AT&T Data Outage in California? Is Your iPhone Offline?


TiPb is getting reports of an AT&T data network outage in California. If you're having trouble connecting to EDGE/3G with your iPhone, let us know where and when in the comments, and if it comes back up, let us know that as well.

[Thanks to Luke for the tip]

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AT&T Data Outage in California? Is Your iPhone Offline?



No 3G in San Francisco, Calls dropping. Ironically more iPhone users are having the issue. I only Edge/ No service all day long.

I'm in SF. I called and asked if there was an issue. I was told yes. I was also credited $30 to my account. I said that was great but not necessary, I only called to see if there was a problem, and she said she was sorry I was not happy and to not worry about the full, one month data credit.
They may not be perfect but I've never had bad service since I went iPhone!

PS: I also suggested that in the future they send a text to all 3G customers so they are aware of a known issue. I'm not holding my breath but she thought that was a good idea.

3:44pm, in what timezone? It's 14:24PDT here in the SF bay area and data has been working fine all day.

I'm in San Rafael and on EDGE right now, I've always gotten 3G here though so guess something is up.

Moorpark, Thousand Oaks, Agoura CA ( North LA county / Southern Ventura County ) all on 3G, might be a tad slower than normal though.

In Sunnyvale, CA and the service is up with full 3G. I think the outage is just north of me. I am heading north to SF after work and will check the signal on the way home. Good thing I ride with another person so I won't have to drive and play with my iPhone at the same time. LOL. I want the $30 service credit and AT&T to get the issue resolved ASAP. Nothing like a working iPhone.

SF - phone stop working this morning at around 10:00 AM PDT. No outgoing or incoming calls. Called ATT they got my phone back up but told me that 3G is down in several spots in Northern Cali including some places in SF. This is also what knocked my phone service off line all together. I have only been able to use edge since.

Didn't notice on my iPhone (San Diego area). But then I've been busy at work.
Still, "In California" is kind of like saying "I ate schitzel in Germany." CA is a big place.

It was out the entire 101 corridor from San Rafael to Santa Rosa between 11:30 and at least 2 today

San Francisco. No 3g and very spotty Edge. My phone's been acting up since Saturday. I practically had no data on Sunday.

Edge only from Pacifica south to Belmont today -- sf bay peninsula. Sometimes no service at all

Only in edge in downtown mountain view all day so far!! Can barly reach anything on edge either

I'm in Mountain View, CA and first noticed it this morning around 9:30am PDT when both voice and data were not working. I called it in around 9:45am and there was no word on their end that they were having issues. About 30-45mins later voice was working but both my iphone and an end users blackberry were bouncing back and forth between Edge and 3G. Now at 3:25pm we're still on the Edge for data. Phone calls seem to be working both incoming and outgoing. Visual voicemail is hit or miss at this point.

Just talked to AT&T; they CONFIRMED an outage for SAC, Reno, SF, since 9:33am. No estimated uptime.

10:30 this morning it was down in OAK and ally drive to San Mateo. Seems to be fine in San Jose.

Well thats interesting, 2 minutes after i posted on here about it it came back on
Concord, CA back on 3g

My girlfriend lives in Reno and I just got off a 3 hours phone call with her.. I live in Fairfleid Ca. Everything is good in both places. and @soco_john, Verizon doesnt have 14 million iPhones on their network.

Shitty service throughout San Francisco and down the caltrain line to Redwood City for the past month. Today is just a little extra gift from AT&T.

3G seems to be back on (4:17pm PDT)in Mountain View however phone calls are failing and sounding poor.

I live outside of Houston, Texas. I was looking at my account on my iPhone and noticed there was a message that they were having issues in my area. About 2 minutes after that I lost all coverage for about 5 minutes.

Just called AT&T @ 4:30pm(PDT) and they said that there is an outage in S.F. & Reno and that they are updating the following ticket every 45 mins:

For those responding with "3G in on": can you get data?
I've been in quite a few situations lately where my phone has 5 bars of 3G but cannot get data (checking multiple websites).

3G back in Millbrae, CA area. I called ATT and requested a credit, and received $25 credit (be sincere). Internet is either normal or super laggy.

Just off the phone with ATT customer rep and she acknowledged degraded service in NorCal and offered me $53 credit. She said the service will be back by noon tomorrow. For $50 I can live with it :)

I was in Cupertino today. Apple's own turf and I had absolutely no service sitting right in their parking lot.
Everything is good now though.

@Gregg but I'm sure Verizon has that amount if not more data users.yes it is 14 million iphones but the iphone isn't the only device using data. There's more people not using an iphone than there are people using one. What I'm saying is, can you REALLY blame the iphone for the data outage or is it safe to say regardless if AT&T has 3G or not, they still suck AND what good is 3G if you can't access it?? Do I have a point or am I just ignorant? Lol

San Francisco 94121 ... on EDGE (with a wireless card and a nokia n95-3) since about 1000 PDT. 3G seemed to come back at about 1800 PDT.

Cannot Open Page... Safari could not open the page because the server stopped responding. Gotta love at&t! (San Francisco, CA) No 3G or Edge!

@ Soco_jon, I was just saying that the iPhones use 3-4 times the Data and Bandwidth as any other smart phone so its more like 50 million users on the network, then add the other 55 million regular phone users and the network is really taxed. I mean they added 5.9 million iPhones last quarter alone. I think they are holding it together decent. Then considering they are in cell phone unchartered territory. No one expected it to be as hard to handle as its become. I mean Im sending 10MB videos directly off my phone, who else does that? Blackberry limited to 600kb.

@ Gregg ok you got me! Lol you got me. I'll close the debate.but it must suck to have as many outages as AT&T does and have your service limited and I feel sorry for the people who aren't getting credited. I hope AT&T gets their stuff together so I can get another iphone. Lol I'm just being a hater hahaha

Santa Rosa, CA, 3G won't let me even visit google search with 5 bars. EDGE works just fine for me and is ironically faster than 3G.

@soco_jon.. I know you are :P They will come together. They have alot to shoulder. take care..

It's 10 pm in Santa Rosa, no 3G all day. Just spoke with ATT, they said they were working on the problem fast as possible! They offered me a lousy $5.00 credit. what cheapskates.

Data plan is 30 days for 30 dollars.
They are paying you 5 days worth for a one day outage.
They probably thought they were being magnanimous.

in Temecula bout an hour north of San Diego, no service, neither does my brother or my girlfriend. just went out about 15 minutes ago. anyone else in this area got service?

No voice service in Moreno Valley whole coonected to 3G. Switch to edge and I have all service.

No service whatsoever in So Cal-Palm Springs area since about 10pm. Phone keeps searching for signal.

On and off in Riverside at best. I wonder if they're updating the network for internet tethering and MMS...

I'm fine in Los Angeles with voice and 3G. Fiancee is out in Palm Springs, says she and four other AT&T subscribers at her hotel lost all voice and data on their phones.

I'm in Orem, UT and currently I'm only able to connect to EDGE. When I picked up my phone after setting it down several hours ago, it didn't have any data connection till I turned the phone off and back on. I figure that AT&T maybe doing some sortot maintenance work.

Lake Elsinore ca. , usually have full signal at my home. For the last hour or so it's been "Searching... " then I get a bar or two for a minute then back to searching. Using OS3.1 b3

Yea, i'm in murrieta temecula are, 3g and edge fuckin DOWN!!!! Mother fuckers, I bet my girlfriend thinks I'm not responding to her calls on purpose now, thanks AT&T :-p

3g has been down for almost 2 hours. palm springs, ca.
thought it was my phone, but i guess it's just a service issue.

Murrieta went out around 10:30 PM PST tonight and still has not been up. What the hell is going on. Fix this!!! The edge network is not even accessible. WHY???

Hemet, Ca. went out about 10 PST. No 3G and once in a while get Edge (2 bars) where normally I'm 5 bars on 3G. I was on the phone too. My iPhone 3G is down, parents' phones (Samsung and a Bold) went down too. I'm on call for work, I better not miss anything important!

Fontana, ca. I was having 3g problems around 11pm or so. It was switching between no service and edge. After restarting about 5 times, I just thought it was my phone. It's 3am now and 3g is up and I have full bars.

In Daly City, I normally only get edge at my office but full bars for voice. I am consistently getting 3g right now as well as full bars. Perhaps at&t is updating their equipment??

As of 9:25am(PDT) service seems to be back up in Mountain View, CA On the phone now with AT&T to see if I can get some credit for my company.

Family plan with two iPhones in SF -- got a $50 credit for yesterday's mess up and the month-long series of dropped calls.
Not even funny but I got dropped while on the phone with 3 reps. One called me back but only once.

I'm in Riverside and it went out at about 10pm last night while I was talking on the phone...went to sleep at midnight and its working today with small glitches. My call was dropped this morning and the other person tried calling me back thy heard nothing (dead air) we'll see what happens the rest of the day!

No data connection for me in Bakersfield, CA. I have two iPhones on my account and neither can connect to data...

Full 5 bars and 3G in Temecula, CA - but NO data. Voice and SMS seem to be fine. Data connections popup something about the cellular data network being disconnected.

San Diego here, 3g and Edge both show as active but phone has no data connection nothing works...

San Diego, phone shows 5 bars of 3G goodness, but unable to connect to data network. Phone and SMS seem to work fine.


In Orange/5 freeway by crystal cathedral, 5bars 3G shows on iPhone but data network is sooo not working well at all..... Calling AT&T for a credit. I pay waaaay too much on 2 iPhones for this B.S...

San Diego, full bars and 3G and Edge are running slooooooooooooooooooooooooooow for about 1 1/2 hour.

I am currently working in Calabasas and I have no 3G or Edge. I will be headed home to the Thousand Oaks area where I read it is fine. My Pandora stopped working and it will not connect my email accounts, facebook or At Bat 2009. Good thing the day is over. Just started happening about an hour ago.

Two hour bus ride, culver city to downtown LA, 2:50pm-4:50pm
LA Metro+barely a spot of AT&T data function=suck_squared.

Dead all afternoon from Pomona, Chino, Riverside, and Moreno Valley. Will try in Elsinore and Corona on the way home. Both edge and 3g are dead.

Currently - Los Angeles area - on 3G....but NO blackberry and No NAV/GPS service. Experienced the problem since around 3pm.

to add to my earlier post: called ATT wireless 800 to inquire about the outage. Their reply...."Oh, I haven't checked if there's an outage report recently...." HELLOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! They don't know????

So, ATT reps can't explain why the outage. This is messed up. Anyone out there know why and any ETA on return to normal service? Thanks.

Both of our iphones are dropping calls.. One ring then "Call Failed".. Been going on for the past 4 hours..
Sherman Oaks

La jolla (San Diego) - completely lost service for a few minutes aroung 9:25 then came back to 3 bars. Whoops, just went out again.

Holy Crap, I thought I was the only one dealing with this. I've had crappy service here in SF. Especially around the VAN NESS and POST area / City Hall. What frusterated me is at my GYM on POST and VAN NESS always had 3G service since 3G came out. Starting since late JUNE my Gym has EDGE only and SUPPPPPPPPEEERRRRR DAMN slow. I have the IPHONE 3GS and was getting pissed that this was happening. I called two different times to 611 and they checked and said everything is fine in that area. I told them to put a damn service ticket and check the damn towers, LOL. I said there is a Verizon store right across the street and might be tampering with them, LOL. Anyhow......hopefully it gets resolved ASAP!

sherman oaks... call failed millions of times. internet went out, then text followed. Now have to send and resend text to finally get them to go through. Emails and texts coming through but difficult to send. called ATT, they said there was a problem on the 3rd and has no idea of an outage today. I had perfect service on the 3rd until today at 3PM or so. I HAVE A BLACKBERRY, not Iphone. Explanations please. This situation is pissing me off!!!!

They provide no ETA on when the situation will be fixed because they said there isn't a problem and said it might be the phone. if it was the phone then my roommates blackberry wouldnt be screwed the same way. But his iphone works??? This is weird

ATT is lucking they have the exclusive deal with the IPhone service...they suck major ****!!

Just found out a tower in SF is "severely degraded" and scheduled to be fixed tomorrow, Friday.

Just bought an Iphone today in Los Angeles- couldn't get online or check voicemail. ATT rep on phone says Los Angeles has been down since yesterday and will be down until Friday morning.

From Tucson, AZ: I know it's not CA, but iP not getting data connection for voice or Internet, noticed first around 2300 this evening (Thu,8/6).

2 days straight with only Edge service in Sherman Oaks and Burbank. My coworkers with iPhones are also only getting Edge service.

Yeah in Sonoma County Ca, Santa Rosa in particular 3g was out for almost a whole day on Tuesday, and right now it's really really spotty going in and and out. I'm watching my bars fluctuate from 2 to 4 as we speak. going in and out of edge And 2 of my co-workers are having the same problem with thier phones. Is it the 3gs only that's having the problem? or are 3g owners having the same problem?

Houston, Texas
For the past two maybe three days. I am getting a few things, it is either flat out droping calls every few minutes or "searching.." or "no service" and most of the time it says 3G and shows "full bar" service. However it will not allow text messages to be sent. Phone calls are down as well, phone will not allow me to make a call or recieve any calls. Then when it does recieve service for however short a period of time I get flooded with text messages and voicemails. I go to an AT&T store and was told service must me down we don't know but you can call the 1-800 number or customer service... I look at my phone and ask how if there is no service...
I have no house phone and yes I could use another land line, however this is not what I pay for.
I do like the idea that was mentioned earlier about letting iphone/3g users know what it going on and being kept in the loop via a message rather than having to make time to visit an AT&T store.

San Diego CA...My gf has been having problems with her service, mostly text messaging she reboots her phone and it works but then it happens again. She called not so sure what she was told. I'll tell her to call and complain so she can get some credit. It's frustrated getting blamed and it's not my fault. I called and they said some towers were out in the area and it might take three business days to fix the problem. Hopefully they fix it for good!

Same problem here: No 3G for the last few days in San Mateo, CA. I just called AT&T, and they gave a $30 credit and indicated the problem should be fixed by end of day today.
I hope they're right. I miss 3G and EDGE is maddeningly slow.

Outages here in Las Vegas as well since yesterday (Friday), I always have 3g and now must switch 3g off in order to connect to data even though 3g displays full signal strength. Worked for awhile this morning but gone again.

2 Iphone 3GSs in Redwood City next to each other. One working on 3G, the other only getting Edge. Called Support and they said acll back tomorrow. ATT Billing server also down

You guys are all in California, but I live out in Las Vegas, NV, and my 3G no longer works to access the Internet. If I turn it off and switch to the Edge connection that applies, or if I am near an open WI/FI signal it will allow me to get on too, but there's something definitely screwy with me Internet.

August 11, 2009 --I have no voice connection on my iPhone -- location is Auburn Hill, MI North of Detroit
Went out about 2 hours ago -- phone is receiving emails and will get online but will not send out phone calls

I am in vegas and my phone is not connecting to the internet either it has been 2 days now working off and on mostly off

I am also in Las Vegas, NV, and I have an iPhone 3G. I can send email or make phone calls but no 3G access at all. EDGE is working though. I noticed it last Saturday and its been worse each day. Rebooting or resetting network connections do not make a difference. I just visited the Apple store and they said the outages in CA are affecting some people in LV too. My husband claims he has no problems with 3G, but I can't get it at all! Go figure. Extremely annoying. I can't find any info from AT&T admitting there is a problem.

I am also in Las Vegas and have not been able to connect to the internet since yesterday. I did amazingly receive my emails around 10 am this morning but since then I have not been able to retrieve anything, connect to safari, or connect to any apps that require the internet. ANNOYING.

In Vegas. no/spotty data since Monday. Screw you AT&T! T-mobile and Android for me tomorrow.

Henderson, Nevada.
I have not been getting any connection or get easily disconnected since yesterday August 11th afternoon. Today just nothing at all.

North County San Diego (92067) - no service since yesterday morning. Called AT&T twice yesterday (once in the morning, once in the evening) and was told that it was a "Level 3" and that they were working on it. I was not awarded a monetary credit, but 500 rollover minutes. I would rather just have my phone work.

5 Bars and connected to 3G. not able to connect to mail, internet, apps that require internet etc. Fresno, CA and it always seems to be happening around 2 A.M. on till the sunrises.

I'm in Palmer, MA near Springfield and I'm getting one edge bar only, shuffles to no service.

San Fernando Valley, CA here. 3G's been down since about 11:00am-ish(?) Getting signal on EDGE.

Sonora, CA. We only ever have Edge, but it's been totally down since yesterday evening. Totally sucks!

No 3G service in Mountain View, CA since this morning. AT&T denied having problem with network

jailbreak iphone no service for internet on 3G on/off in san diego tmobile southbay area today. phone only works inbound outbound calls.
anyone else have same issue?

DOWN DOWN DOWN even edge is down sometimes not able to call in San Francisco for 2 days at least, i wanna break the contract if possible.

It's been crappy for two weeks here in San Diego, both at work near Mira Mesa Blvd and 805, then at home in Santee. The iPhone is always showing 3G, but there's no bandwidth available and no connections.

I don't know if the wildfires down in L.A. have anything to do with it, but my 3GS has been out of service for a day an a half keeps on alternating from "searching", to "no service, and would sometimes tease me with just one bar, which eventually goes back to one of the latter. Freaking bullshit.

I'm on Edge right now in Burbank. Switching to 3G causes the phone to lose service entirely. This is the second day I've had this issue here.

No 3G and brief single bar Edge service in Burbank but mostly No Service. Have had issue since Monday.

Los Angeles/Universal City Area - Poor 3G connectivity last couple of days. Switching back and forth to Edge. Lost service completely this morning. Issue with the fires?

I have been losing service on Edge all week so far (8/31, 9/1). Today so far so good---but I started the day by visiting the Mac store and getting a wipe/clean install. They recommended getting a new SIM card from AT & T store if that doesn't work. BTW, no fires currently in Bay Area!!!!

Both Veronica and I are located in Palo Alto. Been losing signal the last few days. I have an AT&T tilt for work and I cannot even get a tone to dial out and when I call in, it goes straight to voicemail! What is going on with AT&T???!!??

Wednesday 09/02/2009...We are in Beverly Hills where we normally receive full bars and 3G... today no bars / no service at all... now our newly installed landline is down,,,

Thursday 09/24/2009 I live in Oceanside and my Landline has not worked for the last 3 days my dsl works fine
when I called AT&T they said my landline might not work until the 28th !!!!!

Surprisingly have full bars of 3G but can't make calls/send messages. Have to disable 3G and use Edge with marginal service. Location on the Warner Bros. lot in Burbank, ca

Camp Pendleton 24 area has no service on Oct 26, 2009. Started at 7am and it is now 4pm with no update.

My AT&T Yahoo Internet has been down for 26 hours since yesterday morning. After hours and hours calls to AT&T customer support, they admitted there was an outage with one of their POPs in my area, and asked me to call back at the end of the day.
After a whole day waiting for them to fix the problem, I called yesterday night again. Again, after hours on the phone with their customer service, they said the outage had been fixed, and they run tests to my modem and everything worked fine at their end. So it was my modem’s problem, and they would be able to fix it because it was Netgear, not AT&T supported modem. Again, after hours and hours calling different departments of AT&T, my Internet was “dead in the water”, unless (it appears) I change my modem….
So this morning I went out to the AT&T store and bought an AT&T recommended 2Wire modem……… well, same thing happened, my Internet is still not working, except THEIR modem said there was NO ATM Circuit!!! So I called AT&T again…. and again after hours on the phone with the customer service, they seemed run out of Excuses, said that they would have their “Advanced” programmer to take a look, and will call me back. 30 minutes later, my Internet worked.
If Google’s 5 minutes outage cost Google to credit back all of their customers’ one FULL month service, WHAT the HELL do you think AT&T ought to credit me for my 26 hours frustration, phone bills, plus two days valuable time????????

service in Pacifica (Linda Mar area, specifically) has been down since last night (since 10/10/09).