AT&T giving away 1000 bonus rollover minutes for iPhone

If you're a loyal AT&T customer who stuck with them during the great Verizon temptation of '11 then they're set to reward you with 1000 bonus rollover minutes. Some of you may get a text advising you of the offer but if you don't, just text the word "yes" to 11113020 and you'll get a reply verifying the bonus.

Very nice, AT&T! If you try it out let us know if it works for you!


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Jaime says:

What theme is that? I used to have that SMS/desktop background changer app but it doesn't work on ios4

HaggardHessian says:

Its not just iPhone customers. I switched from the iPhone to the Galaxy S Captivate about 8 months ago and I was able to get it. It says to allow 4 weeks for processing.

Chris2 says:

Lol. I emailed georgia bout this this morning

Nicole says:

It didn't work for me & I sent the text last night, but it could be because I'm an employee : (

Seth says:

Competition is sweet!!

Morgan says:

Yes, I did not receive an invite, and it works as described. Thanks

NinjaBreadMan says:

Took about two minutes for a response but it worked for me. Nice one. Thanks AT&T.

Sirius-XM says:

I have over 2000 rollover minutes so i don't need them. What I want is the ability to add hotspot tethering without giving up my unlimited data. I don't expect the tethering to be unlimited, a 2 GB tethering addon for $20 would be ideal.

Chris2 says:

Jb. Mywi free. I use 14 gb a month

Sirius-XM says:

I'm not looking to beat AT&T, I just want them to offer us the same deal that Verizon has. $20 is a quite reasonable price for adding Internet on the go for my iPad on the rare occasions I am not near a wifi hotspot.

Adam S. says:

I have over 6000 roll over minutes. I have no idea what to do with them. I kinda want someone to call me and read me a story or something...just to waste my minutes.

Sharon says:

ROTFL! I'll call you and read my medsurg text out loud.

Adam S says:

If it will help me waste 6000 minutes I'm down. Lol

fastlane says:

Same here, Adam. But I can't use ne of them to send a text because AT&T needs yet another 20¢!

entwined82 says:

My fiancee's father got this message and hes on a blackberry 8310 I think. It has nothing to do with the iphone.

JustinTime says:

I tried it and it worked. Yay!!!!!!

Espo says:

I sent it (as did 3 others on my plan, all with iPhones) and got the message back on all 4 lines. I just wonder if its real or not. I guess we will see when we get our bills next month.

Chris Vitek says:

If I have multiple phones on a family plan, can they each text the message? :)

Will says:

I switched from Sprint to an AT&T iPhone on February 9th, the day before the official launch of the Verizon iPhone. I sent the text and got the same response as listed in the article, so it appears to have worked for me. Not bad for my 1 day of being a loyal AT&T/iPhone customer.

yo mama 2 says:

old news.. from yesterday afternoon..

Dudley228 says:

I have over 5,000 rollover minutes. How about money off my bill?

rob says:

lol @ the bitesms picture.

Taco50 says:

I just tried it and it worked

mv rob says:

This should give me about 12800 rollover minutes now! Lol (yes I'm on the lowest family plan sharing minutes between 4 iPhones)

Jen says:

yup - never going to use them. But it worked.

Scottar says:

And worked for me...mine & my wife's phone

Andrew says:

For those wondering what theme I was using in the photo above is iElegance along with bitesms !!! Very sweet theme !!! This is a complete theme !!!

Sarah says:

It that a jailbreak theme?

DLprac says:

Is that a serious question?

Jbbarrette says:

Yup, just did it, worked great!

darren says:

I am just glad the iPhone is on a different carrier. It seems to me most people switching to Verizon are not going to stay for a measly 1000 bonus min. But a nice gesture for existing customers.

Zee says:

Verizon has a "bonus minutes" feature they give but requires a contract extension....I wonder if AT&T's is the same.

jhosh says:

Hasn't worked 4 me. Waited 10 minutes...nothin

jarodsfisher says:

It worked for me. I had all 3 phones on my account do it. I guess we'll have to see if we get 3000 minutes.

Sandy says:

Yes, it worked for me! Thanks for the info!

Chuck says:

Seemed to work. I got the msg back. Will see if it shows up on my bill.

Leanna Lofte says:

I have so many rollover minutes expiring each month that this won't even make a difference for me.

Boots says:

Same here, I loose about 600/month and I even use some in the process.

Christian says:

I mean it is a free 1000 so I'll gladly just accept it. Lol

Warren J says:

This hasn't worked for me at all and I did this almost 7 hours ago

Squire says:

What about those of us that the unlimited minutes plan? We get nada. I called and complained, was handed over to a supervisor. I explained that those of us who have unlimited minutes are paying the most and getting any sort of "gift" from AT&T. He gave me a once time ten dollar credit. Something is better than nothing!

MooPenguin32 says:

I did it last night and received the confirmation message.

Thom says:

WOOT!!! Thanks for the heads up. It worked for me.

Chris says:

It worked! Awesome. Thank you.

Phil Smith says:

Worked right away for me..... Thanks
Thank you for accepting our free 1000 bonus Rollover minute offer. Please allow up to 4 weeks for processing.

Crayolaboi says:

Worked for me, with a-list on my account I carry bout 5000 rollovers.

OrionAntares#CB says:

Sweet, 1000 bonus minutes I should call someone to celebrate!

craigcurry says:

I have 3985 rollover minute. I don't need any more minute. What I would like to have is 1000 new text messages since I am on the 5 dollar/200 test message plan.

sherlock says:

Wife and I are on iPhones and my son, who uses an android phone got the message. We haven't yet?

webvex says:

I don't need the extra minutes either, but I heard accepting the bonus minutes puts you on their spam "special offers" list, which I opted out of previosly. If I go for it, I'm going to call them up later and tell them to take me back off their spam list.

websyndicate says:

meh i have so many roll over it doesnt matter I never use them. Most of my minutes are free because of M2Mobile.

jspraggins75 says:

Worked for me too! Got the confirmation text about 10 minutes after I sent the "yes" text. Thanks for the info TiPB!

Seth says:

I did this and have thus far gotten 6 separate confirmation texts in response. Will I get 6000 bonus rollover minutes; not that I can even use that many. The minutes I have are starting to expire as it is. Haha.

Jason says:

worked for me as well thanks!

JM says:

It worked for me and a friend, but are we sure this is legit? If so, bravo AT&T!

Towelie says:

Awsome yep me too
Very niiice!!!!

Satisfied with AT&T says:

It worked for me and my wife. It appears that we will have 2000 minutes added to our account, but that may get corrected on the back end. Either way, it is a rare present from a mobile provider!

DRHughes says:

I didn't get anything yet, but I did send the text!

DRHughes says:

Just got the reply now! It only took 5 minutes! :D

Scott says:

Worked for me - thanks

Keithski says:

It worked for me - now let's see if they actually do it!!

markmoore910 says:

Ok so it worked I got the text but is this for real?

Eric says:

i have a blackberry and it still worked for me

Andrew says:

crazy it worked...too bad my mom pays for unlimited minutes.

JF7FSU says:

I have heard this opts you in to receiving mass marketing texts. Anyone can confirm this?

baykine says:

Enjoy the free minutes everyone!

Chris says:

I experimented and if you reply stop to the number you get this message :
AT&T AUTO REPLY: You have Opted out of AT&T marketing messages. Please do not REPLY to this message.
Enjoy lol.

Lisa says:

Thanks for this. I got the same.

Ray says:

It worked for me too!

Stubbs69 says:

I heard about this from a friend and said... yeah right. whatever. and promptly ignored it. Now that I see you guys doing it, I tried it and I got the auto reply, and saw the "please allow up to 4 weeks for processing." I want to believe AT&T! Don't let me down.

Brian Tufo says:

I never got a text! Rip off!

Racine says:

Oddly, it seems to have worked for my original 2G iPhone "Go Phone" account as well, thanks!

DavidSights says:

Never got the offer, but I was able to receive it by texting that number and saying yes. Thanks for the tip, TiPb!

Andrew says:

This is legit I checked AT&T fb page and they are posting about this !!!

Chaos5 says:

Just joined att and got this wewt!

Redshirt says:

Good for those that need the minutes.

Rick says:

It worked for me. Thanks!

Jack Butt says:

FYI guys and girls
I just called Premier customer care and was told that AT&T is offering 1000 free rollover minutes, but the text has to be sent to you, then you have to respond to it. She said that I could not just text into that number. If I don't receive the text, then I am not eligible.

cosby says:

my wife never got the text but she sent "yes" to the number and got the 1000 minutes.

Rob says:

What background are you using in the screenshot and how do you set that up?

jgilfor says:

!Muchos gracias! Worked as promised.

Chris says:

Worked like a charm <3
You guys are amazing!

ChodaBoy says:

Does anyone have the wording from the original text? Maybe I'm overly cautious, but I'd prefer to make sure I'm not agreeing to something before blindly "accepting an offer" from AT&T.

Chris says:

Worked for me, received response right away exactly as shown in the story.

cosby says:

Did not work when I texted it from a non-native app (Textnow). Said I needed a valid 10 digit number. So my wife sent it from her phone using the native message app and she got the 1000 minutes with no issues.

cosby says:

My friend also tried it. She used the native message app and she had no luck. Got this “1113020. Error invalid number. Please resend using a valid 10 digit mobile number or valid short code."

cha0tik says:

It's 11113020 with four 1's. I just did it and got the message back.

OmariJames says:

wow . thanks a lot. ( the message was worded differently for me. )

McD says:

i'm not going to believe this until i see it on my bill. hopefully we didn't just say "yes" to a donation to a way-smarter-than-me scam artist.

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