AT&T internet tethering finally arriving along with iPhone OS 4?

Judging from the latest iPhone OS 4 beta that was released earlier today, it would appear AT&T may finally be gearing up to actually release internet tethering for all of their iPhone customers.

Under network settings in the latest beta you have a option that allows you to set up internet tethering. When pressed you are greeted with a popup that gives the options to call AT&T or send you to your online account to activate the tethering feature. There is still no official word from AT&T but if all goes well those of you who been patiently waiting for tethering may finally get your wish.

What do you think? Is tethering with iPhone OS 4 a reality or simply wishful thinking? Sound off in the comments below!


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AT&T internet tethering finally arriving along with iPhone OS 4?


Yes now when I don't feel like paying 30$ for 3G on my ipad for a month I won't need it a ton I can still have wireless outside of wifi!!! I am never overly excited when I jailbreak, usually get extremly poor bat life and can suck when on the road (paranoid things will go wrong). Just want tethering and multitasking on ipad I don't even care of no iPhone multi tasking

Yes. Can drop my $60 air card, which will yield to even with 2 $15 tether plans and my $30 ipad plan.
(and now I can drop my data connections in NYC too!)

They should only offer tethering when they have 7.2mpbs. If tethering becomes popular , their network I'll become crowed on 3.6mpbs.

Yay, just in time: my contract is over and I'm getting the new droid incredible. AT&T's service has sucked big time, and alas, as cool as iPhone is it doesn't make up for a crappy network with more holes than a brick of Swiss cheese. Thanks TIPB for having such a cool site! I'll be heading over to androidcentral

Just updated to the 4.0 beta 4 and I do not have an option for Internet tethering... not quite sure why

I was sort of under the impression that at&t was hoping people would forget about this.
Does anyone even care about this anymore?

not so much with the iPad 3G... I just assume pay for the data plan on that and carry it around instead of my MacBook Pro... Don't think I'll be paying for tethering on my iPhone now that I have the iPad 3G

I'll continue to be jailbroken and get tethering for free, thanks though ATT for fulfilling your promise 2 years to late.

@Michael I was sort of hoping that AT&T forgot about it so I could just keep using a free jailbroken option...

Didn't Jobs say that the tethering feature was already in the OS 3.0 but it was up to the network to allow the subscribers to tether??? Would that be any different than this one???

For all the people going for the evo on sprint and the droid incredible like Krypto74. Lol do you really think things will be better on that side of the water. Also the evo is 4g is way to pricey $129.00 a month? Ya ok. Plus 4g is avalible in like 12 cities. Both very sweet phones though I don't like android os at all choppy and buggy and too newish. Also both networks suck big bulldog balls where I live. Where AT&T is king. As far as tethering forget it I'm paying enough.

@Dean: It's possible AT&T asked Apple to put something in their specifically for them to help automate enabling tethering.
Then again this could just be a beta slip up as this has happened before.
If AT&T does start iPhone tethering, they will most likely charge, but hopefully it will be just a plan change so it doesn't reset contract periods and since they're already extorting $30 for iPhone only data every month I should think even they can only charge at most another $30 for unlimited tethering.

Why do you care if people bail on the iPhone?
The Evo 4g is $69.99 + $10.00 for unlimited so I don't know where you're getting $129.00 from. And, I live in Chicago which is swimming in 4g. Just change your name to Fanboy15 and get it over with...

Seen many people bail on the iPhone for a droid os only to later regret it. Never fails. Don't know what you have till it's gone one way or another even for electronics :)

I've been waiting for this, just hope there's no extra charge! I've been jailbroken from the beginning and know how to enable it, just always been afraid of att hitting me with crazy surcharges or something so I haven't done it :(

att charges $60 for data with tethering already am paying 140 a month for att crappy service EVO here i come!

Why do people feel the need to post when they are switching phones on an article that has nothing to do with another phone. I don't think many people care that you are dropping the iPhone for Phone X...just sayin.

@macboy: if you read my entire response you would have gotten the drift: AT&T service sucks where I live, and big red (verizon) kicks it square in the bullocks. My girl just got a droid phone and that thing hauls ass compared to my iPhone. I tested the droid our, ran the poor sales people into the ground over every option the phone and their network plans include, and then chose to move. It wasn't based on wishful thinking.

I've been tethering for 2 years now. Average 4gb per month. No charges. Hope Att forgets about official tethering. I can stream hulu and netflix fine over 3g.

AT&T network sucks it really does... But the iPhone is by far a much better phone than the droid. Who cares about the teathering feature who cares if it cost money odds are were gonna make it free ourselfs with out jail broken phones... Gotta love mywi... I have personaly had every PDA phone since 2003 all the way to now and this also includes the droid and the iPhone is by far the best out of all them.

Never had problems with Att networks. My 3g is much faster than my friends sprint mobile broadband over 3g.

I think that with the threats of Verizon getting the iPhone, this is going to be a move by AT&T to try and stop the masses from leaving. They will probably market it as you can talk, surf and tether all at the same time. But, I'll bet they will shoot themselves in the foot and charge for it...which will make those that were going to leave still leave. Just my $0.02.

I agree with Dodger13, MyWi app from Cydia or Rock works flawlessly--if you're iPhone is jailbroke. This app turns your iPhone into a wifi hot spot and then multiple clients can use data through one iPhone. My question is, how would ATT know if I'm tethering--1. Since I am already a "data hog", 2. The phone is a hot spot and not physically tethered to a computer?

I just recently setup pdanet on my iPhone, works great. Wifi dead on lappy so the option to use it hard wired is great for me. Speeds in the Orlando area are great, surfing the web I don't even feel like I'm using a cell for Internet. Haven't tried netflix or any p2p yet though.

internet tethering service is phone based, I have a samsung delve from uscellular i have a $35/month fee for unlimited internet and messaging with something like 450 nationwide minutes, its a crappy phone and a crappy provider, the reason i bought it? VS AT&T and the iPhone(max recorded 98Kb/s) in my area I get roughly 6x faster speeds, and i chose this specific phone because i could bypass the tethering charge of $25/month(as of 2 years ago when i bought the phone) by sharing over bluetooth. I have always gotten around 660Kb/s and a latency of around 1.1 seconds and thats good enough to play Modern Warfare 2 without any lag problems

And by the way if you guys have ever explored your iPhone 3G(s)s you would find that you can tether your internet over wifi or bluetooth if you pay AT&T an extra monthly fee, it took me one afternoon to find it on my aunts iPhone.