AppleCare+ program raises iPhone deductibles, adds iPods, and launches in select European countries

AppleCare+ program raises deductibles, adds iPods, and launches in select European countries

Apple has just made some updates to their AppleCare+ program including making the service available for iPod touch and iPod classic owners. Most notably, the deductible for a broken iPhone replacement will be increased from the current $49 per incident to $79. AppleCare+ plans are also now available in select European countries. From what we can see, for now that includes France, Italy, and the UK.

AppleCare+ replacement plans for iPhone and iPod will still remain at $99. The deductible to replace a broken iPod touch or iPod classic will be $29 per incident and can be used for up to two incidents within 2 years. The two incident rule remains the same for iPhone users as well but the deductible per incident has risen to $79 instead of the current deductible of $49.

As usual, it will extend your standard warranty to cover accidental. You'll be covered for defects and damage for a full two years from your purchase date.

Source: AppleCare

Allyson Kazmucha

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rewNATION says:

right now i'm trying to find out if i can still get replacements for $49 cuz thats how much they were when i first signed up for applecare+. I kinda doubt it though as apple tends to be on the greedy side just like microsoft

Allyson Kazmucha says:

If you bought it at that price, they have to honor that price. These should be just going forward.

Seabassthegreat says:

Talked to my friend who works for AppleCare 24 hour support and he confirmed that the $49 deductible is grandfathered to the original phone it was purchased on.

Only new phones being purchased from here on are required to pay $79 deductible

And the out of warranty (OOW) replacement fee went up on the original iPhone 5 from $229 to $269 (this info available on apples support website)

heberman says:

I bought an iPod touch for my daughter 2 months ago. Can I add coverage for it now?

MadamRock says:

I believe AppleCare+ has to be added within a month of purchase, if I remember from when we got my husband's iPhone 5. You can always call your Apple store and check.

Allyson Kazmucha says:

Apple's website actually says at the time of purchase now.

MadamRock says:

How would that work then if you buy it from a carrier?

Allyson Kazmucha says:

I know our local carrier stores have AppleCare+ boxes available for purchase. I've seen 30 day wording too but the Apple site says at the time of purchase now. Which is why I'm confused.

graysonip says:

Apple should honor the $49 replacement cost for those who signed up under those terms. I don't know if they will, but if they don't, I gather that they risk a litigation challenge.

Nycegye says:

Just a small correction is that the AppleCare+ for the iPod is only $59 dollars here the deductible is still the $29. Also it seems from browsing that you can't even add AppleCare to the nano anymore. Hmmm...interesting

cctpitts01 says:

Wow they raised the deductible? Is there any reason for doing so?

aferlynn says:

So I'm confused - in february, I got my iPhone replaced (broken screen / broken back, and was randomly shutting itself off) for $200 to get a brand new replacement out of warranty at the apple store. I had always wished they had Applecare+ when I bought it (I'm really rough with electronics.. glass phones are not ideal for me!)

But if it's $100 for applecare+, and then another $80 to replace the phone when I break it, that's $180 total spent. Why would I buy applecare+ if I can just get a $200 replacement instead when I actually break it (instead of buying applecare+ "just in case").

The only logic I can see is maybe if I accidentally break it twice in two years....?