Some AT&T iPhone Users Seeing Increased 3G Data Speeds?


The past few days our inbox has been flooded with emails from you, our readers, letting us know that you've experienced significant increases in AT&T 3G data speeds. And this makes perfect sense if you consider that all of the reported claims have come from the 6 cities that AT&T recently flipped the HSPA 7.2 switch on.


blockquote>Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, and Miami, with capabilities being turned up on a site-by-site basis beginning last month. Further backhaul deployment will continue in these markets and begin in additional markets across the nation.

Located in Chicago I've personally witnessed a slight increase in data speed but I am still no where close to the 7.2 that AT&T has promised. Drop us a line in the comments and let us know what speeds you are pulling from AT&T.

[Thank to everyone who sent in their speeds!]

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Reader comments

Some AT&T iPhone Users Seeing Increased 3G Data Speeds?


Angel, you're lucky you're coming to Miami Friday, it should finnally be warming up here, since Jan 1st we've had lows in the 30-40s and highs in the 50-60s. I still haven't got above 2mbps in Miami yet.

I'm in NY (NOT one of the 7.2 cities) and I was getting around 400-600 kbps on average. Tested it again last week and I get anywhere between 2 MB/s to 3.5 MB/s now!! Noticeable difference.

In Dublin, OH (Columbus), I've gotten 4.2Mbps max and average a little above 3Mbps, but I think it's only from a few cell sites, I struggle to get above 1.5Mbps at my house.

I'm in Las Vegas. Over the past month my speeds have increased from they typical 800kbps to about 2.5mbps so they are doing something. I have also noticed that Edge is way slower - used to be about 200kbs and runs about 50 to 100 now. Not sure if that is related or not.

@ Justin - 30s and 40s is probably pretty cold for what you guys are used to!! It was 14 degrees here (PA) two days ago. :-(
@ Kyle - a 3GS won't achieve any faster data speeds than a 3G iPhone.
Right now I'm averaging 2500 kb/s down and 270 kb/s up at my current location - about an hour outside of Philly. Never the greatest speeds around here but 3G has been getting reasonably better in the last year or so.

I have noticed faster speeds at my house in Southern NJ. I used to get 800mbps per second, now i am doubled that. Not bad.

3GS has an updated 3g radio chip that lets it take advantage of att's enhanced 3G. So you're only going to get these speeds from the newest version of iphone.

AT&T has never promised that they would actually give us 7.2 mb/s. They just said in their press release about the upgrade that 7.2 was a theoretical number. The maximum possible speed the network could achieve. If I'm anywhere around 5 mb/s, I'll be pretty satisfied.

I live in Fort Lauderdale (30 miles north of Miami) and my download speeds have been under 2mbps. In the last few days, I've seen those numbers increase to 3.5 but no higher. i'm now averaging between 2 & 3 mbps so that's much better than the .5 i've been averaging before that.

In South Jersey, I used to average 1.4-1.6 mbps, now avg about 2.2-2.8 mbps (actually reached 4 mbps in Atlantic City 2 weeks ago!!!)

Houston, right now, 459 kb/sec with 225 ms latency using Xtreme Labs tester. Can't say I see any evidence of 7.2 here, yet.

Colorado Springs used to have spotty 3g and about 700kbps speeds where you did have 3g. Now I'm getting 1.4 Mbps with my 3GS. Not bad!

In saginaw Michigan AT&T lit up a new 3g network a few months back. I pull around 2-3mbps consistently. It's absolutely lovely.

In Plano/North Dallas TX, still no HSPA 7.2 turned on for my towers.
Still getting about 1150/240Kbps with 370ms latency using Extreme Labs Speedtest app on my 3GS with 5 bars.

I'm in Downers Grove, IL. (hour out of chicago) and I'm getting between 1.6 and 2.4 mb/sec down and 198 to 226 kb/sec up using app.

In Miami, and man it has been F*()@ cold but cant imagine anything below 20's!! I have a 3g now so much faster its connecting much faster than before and dont know about you gusy way less dropped cals. :-)

Here in Houston I average between 2 and 3.5 Mbps with the up being always being around 25kbps. Before that, I was getting around 1.5 Mbps......say up until mid-December. What's interesting is that I get more dropped calls now (about 6 a week) and weaker signal in areas that used to be very strong. It's also funny how my download speeds are higher than what the FCC wants to consider as broadband (768Kbps).

I'm in Houston and yesterday I freaked out when I got 3.9 Mbps. I couldn't believe it hehe. Last year I would never get over 2 Mbps. Yay!

Miguel are you on wifi or 3g speed ? Because in Los Angeles we don't get close it's so freaking
slow here . Anybody in Los Angeles getting a faster speed ? I'm only getting 500kb if you are tell me
how your testing please !!

I just got a 2.39 Mbps down when I ran the test dunno if that normal 3g or not but I doubt 7.2 is here in salt lake yet

You'll never get 7.2mbps, it's a shared technology and affected by weather/distance etc...
It should mean a more reliable/consistant speed than before ; 2mbps or there abouts.

St Louis on an iPhone 3G - in October was getting download speeds from 580-984. Today I'm getting 1190-1600.

I just ran the test in east Los Angeles/ Alhambra and got 1040 Kbs so I guess I'm seeing a slight increase.

It's funny cause around 12am I tested my connection in southern Bronx on Friday and I got 2.2mbps but usually i get between 1.2-1.6mbps everywhere else in new York including Long island. Which isn't bad. I can't wait till I get 2.2mbps on adverage.

In an office high rise in downtown Miami I max out at:
223 kbits/s downloand
213 kbits/s upload
When I'm in the residential area just south of downtown Miami I get 1.4 mbps download and 225 kbts/s upload.
I'm using a 3GS.

Why 250Kbps Upload cap on iPhone?
My AT&T Merury 3G Data Modem is getting about 2Mbps Up and Down now! Dallas

Here in Tampa we have increased a bit as well. Still a long way from 7.2
2.0 on my friends 3GS..
1.35 on my 3G..

I'm in Atlanta
Just tested 1647 down and 247 up with a latency 147ms.
I've averaged 1500-2200Mbps. No significant changes in speed for me, although better reception in buildings since they started using the 850Mhtz

I'm also located in Chicago. In the past couple days my signal has been going in and out but today the speeds have increased substancially and are much more reliable. Also, the CTA subway stations now have edge. Just noticed today.

I'm in Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, and I am getting 1711Kbps down and 225Kbps up. This is no better or worse than what I normaly get.

This is going to sound really bad. In humble Australia Telstra's expensive NextG network is already 21 Mbps nationwide (its faster than the iPhone can handle!)
My best delivered bandwidth measurements in Canberra are:4.94 Mbps down and 0.29 Mbps up. That's on "Speed test". ( The iPhone 3GS maxes out at 7.2Mbps down.)
Next year (2011) Telstra will be 81Mbps down nationwide.
Why on earth in a country the same size as Oz with more than 10 times the population is ATT and the rest of your networks so pathetic. Where does all the money go? Not on hardware obviously!!!

In N. Los Angeles area, when I have a 3GS device. When testing on from the iPhone I got .5 however when tethering on WIN7 I get .72 to .8
AT&T's sites are turned-on individually, hens the difference in speeds throughout the LA area.

I have the iPhone 3g and reside on long island, ny in Suffolk county. At my home I usually get a max download speed of 1.60 Mbps. Today, 01/17/2010, I ran a test and got 2.34 Mbps download. Even though the iPhone 3g can only handle 3.6mbps, AT&T must be doing something with their network if I got a sudden increased download speed.

Today I ran the test app from my iPhone here in Northern, VA (just outside of DC) and got the following results:
Run Latency Download Speed Upload Speed
1 294 2.76 .26
2 298 3.08 .34
3 290 1.53 .39
avg 294 2.46 .33
Not too bad from my basement....

Run Latency Download Speed Upload Speed
1 294 2.76 .26
2 298 3.08 .34
3 290 1.53 .39
avg 294 2.46 .33

Useful web site and interesting contribution. I like piano a lot. I've marked it to revisit later. Even if you are on the right track- you will get run over if you just sit there

I have used a number of different iPhone apps and web based testers to get speed tests. iNetwork Test app always reports much lower numbers - perhaps it is due to their servers or testing methods?. The websites also report lower. I get the best reported numbers out of app. I also get higher numbers from Xtreme Labs Speedtest app (I have the Pro version).
Anyway, I am in Austin and AT&T has definitely done something to increase speeds since December. For my 3GS, My highest download rates previously were around 2.2Mbps. But I got 3.049Mbps last week and many others around 2.7Mbps.

Your not going to get 7.2Mbits personally. You should get about double what they had before the upgrade. That is if nothing else changes.

At least some of you have 3G.
No 3G in Owensboro, KY idea when .
We are stuck with Edge

At&t is releasing the 7.2 and we still don't have 3g in our college town of 25,000 even though I can go 15 miles out of town and get 3g. Come on AT&T please expand your 3g more!!

To me the iPhone is great in some large cities. However by the time they get there towers to where there's 3G coverage every where to support all the new features such as video calling, we will all using Sat Phones at a affordable coast. Like if you're on the AR and MO state line you can hardly get a signal, same thing in Burbank CA of all places. So I'd say about 60% to 70% of the public in the U.S.A. will have no use for the video calling feature on iPhone 4. They may as well get the 3GS model in my humble opinion. I think Apple put the cart before the horse using AT&T. They would have done much better going with Verizon, atleast the new phone would have worked. Do not get me wrong, I love the handset. It's time to have 3G coverage nationwide and the only stopping this from comming into play is GREED.

There's not enough 3G coverage from AT&T in this country to warrant having the new iPhone 4. I would guess that 60% to 70% in the U.S.A will not be able to use the video calling feature on the new handset. Which is the only thing that would make me want one. Where I live on the MO & AR state line, the only way to make a call is to point the phone to where you get 1 or 2 bars and use a headset or the call is dropped. You can not even get broadband in rual arreas in this country hell my friend lives in Burbank, CA and is having calls dropped all the time. I would think SAT Phones will become more afforable before AT&T has the coverage to use all the functions on the phone. The they've done away with the unlimited data plan & now Skype is charging for there usage. I would think Apple would have made AT&T make iChat a part of any iPhone owners plan. Just one mans opinion!

In Riverview, FL which is just a few minutes from Tampa, I get about 0.50 Mbps download and about 0.75 Mbps Upload. It is a good thing I have wi-fi at home and get about 9 Mbps download speeds. I was thinking about getting the 3G Micro Cell since I keep getting dropped calls at home.

So while the major markets have had super 3G speed for almost a year now, millions of people inthe Midwest are still suffering with EDGE as our only option, thanks ATT!

I know. Most of Louisiana is edge or GPRS. Which is crazy slow. I have to use wifi to check anything and verizon has 3G in tons of places

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I purchased an Apple I-phone last week, and my service is horrible. I live 90 miles south of Dallas, and get no service at my house, and on my drive to work (45 miles east), I get only one bar for about 5 minutes of the drive, so right now I have a $ 99.00 paperweight, but the phone is easier to operate than my Blackberry which I kept for one day and returned.

I'd check the usage map before buying a cell phone, Verizon is set to announce the iPhone on their network and they have better coverage in your area than AT&T, i think you can return your current iPhone to AT&T for a full refund. When Verizon phones are available you could get an iPhone that works from your home.

In Pueblo, CO we haven't had 3G service, yesterday on the way back from Colorado Springs which has 3G service. My iPhone had 3G turned on and I was stopped at a gas station on the north side of Pueblo and made a phone call of my iPhone, I noticed that I no longer had an E beside the signal strength indicator, but a 3G. Apparently after years of waiting AT&T has managed to flip the 3G switch, I called AT&T customer service and they don't know, Twitter traffic indicates that the 3G network is now active as far south as Trinidad, 100 miles south of Pueblo. Apparently the up coming Verizon announcement of iPhone on their network was enough to get AT&T off of their butts in an attempt minimize customer loose to Verizon.

Hello I,m Julio and I'm in the military stationed in kingsbaay ga and I would say that about 40% of the personnel on base own iPhone and been that verizon is now releasing it on their network many are thinking of changing, why? Because here in zip code 31548 we don't have 3G coverage which blows, you wanna keep customers upgrade cell towers near military installations.

I use the app and in Myrtle Beach,SC I have Seen a very good increase. I have hit speeds of 3.9 Mbps down and 2.4 up on my Iphone 4, I really can't wait for 4g and the iphone 5 ????

Been getting speeds avg. 5.5 Mbps (max of 5.9 Mbps) in northwest burbs of Chicago. Closer to Chicago been getting speeds of +/- 3.5 Mbps

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Hey listen to this in central Louisiana I have edge download speeds of 23kbps and upload 3 Kbps. It's just lovely! I hate att and want verizon they get 3.0 Mbps in my area