Apple's iPhone Developer Connection Site Down-ish?


TiPb is getting reports that Apple's iPhone Developer Connection site is down for update, although it looks like some are logging in fine, and others get the update warning at first, but can log in fine later.

Whether this is just some form of maintenance, or something is actually being changed, is uncertain. We haven't seen iPhone 3.1 Beta 4 yet, even though Beta 3 was released two weeks and a day ago, and the site hasn't been taken offline for previous betas, so the obvious guess may not be so obvious after all...

More if/as this develops. (Pun only partially intended.)

Rene Ritchie

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Fahim says:

Actually, that appears to be some sort of Safari bug since most, if not all, people reporting it appear to be browsing using Safari. If you delete ADC related cookies in Safari and try again, the site displays fine :)

stuffradio says:

I'm a developer and I can log in fine using FireFox.

earless puppy says:

Does this have to do with the Safari update today, maybe they want you to update it...

Sean says:

Using Chrome, I'm logging in fine.

Critter says:

I received that notice using Firefox.. was able to login later in the evening.. shrug