AT&T activates 3.6 million iPhones in Q1, 2011

AT&T activates  3.6 million iPhones in Q1, 2011

AT&T has just finished their Q1, 2011 quarter, which saw 3.6 million iPhone activations, 1 million more than the same time last year. And that's with a Verizon iPhone launch right in the middle of it. So was AT&T unfazed by the new competition, or would they have activated even more if Verizon still wasn't on the scene?


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AT&T activates 3.6 million iPhones in Q1, 2011


I actually have found AT&T customer service better than Verizon lately. AT&T is also hosting small business seminars and added value. Although I don't hear any complaints about Verizon service from students getting Verizon iPhones.

I've never used AT&T but verizon's Customer service is terrible and their corporate stores are even worse than the staff on *611. The ones in the store are unhelpful and rude.
I am seriously thinking of jumping to AT&T. My Data speed is apalling under verizon (.02 down and lucky if I get any data up) when at home and I have to rely on the wireless at the house. I actually got a range booster added to the wireless so that I can be connected anywhere on my property to the wireless, actually anywhere in for 1/2km in any direction from the house. Verizon wanted me to pay for their 3G extender and pay for any data used when connected to it. I told them to run and jump on that one LOL.

Dose it really matter, you can get the iphone on the top two carriers in the us. The competition will be good for the consumer. The more carriers that have the same phone will force them to compete on the service and not what handset you have.

The carrier issues with the iPhone are agonizing. I have a 3GS and therefore AT&T, and I've found their in-store reps and phone reps pretty professional and engaging. I also pay a heck of a lot less for service than with Verizion (and I'm grandfathered in on the unlimited $30 iPhone data plan). Every time I've been in a Verizon store, they seem to have attitudes. Last time I was in there, the rep was really condescending and nasty to a poor guy who didn't speak terrific English and was trying to understand...not to mention paying the premium for their network (which really I'm willing to do for a superior network, perceived or otherwise)...I'm very disgusted with Verizon's attitude.
So here I sit--an inferior GSM network that drops calls, is cheaper and has faster data Vs. a slower data network and jerks in the store. So I think I'll wait for the "5", "4s", whatever else they're going to call it.

Amazing!! Somehow you are paying "a heck of a lot less" while paying the same price. How do you do it?!?

Don't forget, AT&T activated a lot of low-price iPhone 3GS phones which may be hiding their iPhone sales loss. As far as I know, the models of iPhones sold were not disclosed, only that they were iPhones. At&t might yet feel quite a bit of pain when the next version of iPhone comes out.

I went to a brand new (less than 6 months open) stand-alone Verizon Corporate location when shopping for a phone last June and couldn't believe they had ZERO real phones to play with. All they had were Android phones with stickers on the screen to "simulate" what the display would look like.
I insisted I wasn't about to commit thousands of dollars in contract and purchase fees if I couldn't handle a real phone and see what the OS was like. I'd just been to an AT&T store, and played with several real activated phones including the iPhone 3gs and 4 and been blown away by the 4 (which had of course just arrived).
At Verizon the salespeople begrudgingly opened and unboxed a new phone (some sort of Droid) from their retail stock, put in the battery, turned on the power, and handed it over saying, "Here you go!"
Wonderful. It boots to a screen telling me it needs to be activated. No home screen access, no apps, no browser, no wifi, no 3G, nothing. Are you kidding me? This is how you sell things?
Finally another salesman gives me his personal phone since I insisted I wasn't going to commit to a phone I knew nothing about. He says "but don't look at the pictures." Unbelievable. I went back to AT&T and bought the iPhone.

Im not sure what state all of you guy are in but here in NYC the Verizon reps are pleasant, at least at the corprotste location I made my purchase at. I formerly ha an AT&T iPhone for 2 years and dropped a countless number of calls, had various customer service nightmares and a generally terrible experience. I even paid the ETF to leave AT&T and join Verizon. Thus far, my time on Verizon has been excellent, customer service reps have called to ensure that my experience is second to none and when i did have an issue, the reps over the phone were quite pleasant. I think Verizon is changing their attitude and upgrading their customer service whereas AT&T has a lot to live up tonin the service and customer service departments.