UPDATED: AT&T Data Outage in Northeast/Midwest? Is Your iPhone Offline?


AT&T tweets (yes, really), that service has been restored as of 8:20am.

Business Insider is reporting an AT&T data network outage in the US Northeast and Midwest. If you're having trouble connecting to EDGE/3G with your iPhone, let us know where and when in the comments, and if it comes back up, let us know that as well.

[Thanks to DC for the tip]

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UPDATED: AT&T Data Outage in Northeast/Midwest? Is Your iPhone Offline?


My service is back on, but I was unable to connect to 3G until about 8 am just outside of the Boston Metro area.

Confirm . No datas available this am in between Stamford and NYC between 6:30am and 7:30am

Very spotty this morning between 3g and edge. Unussual! Maine really never had great 3g anyway, but it is worse today.

Yea. I had trouble connecting this morning from 7Am to 8Am in Boston. After 8Am, I was able to connect to the data network.

I am in the Southeast.. Florida, and I have no connection. Occasionally I am getting Edge but definiately no 3g.

I Had EDGE/3G in Boston all morning. EDGE is always faster in my building anyway so I stick with that

Was seeing edge alot yesterday and the data connection unavailable... And no visual voicemail. In metro Detroit been using 3g all morning and seems to be restored

I was working last night in West Chester, PA. I was unable to connect from 3:20 am until at least 7 am when I went to bed.

Yes, my 3G/EDGE signal was offline during the early morning hours. At first, I was extremely puzzled, as I switched on/off "airplane mode" and removed/reinserted my SIM. Then, I called At$t, and I was informed that an "outage" had occurred. I was quite relieved when my service was restored at approx. 8AM. This has never happened to myself before, but I am pleased that this was a regional matter...

That's strange.. It's 10:37am now and this is the first I heard about an outage. I'm off of work today, but my gf is working and left the house at 7:30am and was texting me all morning, with the first one coming in at 7:34am EST and texting me on her commute. We're on Staten Island, but we work in the city, she's up just SE of Central Park today.

hey guys love what this website can do.yesterday i was playing with my kids on the living. and than i came to my room and i saw my iphone 3g light on. so i thought it was a missed call.when i went to check it out it say your iphone has been activated.i was like what the.but i put no mine to it until i see this that your talking about.its good thought i live here in Miami FL.

Hmmm, I just had some trouble with 3G about 15min ago (Reading, PA area). Rebooted iPhone and all was okay. Came to TiPB hoping for a TomTom release announcement :D but saw this post...

Some needs to tell the genius with the girlfriend that's texing him all morning around central park that SMS (text messaging) runs off your cell network. I'm sure everyone was aware that they could have still made and recieve calls.

Had full bars 3G at the Oakland, ca airport and also in visilia, ca. Couldn't connect from 7:00-9:00 am local. Seems to be hit and miss.

Hello, I live in a state where all technology ends until the politicians figure out a way to make a few bucks to support our welfare system, WEST VIRGINIA!
so no 3g here, yet? Oh come on year 2020!

I just talked to an AT&T business care rep and she said the techs said it's going to be 48 hours for all services to be restored back to normal. mine has been going on and off all day here in VA. she also said it's mostly effecting VA MD WV and DC.

Somebody tell homeboy in Oakland, CA that this outage was not in the West but in the Midwest and Northeast..

To think I almost restored my iPhone this am when I lost data. Getting tired of at&t. Knew it was weak when I joined. Just gotten worse since.

@Waj Homeboy here... I've been dealing with not being able to get on the net with my phone all day. Maybe its a separate issue, but when I saw this post, figured I could be amongst the unfortunate.

@Scott you're not alone. I'm in the south Bay area and had no data service for most of yesterday. It was restored in the evening but now it seems to be out again.

My wife and I have been experiencing problems with both EDGE & 3G since yesterday. We are right outside of Nashville, TN. Very frustrating to say the least.

3G network down in Minneapolis/St. Paul today, really frustrating as I need GPS today. I can't believe they're having so many issues across the US!

In Chicago, still unable to connect to a 3G network. I've been stuck on Edge for the last few days - and even that has been spotty.

In Detroit, the network has been up and down all weekend. It's currently completely down, and it was down for a few hours this afternoon, and for about an hour last night.

My service was just temporarily restored. I called 611, and they informed me that there is an outage in Detroit, and service will not be fully restored until August 3rd. I asked them if they planned on crediting my account for the outage, and the customer service representative gave me a $25 credit on my next bill.

Am from Charlotte, NC and 3G has been fluctuating since morning. I almost got my phone replaced thinking it was a device issue.
Anyone else having trouble with 3G in NC?
Any idea by when this will be fixed?

I am from the Philly area, and my 3G service has been out since Aug. 1st. My Edge service was initially working, but it's gone as well. AT&T did not give an ETA on fix but asked me to check back with 24-48 hrs. Very disappointed with their service. I, for one, will jump immediately to verizon once Apple's exclusive deal with AT&T ends.

Called AT&T on Saturday around 3:00 PM for outage in Raleigh NC. Received a recorded reply that service would be restored by August 3rd. Looks like that's on target. No dial tone or service as of Sunday at 5:32 PM.

I'm in Boston, I don't have 3G connection at all as of now, 611 doesn't work neither

I have 3G service finally, but it is probably slower than Edge right now. I really hate AT&T here in SC.

iPhone data (internet, email, etc.) in Knoxville, TN still very spotty. Only hit and miss. Cannot hardly connect to a website, and 3G seems to be down totally.

Has anybody in the Raleigh/Durham area been having problem with 3G service since the 3.0 update? it seems like 9 out of 10 times trying to connect with 3G on any app including email and safari it doesn't work. Pissing me off something fierce!

Service is still going up and down in Detroit. When I say "service", I mean everything. I currently have no voice, no data, no text. This makes four days of very spotty service. They claimed service would be restored some time today. If this continues into tomorrow, I'm going to demand a 25% reduction in my bill, and if I don't get it, it's off to the better business bureau again. I just wish a decent carrier would start doing business in the United States. I've been on five different carriers in ten years, and they're all terrible.

Posting again about the Raleigh/Durham 3G service- Just contacted AT&T and of course they won't admit their network is having troubles. I've called 3 times counting today since 3.0 update and so they credited my account for $30. They claimed that "mother nature" could be at fault for the spotty service I've been having (yes, I did laugh at the service rep when they said that). They also wouldn't even comment on the outages across the eastern U.S. when I brought it up; then again I shouldn't be surprised bc in there minds everything is perfect and it's all a "user erorr."

St. Petersburg. No 3G. 2nd time I got this from AT&T(supposedly raising the bars in all places)?happened last night about around 1:00am. It's 9:12 and I have a perfect edge connection but no 3G. Damn AT&T you guys suck! Any other carriers you guys known had an outage problem like this before? I don't wanna hear some BS someone told me like AT&T tryna update for iPhone tethering and mms.

Yeah, 3G service in Nashville, TN (let the redneck jokes begin) is down... can't do anything on my phone! Freaking AT&T! Aargh!

Livermore CA Area (it's where you stop for gas on the way to San Francisco heading westbound)...no 3g since about 10am this morning. Data and voice are working but signal is crap...data utterly useless at these speeds.

San Mateo/San Francisco area, no 3g for about 3 hours now from what i've noticed, maybe even longer is what im hearing. Thanks. Hope someone fixes it soon.

My 3G is down and I'm in Southern California. The network seems to have crashed between 10pm and midnight.

I'm very upset, I live in Palm Springs also and I've had no service all night. Frustrating is an understatement. :/

Tried to get directions to a vet hospital cause my cat was puking a lot. Boston, 6pm. Nothing. 3G hasn't been working for days.

No 3G service in Austin TX. Honestly, I don't know how long it has been down since I seldom use it anymore. It's extremely unreliable here, texting and calling often don't work on it, and so I mostly rely on WiFi (in the office) and EDGE (everywhere else). I can't believe there is no front page information about this at att.com. HORRIBLE horrible customer service.

My cell service as well edge/3G has been on again off again since last night and is just now starting to stabilize here in Colorado.

No 3G service here in park slope Brooklyn. Full Edge, but no bars for 3G then it just switches to Edge. I always usually have full 3G up until a couple days ago.

In Chicago. 3G switches to Edge after a few minutes of tethering last night 8/6 and today 8/7. WTF?!

I am not getting any data via 3g or edge in North Carolina (RTP), even though I have 5 bars ... using 3GS

I'm in Las Vegas, NV. 3g has been off and on since Thursday. Mainly off, great signal but no data comes through. Luckily if I turn 3g off edge works fine.

No Edge service in Greer, SC today (8/8). Spotty service since 8/6, AT&T claims there is no outage.

I live in Austin, TX andI just got a brand new at&t phone with 3G. I keep getting Call Failed: Network Busy.

Last Friday no 3g in Charlotte. Now just checked again and no 3g as of 1:15 pm. Edge is working though

3G not working here in Las Vegas, hasn't been working for a couple days. WTF is going on, I hate using Edge! :(

Ditto here on the Vegas outage. Shows full signal strength on 3g but won't connect. Works only when 3g radio is off (edge connection). First noticed this on Friday, and it's been intermittent since (mostly not working though). Called up buisness support who went through plenty of checks of the network, so she said, and she reported no problems and finally reffered me to apple support. FYI, besides occasional hiccups,I've always had a solid connection here in Vegas.

Outside Philly - can occasionally make or recieve calls. Usually just goes to call failed message or connects, shows timer, but no connection. Can still text and use internet

I'd like to concur with Dan. I work about 25 miles outside of Philly and I did not come into the office yesterday. Seems the problem still exists today and I called AT&T to confirm. They told me this issue has been ongoing since yesterday and in the CSE's "professional" opinion it would be fixed sometime today. Not very specific...

Count me in as another frustrated Las Vegas user. My 3G hasn't been working for over a week. Went to the Apple store with my phone and they said it appeared my phone was having problems so they gave me a brand new one (which I did not compalin about). That didn't solve the problem. The 3G network works only like 10% of the time. I usually have to switch to EDGE to surf the Internet. WTF is the purpose of having a 3GS if I can't reliably use the 3G network? Oh and don't get me started about the fact that they are still charging us for the 3G data use even though we can't use it. I hate AT&T. Oh well, at least I got a brand new 3GS out of it...

WTF!!!!! I'm out un Vegas too and got nothing on the 3G network either. I thought it was couse of my phone but now after hearing all of the fellow Vegasites I know ATT is total BS. I hate HATE!!! egde coverage. I would of never bought this iPhone and moved from Verizon if I knew there was going to be this many issues. I never had a issue with verizon. maybe nexttime I'll hit up sprint :)

Yeah like Mike says WTF!! i'm in Vegas and am having a shit load of trouble connecting to the internet, even though my iphone 3gs shows full bars and 3g on it...this is really starting to piss me off!! i thought it was just my phone but after reading some of these comments i guess i'm not alone!!

can not make calls or receive them tonight in detroit metro area. is anyone else have the same issues? spoke with emergency customer service and was informed that they were aware of the problem in the area and were working to restore service. they could not promise it would be restored in the next day. i am outraged.

As of 9:04PM PST, 3G network not working in Las Vegas Area; although Edge is working (2G). I called AT&T and they are pretending that there's nothing wrong. Make sure you ask for a "credit" on the 3G service that is not working. They gave me a $30 credit for the cost of the monthly internet fee.

No service an hour north of Seattle - can't make calls, can connect to wireless Internet (no wifi). Is it supposed to go "out" like that?

Same here. I'm currently visting the Las Vegas area and my girl and I both have iphones with no internet. Our phones have full bars on 3G but nothing internet related loads. We stopped by a ATT store and they told me that the whole 3G network was down and that it would be back up at midnight tonight. (Aug 11th 2009-Pacific time.)

I've ha data services but it's been jumping from 3G, to Edge, to no service? And usually I get edge in my house?!?!? I've called 3-5 times about it! I'm considering switching to sprint or verison? AT&T hasn't been pleasing me, 105$ a month for this type of service sucks!!!

have a 3G signal in Wilmington, DE but no data comes through... been acting weird since monday

Las Vegas 3g has been crap for me since Friday. I show full bars but get no Internet connection, works maybe 10% of the time

I'm in Las Vegas/Henderson and I only just recently noticed that my 3G hasn't been working since Monday morning. My phone shows all five bars along with the 3G, but anything Internet related barely works on it. Edge works fine, but what's the point of having the 3GS if we can only get slower data from it?! This is really frustrating for me as my iPhone is what I pretty much use to connect to everything on the go. I hope this gets solved quickly or I'm gonna go insane.

Another frustrated las Vegas user, 3g works in some areas of town but not at all in the southwest or Henderson. Will be calling to get my 30$ credit...

I've had 3G data problems in and around the Las Vegas area for over a week now. I called business support three times now and finally last night they admitted they had a problem but wouldn't say when they would have things back up and running.

Same here - frustrated Las Vegas user. It sucks but I'm glad to know I'm not the only one!

I also live in Las Vegas/Henderson area and internet has been up and down since friday for me. I think that new "Clear" internet thing is f***ing up our air waves.

Since I posted last night, my 3G works intermittently. Then I received this e-mail from AT&T and this is what it says: Great News - Coverage in Las Vegas, NV just got better! We want you to be the first to know! We've built a new cell site at Hualapai and Hacienda in Las Vegas, NV. It's just a part of our commitment to provide improved wireless coverage with a stronger signal and better overall reception.
With better coverage on the nation's fastest 3G network, there's never been a better time to be an AT&T customer.
We thank you for your continued loyalty and look forward to sharing more great news again soon.

I've been working with AT&T support and they confirmed they performed an update of their network in Las Vegas on Thursday 8/6/09 and since then no data is passing on their 3G network even though you get good signal strength. They advise disabling 3G and using edge until they get the issue resolved.

I confirm that in vegas there is a prob with the 3g. Ive called many times and finally got through to tech support and they had to tell me the truth that there was a 3g outage, so i took buddys idea and called back to tell them they better credit me for all four of my iphone 3gs. They credit me 120 for this month and if they are doing this till next month i will expect another credit to be made. If everyone with problems call them they will fix it faster if not i dont think they will ever fix this. This has been a problem her for almost 2 weeks. Thats ridiculous what if i was a realestate agent and need to send emails or photos of homes... this is just poor customer service on ATT. They could have at least messaged everyone and told us they need to be down on 3g for a bit and would be back at so and so time instead we get left in the dark.

Vegas still out as of Aug. 13 10:30am
I was told by phone support to go get a new sim card, but at the AT&T store they would not do it and said there were known issues being worked on. No fix date given. I also called back today and got a $60 credit for our two Iphone plans.

Called yesterday to ask for a credit and they refused. Will be calling back tommorrow to demand, not ask. Issue persists.

I'm in Iowa City, Iowa, where data connectivity means EDGE -- 3G hasn't arrived here yet. I had no data connectivity at all on Tuesday 8/18 from about 6:00-11:00 PM (no "E" symbol at all). I called AT&T customer service, they said they did have numerous similar reports from Iowa. Connectivity came back by 11:00 pm that night and I've had an "E" continuously since then. But Edge speeds have been erratic since then, mostly very slow. Today it's super-slow, including periods when it's basically not working, even though I have an "E" showing. I've been with AT&T for a long time, and have been fairly satisfied, but as others said, this is unacceptable. I'm very likely to try Verizon whenever the Verizon iPhone comes out.

Correction to my previous post -- I've had connectivity problems since Tuesday 8/11, not since Tue 8/18 :)

No connectivity in Queens, NYC - what gives? Has been spotty since midnight, and completely vanished at 2:30AM. WTF.

Having issues. It all started around 1:30pm. I called they told me to switch to the "edge" network....

No service at all in Allentown, PA (eastern PA ~30 mi from NJ.) Attempt to call received "Emergency calls only" msg on phone displ. Outage started on Wed, Aug 19th pm and still down Fri, Aug 21 am. Calls to AT&T serv. tech. got recorded msg "Due to high call volume, expect long wait time." or something to that effect. Finally got serv. tech. on line and was instructed to remove cell battery & SIMM card. He reset service as if establishing new service, then we reinstalled batt & SIMM. Powered up cell and now it works again as of 10:30am Fri 8/21.

Ok. I have had just about enough of the self-entitled attitude of you people. The real problem is this. Wireless service is never goig to be 100% perfect because humans made the technology. That being said, all you people that complain about service being out for a time period or perhaps dropped calls at times, understand that none of the whining and carrying on like self-entitled monkeys (your Prez OBAMA says everyone should have a level playing field... that guy is a effing retard)and behaving like someone stole your favorite toy while playing in the sandbox when you were 3 years old, should stop bitching about being without service once in awhile. Really.... go get a real life and do something other than burying your head into a IPHONE or Blackberry. Try actually spending some QT with people instead of faceless conversations and "Tweeting" about what the eff you had for lunch today or that you wore a red shirt today instead of a blue one... Our society is going in the crapper quick.

I haven't been able to receive or make phone calls for three days now. I am ready to throw my iphone off of the balcony and go back to Verizon.

Also in Maryland (Damascus, Germantown). We can text but not receive or make calls.

Out in Louisville, KY all day!! Unable to make calls or receive data!!! Although can receive calls...

No service can't make or recieve calls 8pm 9/15. My wife's phone works. My son had similiar problems last month with his phone service when ours worked. Go figure

In Boston and surburbs, spotty service for my wife and I since yesterday afternoon. Right now my iphone shows no service at all, not only 3G, but goes on and off like that...

Connecticut - Central/Hartford. Assume it's 3G outage. Getting no service on and off today. All day. New Sim card. Still problem. Trying to run off 3g see what happens.

3G was down yesterday (not sure when it went down, I noticed it after work 6pm EST) and has been constant Edge network still (9:38pm EST) in the Boston, MA area. Anyone have any clue when 3G will be restored? My iPhone deserves the good stuff!

my iphone didnt work thursday or friday it works today. spent hours and hours with att and apple tech support. definitely then network they gave me a new sim card didnt work. the apple store guy put his sim card in my phone and it worked.

Data service on/off (mostly off) in Las Vegas for three days. Phone calls dropped constantly. Way to go AT&T. Ready to call and scream at cust svc. In town on business and cannot conduct business. Need a backup phone from Verizon!

No service again in N Colorado 9/22/09 Can't make or recieve calls but wifi works. Most of the day without phone service and so no VM retrieval either. Bummer.

My coworker and I can not connect to the internet. We are in Bordentown, NJ. It's 9:45am.

Im outside Philadelphia, been down since 930, now I can get an edge connection but no 3g.

Also outside the Phili Area, can't get edge or 3G data even though the phone reports 3g is on. I keep getting data errors and to check for airplane mode... blah.

In Massachusetts. Edge working ok, but no connectivity (even with 4 - 5 service bars) with 3G turned on. Sometimes causes my phone to freeze and I have to reboot to use it on edge.

3G not working in downtown Chicago for the last hour or so. It's currently 12:50 locally. Once I turned it off, everything is working great.

Spotty iPhone reception on 3G and Edge networks in Southern California/Orange County area beginning last night. Sometimes neither works (iPhone shows "Searching...")
Visual Voicemail availability is up and down as well.

Service outage in hendersonville/asheville nc area know that they were doing work to the towers would like to know more

I am just about fed up with ATT. We have had issues in KC now for the past 2 months. They have 3 different towers under repair, the same ones that have been under repair since september, pathetic.

I've got no service and I live in the Lake Placid area on Northern New York!? All afternoon its been like this!!!

I've got no service and i'm in southeast PA! NO SERVICE AT ALL! Been like this for 2 days

Service has been on and this morning and sporadically this month. I keep thinking it's my iPhone but am beginning to suspect AT&T.

no ATT in east Nashville TN phone went down at 8 last night...I can text but people cannot get me live...it rolls over to voice mail...sucks and I cannot dial out

At&t has had no service for phone or text for any phone device at all, in part of NE Portland since the middle of December. They provide no customer service, would not acknowledge it was a service problem and not a phone problem (we have 5 of us so far with different phone models who cant get service as well as friends who cannot either while in area), and when they finally agreed to fix it after going into the downtown store it has STILL not been fixed. This area has been out of service off and on but almost always off, for going on 3 months now! This is completely unacceptable. The case number is Cm011410_842241. You can call and add your number to this!

In the last couple of days, I keep getting kicked off of the network using my data card in the Philadelphia area. Problem with both EDGE and 3G.

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Still no service in Rockville, MD. Did get off the phone with ATT and they said there is about 18 towers completely down.

3G is down in Columbia, MD. My iPhone switched to Edge around 10a.m. and is currently still running on Edge..

My family is in the metro DC area. Two iPhones: unable to send or receive calls and texts, 3G is down. Two LG cells also unable to send/ receive calls and texts, but one phone reports unable to send and one apparently can't tell the difference. This has all been down since around 4pm today.

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I lost a lot of contacts on my iPhone which was synced to gmail. strange. I found many of my contacts on gmail in "other contacts" whatever that is bc when I typed in search 'other contacts" it couldn't find them, but if I typed in a contact I had that was not appearing, it would come up as stored under "other contacts."

Still having service interruptions, Long Island, NY - Monday 7/25 @ 1 AM. AT&T customer service said "they are aware of the issue and are working to correct it" but that there was no information about how long the interrupted service will last. I was given a $25 credit to my wireless account for the "inconvenience" cause due to the service interruptions.

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