on where your located and the differences between service providers. To be honest there are not big deferences between Verizon and AT&T where I am located so I knwo I have no need to switch. Also I am still on unlimited data plan with AT&T so that means nothing to me :)

i find it hilarious that verizon is getting the iphone after that smear campaign it pulled when the droids came out.

I don't think its a Verizon iPhone. Apple would hold its own media event to announce that sort of thing. There is no reason for apple to give up the spotlight to another company and just be a side bar (though be it a very large, much anticipated side bar). Its not Steve Jobs' style. Thats why I think its something else and Verizon is hoping for the extra publicity about the iPhone.