Apple Says: This Year, Give iPhone

Apple Says Give iPhone

Apple is sending out an iPhone related marketing email, encouraging people to give the gift that keeps on... making Cupertino millions?

Thousands of Gifts. One Box.

With tens of thousands of apps on the App Store and more added every day, iPhone is much more than just a phone -- it's a gift that can give just about anything.

They pimp the Apple Store iPhone Gift Card, some choice accessories, and Apple services

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BrianAllen says:

Umm NO!! Waiting till that fateful day @ WWDC 2010...when the next one is released...

Brian says:

got my girlfriend a gift card good for a 32GB 3GS. I'm waiting til the 4th gen to upgrade mine though.

Dman says:

Let's see, give a gift that costs the recipient $80/month for the next two years? Nah.

icebike says:

That's exactly my thought.
Anyone who can afford the dataplan can afford the the phone, and if they can't afford the phone the won't appreciate being saddled with the data plan.
The Gift that Keeps on Taking...
So that leaves immediate family and loved ones as the only people I'd consider giving an iphone to.

MexiChriS says:

Pretty smart but simple market scheme on there part. I for one though, am getting this, for myself haha irregardless of the insane data plan! T-mobile just sucks to be using an iPhone (plus the 3G version is horrible), time to upgrade my service & model iPhone.
Worked hard & struggled to much this year, i deserve a good gift, and since no one's giving in to handing me one. I got myself covered! =]]

  • MexiChriS
cardfan says:

Which is why phone prices are insignificant to me. 99, 149, 199..who cares? You're paying 80 a month or more.
When people say the Pixi, for example, is just a wonderful idea for beginners at even 30 reaction is that they're nuts. Paying a premium plan for a cheap low end phone is silly.

C.J. says:

I can think of no better gift to give a family member or friend than an $80/month phone bill. "Awww's a mobile phone...uh wait, am I gonna have to pay for this each month?"

Brian says:

the truth of the matter is that most people who would get an iPhone already have a monthly cell bill and have shown interest in owning an iPhone. if they've expressed willingness to pay the bill, I can't think of a better gift that fits in your hands and does millions of things.

icebike says:


if they’ve expressed willingness to pay the bill,

What the hell does that mean?
You have people on your gift list that call you up and express a willingness to pay a phone bill?
Seriously, who does that except a teen-ager, who really means they are willing for their parents to pay the bill.

Brian says:

@Icebike I often times feel that people who comment these posts have no clue. if you need to know an example, my gf expressed the desire to own an iPhone and that she wouldn't mind the monthly cost because she would use a ton of features everyday. I don't see the difference between that or her choosing to buy the phone for herself and pay the bill, other than her saving $300.

Oboewan says:

Or you can get them an iPhone gift card. If they want an iPhone and want to pay the plan, they spend it on an iPhone. If not, they can use it for an iPod or towards a Mac or anything else at the Apple Store.

Abby says:

my iphone 3gs plan is only $30 a month, i dont know where you got the $80 from